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“Spend more time with people who eat popcorn for dinner.”  Zina Harrington

If I had known that there was such a simple and delicious recipe for meatballs I would have started cooking years ago.   293 more words

Grandma Pat Cooks

1980s PARTY FINGER FOOD - Pate, Spicy Chicken Wings, Meat Balls, Lemony Almond Scallops, Prunes and Bacon, Cheese and Salami Savouries

With Mum’s 100th birthday only a couple of months away I’ve started to look for party recipes.  I found these microwave recipes which were published by The Sun in March 1986 around the time everyone was buying a microwave, but still not quite sure what to do with it.  30 more words

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USA Houston Pho Crab

This one has, I must admit, been the funniest experience I ever had in a Vietnamese restaurant! It was impossible to be understood to simply order a beer or a coke in a bottle instead of from the gun (still due to my low immunity level). 163 more words


Kofteh Tabrizi

This traditional dish takes its name from Tabriz which is located in NW of Iran. Kofteh Tabrizi is very popular, delicious and famous dish In Iran. 287 more words


Chicken/beef meat balls

These yummy ground beef/ minced chicken kebab balls are crispy and easy to prepare. You can serve it with rice/bread or prepare spaghetti with these kebabs OR freeze them and use whenever you need. 207 more words


Italian Meat Balls (Recipe)

It’s my second time making this recipe. At my home, we often have pasta nights and I wanted to give pasta different toppings than our usual sausage or ground pork mixture. 138 more words


A braised lion's head-braised meat balls in brown sauce

Don’t be scared by the title. You must have question about lion’s head. What is it? HaHa. Acutally, it is meat ball in Chinese. But it is big meat ball, so called it Lion’s head. 181 more words

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