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EVALUATION & One way to measure quantity # jacksonwu

by Jackson Wu, nd. (excerpted from a more comprehensive article on evaluation, linked below).

What about quantity?

Typically, missionaries (and churches) track the number of “decisions” made by the people with whom they shared the gospel. 187 more words



Pressure is an important factor should be measured in all industries.

Force per unit area is called pressure (P).and it is like a stress, but stress is a term used only in solids, whereas pressure is used in fluids (liquid, gas and steam applications). 2,596 more words

Measuring Marvels

Most birthday celebrations consist of cake, presents, and “happy birthday” wishes, but birthdays in my family have a few additional traditions. One of the traditions has to do with our basement door. 1,486 more words

Monitoring spending in a post-2015 world: How can it work?

This post was written by Paolo de Renzio, International Budget Partnership

Two big meetings related to the post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will take place in the coming months: the… 146 more words


Conversion Chart.

One thing I find annoying when finding a recipe online is that sometimes the measurements are not used in the metric system. You will find some cookbooks/ recipes that have all the different measurements to suits everyone but some don’t. 246 more words


The 4th Discipline of Guest Experiences: Measurement

Organizations that want to produce a high-quality Guest experience need to perform a set of sound, standard practices. Harley Manning and Kerry Bodine, in their book… 657 more words