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Pappardelle with rabbit ragu

You might have come across pappardelle with hare in Tuscany, but hares aren’t that easy to come by here, and there is plenty of rabbit around. 481 more words


365 ways with Pasta: #3 Fettuccine ai Fegatini di Pollo

365 ways with Pasta series:

#3 Fettucine ai Fegatini di Pollo ~ Fettucine with Chicken Livers 

– sauce inspired and partially adapted from The Australian Women’s Weekly’s  ‘Italian Cooking Class’ cookbook… 152 more words


Ära saatmine… 19. June 2013

 Porridge with butter

 Cake and tea

 Buckwheat with shrimp

 Meaty pasta


Attorneys recipe pasta

Remember that pasta sauce a while back that my attorney suggested? And I made a big batch?.. We found some in the big freezer! Cool! So simples supper.. 72 more words

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italian beef penne pasta...

so you made a roast and now you have more roast than you know what to do with…i made a roast served with mashed potatoes and gravy the first night, then for lunch the next day i toasted up sourdough bread topped it with meat, provolone cheese, and smothered in gravy for an open face style sandwich, but i was still left with a ton of meat. 251 more words


Pasta with fennel and prawns

This is a lovely, undemanding pasta, whose flavours marry well. You can use Pernod, Ricard or any similar aniseed based liquor. Dried tarragon does fine. Fresh basil is better than dried. 313 more words


Spicy sausage with pasta

Serves 4

This is a quite quick and very hearty supper or lunch. ( If lunch, you wont want to do any work  for a while afterwards). 225 more words