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Seventeen Sixty-three

Large jar containing smallpox vaccine — Unknown Photographer

Seventeen Sixty-three

Lies are hidden
Within the wide berth
Of the El and the Eyes.
Night’s naïve rhapsody: 79 more words


Nobody Is On The Fence

Watching the chattering heads last night providing their “in depth analysis” of the RNC convention prompted a few thoughts. First, I’d like to gouge my eyeballs out with a spoon. 421 more words


Don't expect me to die

Somber lightings, Stargazer Lilies, black candles…  “Hey! Who are we mourning?” whispers my neighbor. “This is not a funeral dumbass! This is an acoustic concert!” 889 more words

Musical Reviews

Album Review: Those Pretty Wrongs - Those Pretty Wrongs

Long distance relationships are notoriously difficult.  Even in our technological age, with myriad methods of instantaneous communication, great commitment and affection is required to keep a relationship alive and healthy despite the intervention of geographical distance.  75 more words


On May 12, 2009.

On May 12, 2009, “Megaforce Records” label released “Sewn Together”, the twelfth Meat Puppets studio album. It was recorded in 2009 at the “Saltmine” in Phoenix, Arizona, and was produced by Curt Kirkwood. 47 more words

The Mavericks

Most of us who have been listening to a lot of music for a long time will tell you that it was much better in “our day.” It’s inevitable, I think. 546 more words


Tribes, Or I Just Wanna Surf

I’ve been following a story for a while now about a group of well-to-do, middle aged men in the Southern California town of Palos Verdes who’ve become a… 722 more words