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Healthy Salads: Cheap and Cheerful

Last week I started a Cheap&Cheerful category on Blushing Strawberries’ with these fritters, and thank you to everyone who gave me tips on making a more ‘attractive’ fritter. 864 more words

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Eating Wontons & Watching the Grass Grow.

I have great news! The porch is ready!

Anyone that knows me will freely admit that I have a habit of creating jobs for myself. 582 more words

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The Duck's Winning Meatballs.

Allegory of Spring, 1871 by Henri Pierre Picou

Spring weather has officially arrived and I could not be happier! I love spring, mainly because I love seeing people shaking off their winter coats and spending afternoons sipping drinks in a beer garden, or long, lazy Sundays lounging in the park with the picnic basket, a couple of bottles of Proseco and a good book. 767 more words

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Midweek Casserole.

We’re sitting on the cusp of changing seasons, which is messing with my wardrobe and messing with my menu plans. One day I will be dining on goats cheese salad and felafel on the outside terrace of… 171 more words

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Beer Can Chicken.

Rotisserie chicken is taking the flogosphere by storm with February seeing the resurgence of the ‘BBQ Chook’. The more I read here and here and… 461 more words

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Chicken Salad, It's A Girl Thing.

Moving countries has the uncanny side-effect of reducing your social circle to one.

So the Strawberry Patch is pleased to announce that we have made girlfriends :-) 464 more words

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The Hunt For Osso Bucco

Last night’s dinner was Osso Bucco, I thought it would help stave away the freezing temperatures we’ve been having. But what seemed like a good idea turned into a treasure hunt, both time consuming and expensive. 239 more words

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