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Meat free meals for meat eaters!

I’m not a fully-fledged veggie, vegan or even pescatarian (though I do opt for fish over meat most of the time). However, I do firmly believe the future has to be more plant-based. 461 more words


cream of mushroom soup | w grilled goats cheese toasts

One for the mushroom lovers out there, I’m giving you some grey soup on this very cold and overcast wintery day. If you don’t like mushies – sorry, you won’t like this soup. 459 more words

Friends For Dinner

a warm winter salad | roasted pumpkin + cauliflower brown rice salad

This roasted pumpkin salad is the perfect thing to bring when told ‘not to bring a thing’. So leave the Favourites at home and turn up with this impressive salad instead when invited to a friends place for a barbie.  603 more words

Main Meals

Wild Food Diaries: Mediterranean Couscous

Here’s another quick recipe to keep you going this week!

60g couscous
1 tbsp olive oil
½ small onion
½ aubergine
½ tin of chopped tomatoes… 284 more words

Mushroom Rolls

I’ve been vegetarian for nearly my whole life, so I thought it was about time I took part in #MeatFreeMonday

This recipe is basically an adaptation of Nadine Abensur’s Mushroom Wellington, (featured in the Cranks Bible) which is a bit of a show stopper, and perfect for big fancy occasions. 404 more words


pumpkin + spinach + feta frittata | meat free monday

Pumpkin, spinach and feta together is always a winning combo. You can add these three ingredients to virtually anything and it’ll work. Think pasta dishes, rice salads, quiches or pies. 523 more words

Main Meals

Meatless Monday - Buffalo "Chicken" Lettuce Wraps

This is what happens when hot, crunchy ‘chicken’ tenders are wrapped in fresh lettuce leaves and topped with blue cheese, jalapenos, red onion and dill pickles, then drizzled with spicy buffalo sauce and cool ranch!  845 more words

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