Instant Pot Meatloaf

Need to try using the Instant Pot the next time I make meatloaf. According to the comments, this can sit for 10 hours (i.e. all day) with the Keep Warm setting with no ill effects. 99 more words

To Do

On the Road Again

Hot enough for you? As we continue to bake in 90 degree plus heat and humidity we are on the road again. We decided to take a road trip. 534 more words


Pork Meatloaf

I’m very impressed. My mom made pork meatloaf last week using Mark Bittman’s recipe (below), with 2lb pork, a giant onion instead of a small one, a giant carrot instead of a small one, and some extra greens. 424 more words



This week on PODCAST EPISODE #104 MEATLOAF “BAT OUT OF HELL”  Dan, Fats and Lee ( Spinning Shit MMA Podcast) catch you up to date on all the latest NEWS in the world MUSIC/Kustom Kulture/Television. 98 more words


Egg-Stuffed Meatloaf with Potatoes

It’s been quite a while since I last updated my food blog! Truth is, I’ve been very busy juggling several jobs at the same time… now that I have more free time in my hands, I plan to add a lot more recipes as well as some posts on food and the arts! 448 more words


Bacon Wrapped Mini Meatloaf

These little delectables were amazing and easy to put together. It would work as a quick recipe for a stay at home mom and even for someone who works from home. 348 more words

A Lump of Meat

For the past year, my relationship has basically been my boyfriend begging me to make him meatloaf; but here’s the thing, meatloaf just weirds me out. 662 more words