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It doesn't get much easier than this - try your hand at making Labneh this weekend.

Although Labneh is often referred to as Lebanese cream cheese, it is more of a soft “yogurt-cheese” in my book. You get the wonderful yogurt tang and all the healthy elements plus the benefit that it can withstand relatively high cooking temperatures. 333 more words

Creamy spinach with french toast

1 portion, 3 pots

Time needed: 5 minutes prep, 20 minutes cooking (you have to stand there)


Creamy spinach:

Chicago's Best Vegetarian and Vegan Eateries

Chicago is famously known for its Italian beef, Polish sausages, Chicago-style hot dogs, and deep dish pizzas. But, if you’re a non-meat eater and you are okay with “missing out” on these Chicagoan delicacies. 248 more words

French onion soup with "croutons"

5 portions, 1 pot

Time needed: 10 min prep, 30 minutes cooking

Notes: you can store sauteed onion in the fridge or freezer, you can make a bigger portion and keep it until needed (in a good tightly closed jar, because onion has a very strong scent.) 81 more words

Mushroom and Tarragon Lasagne

A rich and luxurious lasagne that’s ready in next to no time (as lasagne’s go).

For a creamier, whiter sauce go with button mushrooms, if it’s a deeper colour and robust flavours you want, chestnut’s yer mushroom. 256 more words

Climate Kind Eating

Lasagne Triple Bill

We’ve got three luscious flexitarian lasagnes coming your way this week as the colder nights draw in.

Each of these recipes is easier and faster than a tradition meat and white sauce lasagne, most especially mushroom and tarragon lasagne – which is ready in an hour tops. 26 more words

Climate Kind Eating

Sunday Weigh In

Dreaded sunday weigh in, I did not want to look at the scales today. Even though I feel lighter and more energetic I have always had terrible self-esteem and can’t stand to look at my post c section body…. 90 more words