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Stone Temple Pilots 7/30/94

This was my first road trip concert because someone finally had a vehicle! If you’ve been to the Gorge then no explanation is necessary but if you haven’t been there I highly suggest you go to a concert there as soon as possible. 597 more words

Albums that influenced the music of Nirvana- Part 1

For a band as immersed in pop culture as Nirvana was, their influences were surprisingly eclectic, especially when found scribbled down in Kurt Cobain’s journals as an exhaustive list of 50 albums that were most influential to Nirvana’s music (inexplicable omissions include Meat Puppets, Queen, Neil Young etc.). 643 more words

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Captain Cautious: Who's pulling the strings?

Midday in the city and our heroes drive at the speed limit towards the latest crime scene. Captain Cautious wore his driving gloves, while Giblets played with the window. 3,447 more words


My Top 20 Albums – ‘MTV Unplugged in New York’ by Nirvana.

In the fall of 1993 Seattle three-piece Nirvana was arguably the biggest rock band in the world. Their debut album Bleach had planted seeds of vehement potential, while everybody and his dog picked up a copy of its all-conquering follow-up… 2,222 more words

Proof Matthew Berdyck fakes his own threats

Matt alleges this is a threat he received on Youtube. Strange, it contains all things Matt has written either on his blogs, replies, emails, or messages. 25 more words

Matthew Berdyck Lies