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looking for a healthy option this Thanksgiving?

living in Canada but wanting to celebrate American thanksgiving and realized you didn’t buy a turkey?

wanting to disappoint your family and see if they can still find something to be thankful for? 246 more words

Evaporated Milk

Meatloaf, Parmesan Green Beans & Potatoes

Hello again! Isn’t it crazy how the cold weather equals heavier meals?! This weather reminds me of big meals over the dinner table with a lot of family time! 586 more words


Recipes from Home: Meatloaf

Two Christmases ago, before we were engaged, I received a priceless gift from my Future-Mother-in-Law: Recipes From Home.

A whole binder full of… women. Just kidding- had to throw that in there. 190 more words

Hot Diggedly, It's Thursday!

Have a look at what’s cooking in the kitchen for you at week’s end: meatloaf and smashed potatoes and fried green tomatoes with barbecued shrimp po-boy! 421 more words
Weekly Meals

For Love and Meatloaf

As boo-mates, T and I share a love of an infinite number of things. We love songs in which men wail mournfully about losing their one true love; we love getting four orders of imperial rolls to take home and share from our favorite Vietnamese restaurant even though leaving them somewhere in the backseat of her car for even a few minutes makes the whole vehicle smell like fart; we love when our enemies falter gloriously and helplessly before us, as if they fell apart on their own specifically because they knew they should. 217 more words


I've got food on the brain!

Thanksgiving is, shockingly, less than two weeks away. This surprised me greatly as I was thinking, as of last weekend, that I still had about a month until the big dinner. 954 more words


Bacon wrapped meatloaf. (100th post!)

It’s finally here! The 100th post of this little cooking blog. (Only took me six years plus a couple months. I’m making a mug that reads, “#1 Negligent Blogger.”) 506 more words

Simple Recipe