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Yeah.  I said sammich.  I said meatball sammich and Arby’s in the same sentence.

It’s a happening.   You know Arby’s has the meats..and now that includes balls. 94 more words

Taste Test

Recipe: Meatball Sandwich with Mozzarella Cheese

You just might need cutlery for this hearty sandwich…and don’t forget extra napkins.

1 cup tomato sauce
1/2 cup water
2 Tbsp. grated Parmesan Cheese… 104 more words


open faced meatball sammie!

… w/creminis, hot banana peppers, provolone, and romano… olives too!!

… drenched w/homemade sauce on a toasted kaiser!


meatballs w/ an oxtail kicker!

… that’s right!! started w/searing a beauty piece of oxtail before doin’ ma regular meatball thang (this is shit i make up as i go folks, i swear)… was looking to give that extra depth of flavour. 122 more words


Meatball Pockets

You can put just about anything you want inside of puff pastry to make homemade hot pocket! I promise that you will enjoy this at least 10 times more than a frozen pocket filled with mystery meat. 185 more words


sloppy saucy sang!

roasted orange & yellow peppers! cremini ‘shrooms too!

two kindsa cheese (swiss emmentaler, romano lupa)!

… uhm, yep!


Religious Curiosity Of An Innocent Child

Brief story here…otherwise we run the risk of a proper long ass rant on the lack of humanity no matter the religion!

Little history for context!. 377 more words