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MEASUREMENT & Wasn't David Punished for Measuring? No, for wrong motivation. 1 Chronicles 21

by Bob Whitesel D.Min., Ph.D., 11/27/15.

But some have argued that there is something spiritual about “not counting.”  They would point to God’s displeasure with King David for ordering a census of the people in… 273 more words

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MEASUREMENT & To Measure of Not to Measure?

by Bob Whitesel D.Min., Ph.D., 11/27/15.

Vernon Grounds’ warned about the “bitch goddess of success” (his words, not mine) stating, “It is worshipping at the shrine of sanctified (or unsanctified) statistics…”  I agree, to a degree. 756 more words


MEASUREMENT & A Biblical Leadership Exercise To Help Leaders See Why Counting Is Critical

by Bob Whitesel D.Min., Ph.D., 11/27/15.

In leadership courses we must look at the important (but often disregarded) strategic tool of quantitative analysis.  Yes, that means numbers.  285 more words


Cuomo Sees the Light: the NYTimes… not so much

In an article in today’s NYTimes, Kate Taylor reports that NY Governor Andrew Cuomo has let it be known that he is no longer in support of tying teacher evaluations to test scores and his recently announced Task Force on the Common Core is expected to incorporate such a recommendation in its findings. 366 more words

Social Business Future Gazing: #6 Time to Revisit Reporting?

In the final article of our Social Business Future Gazing series, we look at how the changing nature of major social networks will require social media managers to reassess how they measure activity in 2016. 543 more words

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PR & Evaluations

Long gone are the days of heavy reliance on cutting agencies and press clippings for public relations measurement.  Many companies are beginning to understand the importance of public relations to their brand and business.   510 more words

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A QIG review of the paper "Entropy uncertainty and measurement reversibility"

I’d like to highlght a video we’ve recently uploaded of a recent talk by Kais Abdelhkalek who presented a review and overview of the recent paper: “Entropic uncertainty and measurement reversibility” by Mario Berta, Stephanie Wehner, Mark M. Wilde, arXiv:1511.00267