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Floral Friday - Feb 24th

Yes, they are small in size. But the beauty they possess is beyond any measurement. 19 more words


Plant Watering Sensor - Precise Current Measurement

As I wrote in the first part of my article, how to design a cheap plant watering sensor, I had troubles to get exact measurements of the current, using my Testo multimeter. 290 more words


The Cardinal Treatment of Ordinal Variables

Last weekend, I came across a paper published in the European Economic Review by Carsten Schroder and Shlomo Yitzhaki entitled “Revising the Evidence for Cardinal Treatment of Ordinal Variables… 667 more words


8 Questions To Ask About a Database Before Advertising

Recently a prospective vendor asked how big a client’s database was, to decide whether to advertise with us. “What other metrics do they want?” I asked.   295 more words


Las 4 métricas del Content Marketing

Si tu marca ya tiene algún tipo de estrategia de contenido, muy probablemente también recibes presión para que los programas tácticos se puedan medir para determinar algún tipo de ROI.  485 more words


Influencing Marketers

Yesterday’s inaugural #ITPLiveSummit event here in Dubai tackled one of the core reasons why ITP Live has come to exist – influencer marketing. The business unit was borne from the longstanding ITP Media Group, until the end of 2016 known as ITP Publishing Group, in order to capitalise on perceived digital growth areas of video content creation, digital sales representation, ecommerce, live events and training, and also launching the region’s largest social media influencers’ agency. 976 more words


Non-ionizing Radiation/EMF Detection, Measurement, and Safety Market Witness a Healthy Growth Rate in the Years 2024

The Non-ionizing radiation/EMF detection, measurement, and safety Market derive much of its growth from the growing uptake of these devices across various sectors, such as the residential, medical and healthcare, manufacturing, laboratory and education, military and homeland security, and telecommunication sectors. 429 more words