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It's the End of April... the Senseless Season of Rating High Schools

I wrote this post exactly a year ago and it is applicable today and probably will be applicable every year for the foreseeable future… and the last paragraph is especially  634 more words

Measuring the gender gap in housework: ratio vs. difference

I’m continuing to look at some interesting passages from the 2000 article by Bianchi and her colleagues.

They have this observation about measuring the domestic labor gap: 460 more words

Domestic Labor

David Brooks' Profile of Jane Addams Offers Rationale for Opting Out of Tests

Dvid Brooks’ column in today’s NYTimes is a paean to Jane Addams approach toward help raise people out of poverty. Having just read Diane Ravitch’s posts on the rationale for opting out of standardized tests and several articles from regional newspapers boasting of their local schools’ rankings in the  367 more words

Height and Length...Width and Length...Height and Width?

I’ve actually had this conversation with a few previous colleagues. It arose due to the wording in some questions in a maths text book and some of the terminology I heard kids using when talking about measuring area/perimeter of 2D shapes (predominantly quadrilaterals. 955 more words



She’s got a 22 inch waist

An 35 mm neck warm to the touch

the stage is 12 x 12 and doll houses

never have enough rooms… 171 more words

The post I'll promote till the sun collapses

Narcissism has never been trendier. The Internet appears to run on nothing but selfies, look-at-me updates and vlog entries.

Should our company’s social media channels focus more on our corporate selves? 284 more words