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Metrology: CSIR-NPL Stands the Test of Time

Hailed as the Time Keeper of India CSIR-NPL, provides the Indian Standard Time (IST), steadfastly promoting Metrology, the science of measurement and its application, and accuracy and precision through the ensuing decades post -Independence. 732 more words

Guest Post: The British Academy/DFID Anti-Corruption Evidence Programme

Paul M. Heywood, the Sir Francis Hill Professor of European Politics at the University of Nottingman, contributes the following guest post:

In a recent… 883 more words

Guest Commentary

Entropy Rover

Creating a double funnel.

One helix stretches into the future. The other into the past – the vortex of information has many levels, in a complex series of nested fractal hierarchies. 408 more words


Day 76 - Measuring Volume

Science 8 – Students practiced measuring the volume of rectangular prisms and irregular shapes (indirect measurement by water displacement) today.

Some kids know this stuff quite well and I posed the following question as a challenge to the class: “Which measurement is the most sensitive?” 44 more words

Science 8

Day 31 - Using a Triple Beam Balance

Science 8 – Today we needed to measure the mass of eggs for the start of our Eggsellent Osmosis Lab.  I borrowed a set of triple beam balances from another teacher and she warned that some of them were not working. 84 more words

Science 8

Poverty Fault Lines: Towards an Understanding Persistent Poverty

Some of the biggest (and perhaps most meaningless) news is in the cycle again. In late September the world leaders signed an ambitious pledge to “eradicate extreme poverty for all people everywhere by 2030”. 749 more words