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Economists Weigh in on K-12 and Higher Education... and Their Conclusions Are a Mixed Bag

Lacrosse (WI) Tribune writer Nathan Hansen reported on a two day gathering of four economists at University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse. He detailed their reports on a host of education issues and, after reading them, I concluded that their findings can best be summarized in this sentence from Christopher Walters from the University of California-Berkely, who, when asked about the value of standardized tests said: 682 more words

Week in Review - Digital Transformation

People & Culture

The # MeToo movement, kicked off by Alyssa Milano on Twitter, has transcended our social media feeds at lightning speed. In addition, Men are stepping up to the plate with the  #howwillichange movement gaining traction across social media. 275 more words


Water Stain

A couple of times in our house, water has gotten into the ceiling, and left a stain.  If the this wasn’t something we previously noticed, it’s sometimes tough to tell if the discoloration is actively expanding; or, if it was from an old, one-time event.   711 more words


Why social video is both the best and most frustrating format for marketeers 😄😡🎥

We all know how dominant video has become in the last 18 months across social media. With advances in recording devices (i.e. phones!) and new social network features, video has become super simple and quick to produce and distribute. 950 more words

Social Business

From pyramids to rockets to ecosystems

The pyramid has been the foundation operating model in professional services for the past century. Put simply, a typical pyramid has a partner at the top, one or two senior practitioners below him or her, and then four or five juniors below them. 403 more words

Professional Service Firms

Visualizing Engagement Survey Results

I’ve been playing with box plots as a better way of visualizing and interpreting the results of our local employee engagement survey. Historically, our process has been to take the mean of the respondent’s answers to the questions and compare each against a benchmark- usually anything below a 4 on the Likert scale was good (or bad) enough to get it put onto the opportunity list. 399 more words


Pumpkin Explosion

Have your child estimate the number of bands it will hold. What is too high? What is too low? Best guess?

After all of you estimate, watch the video below to verify your estimates. 20 more words