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How to tell, “The emperor has no clothes!” in business meetings

The business meeting is an inescapable part of work. Regardless if you’re a business owner or career professional, you would always be attending some, if not a lot, in the course of your career. 536 more words


Unplugged in New York - Nirvana

Release Year: 1994

Rating (CD/DVD): 10/10

Nirvana are often remembered for getting loud, brass, and destructive. But they showed off their softer side with this iconic performance. 1,018 more words

I Love The 90s

To Open Up The Sky's Veins

If they made a “Freaks & Geeks” style television program about my high school years (1993-97) I’m certain this would be the theme song. It seems to capture whatever that time was about (confusion, apathy, Windows ’95). 134 more words

Shit That Can't Be Real Yet Somehow Is

Meat Puppets' Sad Songs

There are some singers and songwriters that seem to have a sadness that runs under their music no matter how bright and poppy and bright their melodies are. 89 more words


Happy Birthday, Kurt

After having seen Nirvana on the Bleach tour (at my favorite Jacksonville Beach all ages haunt, Einstein A Go Go), and being disappointed with their performance, I was none too interested in the hype machine/media storm that ensued upon the release of the sophomore LP, Nevermind. 533 more words


Day 27

365-day music challenge: Day 27/365 – A song you like to blast on your car stereo when it comes on.

How are you guys doing on this extremely snowy day? 282 more words


MUSIC REVIEW | Meat Puppets – Huevos (1987)

The biggest delight in listening to the Meat Puppet’s 1984 release II, was the surprise. I knew nothing about them and had absolutely no expectations. That doesn’t mean they were low, that meant they were none existent, because I simply had no frame of reference. 476 more words