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Meatball Pockets

You can put just about anything you want inside of puff pastry to make homemade hot pocket! I promise that you will enjoy this at least 10 times more than a frozen pocket filled with mystery meat. 185 more words


sloppy saucy sang!

roasted orange & yellow peppers! cremini ‘shrooms too!

two kindsa cheese (swiss emmentaler, romano lupa)!

… uhm, yep!


Religious Curiosity Of An Innocent Child

Brief story here…otherwise we run the risk of a proper long ass rant on the lack of humanity no matter the religion!

Little history for context!. 377 more words



When I don’t have enough time to prepare dinner, this is my back up plan!  Most of the time, I keep these frozen meatballs is in my freezer.  68 more words


Recipes: Meatball Paninis

So I created this recipe last week and finally taste tested it. My Mom said it’s the best sandwich she’s ever had. The decorative mozzarella sticks were just from my freezer. 124 more words

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Kenosha edges out Milwaukee for the best Meatball "Bomber"

We received a smattering of suggestions for our meatball “sub” Take Three challenge. We chose two places in Kenosha and one in Milwaukee.  Not one of those places referred to this meatball, cheese and bread treat as a “sub”.   523 more words


North Beach Bohemian Meatball Sandwich

MMmmm it was good. Meatball sandwich on toasted focaccia with melted provolone, topped with parm and fresh basil. The meatball/marinara recipe is from the award winning kitchen of my amigo, Bob Fisher. 284 more words

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