Notes From The Beach: Vin'tij Is Just So Good

If you know me, you know that I’m a fairly live and let live guy. I approach life and people with, not an open mind – I feel like the entire idea of an open mind is to eventually close on some truth here and there – but with curiosity. 928 more words


Recipe smoosh: Keto Friendly Crockpot Zucchini Meatloaf #20170718

I seem to be unable to follow just *one* recipe.

Yesterday, it was my night to host our weekly friends-dinner. The weather forecast was hot n’ humid, and since I was going to have zero time after work I pre-made the mashed taters, cut up a bunch of veggies, and made a couple of crockpots full of meatloaf.¬† 1,098 more words

Two Out of Three ain't bad

Baby we can talk all night
But that ain’t getting us nowhere
I told you everything I possibly can
There’s nothing left inside of here… 400 more words


Creedence: Chapter 3

Chapter 3: The Legend of Palito Joe

The corner house next door was a veritable fortress, with a tall wrought iron fence covered in layers of dead and living honeysuckle. 848 more words


Just A Hunka Hunka Giant Meat

So the Hubby & I LOVE the show Bob’s Burgers! Like really really really love… below case & point.

So there is this episode where Louise & Gene are given a huge hunk of raw meat to play with and they end up making a stop motion picture starring Meat Man! 377 more words


Mini Meatloaves

Meatloaf is one of the great comfort foods from childhood. Either you loved it or you hated, and no one ever made it quiet the way your mom did. 231 more words