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I wanted to do a bit of revision in this vacation holidays. I hope this will help the students and those interested. 1,820 more words

Fundamental And Derived Quantitis

"The heart of science is measurement"*...

In October 1958, Oliver R. Smoot (future Chairman of the American National Standards Institute) repeatedly laid down on the Harvard Bridge connecting Boston and Cambridge, Massachusetts, so that some of his Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity brothers could measure the entire length of the bridge in relation to his height.

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Measurement quality checklist

We all make and use dozens of measurements everyday, reading everything from clocks to speedometers to rulers to weight scales to thermometers. We also deal with numbers often called measures but which are not expressed in a meaningful unit of comparison, like test scores, ratings, survey percentages, counts of how many times something happened, etc. 624 more words


Measuring Civilization: Wheels on Meals

Are you civilized?  Is your neighbor?  How about your President?

Trick question.

As far as I can tell, we don’t have a measure of “how” civilized we are.  297 more words


Reductionist vs Nonreductionist Conceptualizations of Psychological and Social Measurement


  • Root metaphor: Mechanical clockwork universe
  • Paradigmatic case: Newtonian physics
  • Complete, consistent, deterministic structures
  • Whole is sum of parts
  • Sufficient statistics: Mean & std deviation…
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The importance of looking at definitions used by the authors

Many of the studies I presented in this blog aim at nothing else than at reporting on the reality. They do not explain, for example, why people live in special family forms, why the fertility rate went down or why the majority in a country share an opinion. 600 more words