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Metrology: CSIR-NPL Stands the Test of Time

Hailed as the Time Keeper of India CSIR-NPL, provides the Indian Standard Time (IST), steadfastly promoting Metrology, the science of measurement and its application, and accuracy and precision through the ensuing decades post -Independence. 732 more words

Guest Post: The British Academy/DFID Anti-Corruption Evidence Programme

Paul M. Heywood, the Sir Francis Hill Professor of European Politics at the University of Nottingman, contributes the following guest post:

In a recent… 883 more words

Guest Commentary

Entropy Rover

Creating a double funnel.

One helix stretches into the future. The other into the past – the vortex of information has many levels, in a complex series of nested fractal hierarchies. 408 more words


Day 76 - Measuring Volume

Science 8 – Students practiced measuring the volume of rectangular prisms and irregular shapes (indirect measurement by water displacement) today.

Some kids know this stuff quite well and I posed the following question as a challenge to the class: “Which measurement is the most sensitive?” 44 more words

Science 8

Day 31 - Using a Triple Beam Balance

Science 8 – Today we needed to measure the mass of eggs for the start of our Eggsellent Osmosis Lab.  I borrowed a set of triple beam balances from another teacher and she warned that some of them were not working. 84 more words

Science 8