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How do you measure a congregation's health?

I’ve served as a pastor in three different UCC churches, ranging from California to Minnesota to Virginia. Each of the congregations I’ve served has had its own personality. 711 more words

Measuring Distance in Time

When was the last time you used an actual unit of distance when answering a question of the type “How far is …”?  For example, Katie knows that her school is 5 minutes away, mom’s work is 10 minutes away, and her cousins live an hour away.   337 more words

NYTimes' Late-- and Poorly Analyzed-- Acknowledgement of Opt Out Movement's Effectiveness

On Thursday, the NYTimes finally acknowledged that the opt out movement was having an impact on the “reform” movement but missed the boat completely on their analysis of why it is happening. 637 more words

William Bennett's Perspective on Public Education Prevails Today

After reading a Forbes op ed column written by William Bennett, it dawned on me that we have gone decades without having a Secretary of Education who spoke out on behalf of the good work that public schools do in the face of adversity. 469 more words

Fever Dream (Part I)

Hey everybody! I know it’s been quite some time since I last posted. It’s been a very busy semester, as I’m sure you can imagine. So, I thought I’d start this summer’s postings with some fresh new poetry I’ve been working on. 271 more words


Module 7 Blog Topic - Measurement and Evaluation

In today’s society public relations professions are determined to ensure that all public relations events that they take part in succeeds. To achieve this goal it is essential that they use measurement and evaluation as it one of the most important parts in achieving success (America, 2011). 289 more words

Why measure loneliness?

In a recent report from The Campaign to End Loneliness we demonstrate that there is a lack of good quality evidence on the impact of different types of services on loneliness.1 This concerns us, as feeling lonely is linked to risk of an earlier… 206 more words