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Stuart the Minion

Another Minion? We’ve looked at these little creatures here before, and when I took “Kevin” along to the recent show at the Abbey Pumping Station in Leicester he provoked many squeals of delight from the children who walked into the hall and caught sight of him – “It’s a… 43 more words


We have lift-off!

So, the latest model made it and was duly delivered to the organisers of the London Model Engineering Exhibition. There was that awkward moment when I wondered if I could actually get it out of the room where I’d assembled it! 214 more words


An elite hotel room - in a crane!

Harlingen is a municipality and a city in the northern Netherlands, in the province of Friesland on the Wadden Sea. An old town with a long history of fishing and shipping and a current population of 15,769, it received… 790 more words


AVA 01 | Message from Meccano

Message from Meccano 

Remember Meccano
— invented to amuse –
two sons held together
by small nuts and bolts.

In 1907 his idea became
boys beaming – building — 40 more words

Found Poetry Frontiers

Meccano MeccaNoid G15 KS

There is no better way to bond with your kids or anyone’s kids (and I’m talking about cousins, nephews, and friends’ kids. Not some stranger’s kids) than to enjoy this cool robot together. 80 more words


Going forwards .....

The Enterprise project is progressing – we now have the main body and the pylon that joins it to the command saucer, and the pylons that will have the impulse engines mounted on them are taking shape. 15 more words


My latest Enterprise .....

OK, so some serious building is under way with the Model Engineering Show deadline advancing. This is the first part complete – the familiar saucer-like command centre of the USS Enterprise – now for the pylon and the main body of the ship ….