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Meat-Free March

This month, I’d like to talk about how reducing our meat consumption is better for our health, the Earth and of course the animals.  Nowadays, vegan and vegetarian options are abundant, and more and more people are considering a meat-free or at least minimal meat diet. 324 more words


Baby Shower Menu

Over the weekend, I helped host a baby shower with my mom! For the menu, we decided to do a waffle and yogurt bar since this went-over well for my best friend’s bridal shower last summer. 292 more words


Mushroom Ricotta Shells with Pesto Tomatoes

On 25th & 26th February, This was Dinner

I know the presentation isn’t great on this dish but when you get in from work, have 10 minutes fun times with your puppy, then get your cook on, individuallly filling pasta shells are in danger of being filled then tossed straight into the mouth as hunger strikes. 211 more words


Spaghetti Tonno with Crostini

Hi everyone, I’m back!With a lot of new dishes and with a new camera (Olympus pen epl7) and I have to say that it’s a whole new way of taking and photo shopping pictures. 604 more words


"All Natural" Versus "Organic" & Everything In Between

Let’s face it, grocery shopping can be expensive, especially when trying to buy high quality, healthy foods. If health is on your radar chances are you buying products at the supermarket that read: “all-natural,”“organic,” “grass-fed,” and “cage-free.” However what do these terms really mean? 309 more words


Carrot Cashew Macaroni

After all that feasting during the lunar new year, here’s a healthy recipe for a change! Whoever said that healthy food can’t be flavourful have definitely been missing out on the good meat-free options. 259 more words


Should you become a Vegetarian?

“So what made you turn vegetarian then?”

If you do decide to stop eating meat be prepared to hear this a lot, it’s often asked by people who are actually curious but occasionally someone can’t wait to spew some nonsense about their views on vegetarianism. 337 more words