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Dichotomy at a Stop Sign

I work in a very strange spot, where old industry meets new technology.  It’s at a crossroad that sounds more like a metaphor than a real spot, an unassuming corner that brings old school Chicago together with business for the new millennia. 315 more words


The Slaughterhouse Rules: Why American Capitalism Loves Illegal Immigration

In Chapter 4 of The Jungle — Upton Sinclair’s searing 1906 exposé of the American meatpacking industry — Lithuanian immigrant Jurgis Rudkus arrives at the steaming blood chambers of Chicago’s slaughterhouses and follows his boss to the “killing beds.” He’s given a large broom to “follow down the line the man who drew out the smoking entrails from the carcass of the steer” and sweep the innards into a trap “so that no one might slip into it.” As the screams of animals whose hides were being peeled from their still-living bodies echoes off of the gut-splattered walls, Rudkus wades through pools of coagulating blood and tries to avoid losing a limb to the same gnashing blades that turned cattle into steak.  1,863 more words

New York, New York

I am in love with New York: it’s pretty much the best of the best. If someone from another planet were to visit Earth and wanted to know the epitome of human culture with all it’s quirks, downfalls, triumphs and spirit, I would send them to the city that never sleeps. 951 more words

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Fire Destroys Armstrong County Meat Packing Company

WAYNE TOWNSHIP (KDKA) – Fire destroyed a meat packing business in Armstrong County Wednesday morning.

The fire started around 1:30 a.m. at Dayton Packing on Slaughterhouse Road in Wayne Township, just outside of Dayton. 329 more words