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Why Apocalypse Cow needed some intersectional input

I had high hopes for Channel 4’s documentary Apocalypse Cow: How Meat Killed the Planet. Billed by channel 4 as a ‘provocative documentary’ that ‘argues that the biggest problem driving us towards global disaster is how we feed ourselves, particularly on meat’ I hoped it would help raise awareness about the… 455 more words

Animal Rights

Cultured Meat - Oryx and Crake

Margaret Atwood’s novel Oryx and Crake is a fascinating one, showing readers a glimpse of a potential future. I was unsure what to expect from this novel, but was left pleasantly surprised. 629 more words

On Meat

Our relationship with meat and animal death has profoundly changed just in the last 50 years. Both the animal and the meat are the Other now, strangers to us, nameless, voiceless, faceless. 1,730 more words

Philosophical Ramblings

Reflecting on that holiday meal

My plea for this Thanksgiving. Please don’t have turkey, or ham, or pot roast, or any other meat. Please have a vegan substitute. Yes, I know that “No matter how good it just isn’t quite the same.” 640 more words

I love animals???

Do you love animals?

Do you living with your animal friends? like cats, dogs, birds and others.

Do you love them dearly?

Many of my friends are so kind with their “pets”, they are treating them like family members, providing all necessities and most important, unconditional loves. 151 more words


Californians Pay The Price of Logging: The October Fires

Californians are now paying the price of the deforestation that has taken place under Governors Jerry Brown and Gray Davis, as well as their Democratic-ruled Legislatures, and which continues unabated under current Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom. 250 more words

The Ethics of Meat Eating

Meat eating is a topic that has been heavily debated over the past few years and meat production is an incredibly lucrative industry with sakes valued at $198 billion, according to the Meat Institute of America. 2,314 more words