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Tomato Hummus P-Sauce 

Tomato Hummus P-Sauce, P for protein and pasta.

Exams are over and I was thinking of making proper food to heal. Yes, I got sick in the midst of the examination which was totally undesirable but unavoidable. 441 more words


The slightly unconventional reason why I became a vegetarian

I am not at all preachy about my vegetarianism, as I haven’t been one for that long compared to my meat-eating time span. In fact, adding the suffix ‘-ism’ personally feels a bit too militant for me to want to apply it to myself. 748 more words


Aubergine meatballs

This is recipe inspire from VB6 M Bittman’s cook book. I might not be eating anymore full time vegan but I love Vegan food and I love my veggies so I still have very offten vegan menu on my plate. 226 more words

Vegetarian Dishes.

Eat the rainbow

Breakfast has always been a struggle for me, even as a child. I have learned that it is the most important meal of the day and some days the only thing that will do, is to eat a rainbow! 18 more words

Healthy Eating

Sexy Vegan Love Says Hello World! Welcome!

Sexy Vegan Love was created by me,¬†Althea Marie, a native Chicagoan living in Washington D.C., you can refer to me as the “sexy vegan” or simply “thea” if you wish. 227 more words

Summer Festival Beet salad - don't believe it just munch!

I love a festival – music, dancing, street food, and an ice cold beverage. I was inspired to make a Summer Festival Beet salad to celebrate the legendary Glastonbury festival in the UK – music for your tastebuds! 306 more words

Taste2taste Of The Week

Can vegetarians get enough protein without eating meat?

This is a question that has been around since… well, probably since the concept of eating vegetarian has been around. Can you really get enough protein from a meat-free diet? 118 more words