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Day 164: “Up on the Sun” by Meat Puppets

Kaitlin, I remember when we used to play “Devil May Cry” on your PS2…and there was that level called “Curse of the Bloody Puppets”. 86 more words

THIS IS OUR MUSIC: Meat Puppets - "Lake Of Fire"

THIS IS OUR MUSIC: Meat Puppets – “Lake Of Fire”.

“Lake of Fire” is a song by the American alternative rock band the Meat Puppets. It appears on their 1984 album, “Meat Puppets II”. 107 more words

Alternative Rock

Seventeen Sixty-three

Large jar containing smallpox vaccine — Unknown Photographer

Seventeen Sixty-three

Lies are hidden
Within the wide berth
Of the El and the Eyes.
Night’s naïve rhapsody: 79 more words


Nobody Is On The Fence

Watching the chattering heads last night providing their “in depth analysis” of the RNC convention prompted a few thoughts. First, I’d like to gouge my eyeballs out with a spoon. 421 more words


Don't expect me to die

Somber lightings, Stargazer Lilies, black candles…  “Hey! Who are we mourning?” whispers my neighbor. “This is not a funeral dumbass! This is an acoustic concert!” 889 more words

Musical Reviews

Album Review: Those Pretty Wrongs - Those Pretty Wrongs

Long distance relationships are notoriously difficult.  Even in our technological age, with myriad methods of instantaneous communication, great commitment and affection is required to keep a relationship alive and healthy despite the intervention of geographical distance.  75 more words