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Hands on Geometry; activities that got students thinking and doing

The end of term brings with it all sorts of chaos and in Maths it brought along 3D shapes. Our pre-test results indicated gaps or forgotten knowledge around the properties of polyhedra and nets. 466 more words


Proper time as an observable

Time plays a special role in Quantum Mechanics

Time plays a special role in Quantum Mechanics: all measurements happen at some instant of time. When we write a ket , we really mean ; when we talk about , we are really talking about . 740 more words

On Grade Inflation and Accountability for Student Learning

There is a lot of fuss about grade inflation at colleges and universities, but are we correctly identifying the problem or just a symptom?  I think that the real question we should be asking ourselves as educators is: What is the best way to measure and assess student learning? 329 more words

Higher Education

A Metric for the Science of Civilization


Traditional units of measure

Quite some time ago in Linguistic Rationalization I discussed how the adoption of the metric system throughout much of the world meant the loss of traditional measuring systems that were intrinsic to the life of the people, part of the local… 1,535 more words


Quality as a Business Strategy - integrating cost and quality

Despite growing awareness of the healthcare cost tsunami on the horizon, the issue of a shrinking taxation base in Australia to pay for essential service in the coming years, and a sustained focus on cost containment, healthcare costs continue to growth at over 2x the rest of the economy with health CPI growing at 7-8% pa. 838 more words

Smart(er) Measures

Which of these challenges is most important to solve: teen pregnancy, hunger, diabetes, or drunk driving?

Where should we focus time and money to improve lives and our communities? 413 more words