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CH05 - Respect!


  • P1 – Thursday, January 19th
  • P3 – Thursday, January 19th
  • P5 – Friday, January 20th

Sig Fig Math

  • Review Homework
  • Questions? Examples?



On Project Success - Why Traditional KPIs are not enough


Something is amiss in Project Management Land and it’s not the usual “Traditional PM vs. Agile PM” squabble. It’s a lot more fundamental as it goes to the core of every project: 811 more words


CH04 - New Math


  • P1 – Wednesday, January 18th
  • P3 –¬†Wednesday, January 18th
  • P5 –¬†Wednesday, January 18th

Determining Sigs Figs


CP04 - Sig Fig Math


  • Tuesday, January 17th

Determining Sigs Figs

  • counting sf
  • zeroes
  • role of SN
  • practice

Math with SF

  • add / subtract
  • rules
  • practice
  • multiply / divide…
  • 32 more words

Getting your ideas over the line.....

Two people are talking about someone….

The first says:

Why would that guy/girl devote 3 years to produce ? What’s the return on that investment? 442 more words

Measure it All by Assessment

“A success cannot be claim as success unless it is measured”. In our current era, we have a plenty of ways in analyzing such. Setting a business in an entrepreneurial scale as an example, measurement of success lies in the financial statements reflecting asset, liabilities and capital by checking how all progress over time. 375 more words