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New R package to characterize the spatial structure of point patterns

Erik Marcon, Stephane Traissac, Florence Puech and Gabriel Lang have developed the R package dbmss that provides a toolbox to characterize point patterns. The package greatly simplifies the task of obtaining distance-based agglomeration and coagglomeration indexes, such as the Duranton and Overman’s Kd function and the Marcon and Puech’s M functions.


Arctic sea ice volume not lowest on record

Once again reports of the imminent death of Arctic sea ice have been greatly exaggerated. As even the pro-alarmist BBC has conceded, ‘to understand Arctic sea ice requires measurement of both area and thickness’, and it turns out that sea ice volume is well above the lowest recorded level for the time of year. 296 more words


Bespoke In Relation To Measurement, Fitting and Price

Not again! It just wouldn’t  fit!!!

Have you ever visited your designers office and left sad and down casted?

Have you ever felt you just lost a good fabric? 566 more words


Of COURSE Principals Matter… but Principles Matter, Too

Today’s blog post title is a play on yesterday’s NYTimes featured an op ed article by Will Miller titled “Want Reform? Principals Matter, Too”.  In the article, Miller, who is president of the Wallace Foundation, breathlessly reports that the Principal of a school plays a key role in school improvement… a fact that true school reformers like Ron Edmunds knew decades ago. 215 more words

Fostering Virtue

As much as I liked Narasimha, my favorite mode of travel within India was the auto-rickshaw. The word “rickshaw” comes from “jin riki sha” (人力車), which means “human-powered vehicle” in Japanese. 1,248 more words

Measure & Cut

The weather was so nice yesterday I was able to work with my hair down.

There was a cool wind & it was cloudy all day, like any minute the rain would come down on us. 58 more words

Daily Bread

Social media and the General Election

While we are still some way off using social media to place our votes in General Elections, the platform has become a crucial battleground for political parties. 39 more words