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Deliveries 22nd January 2018

I won this fearsome looking beast via a competition that Smyths Toys ran on Instagram before Christmas. I think it’ll be fun for us to put together and see how it all works as robotics is a fascinating area and even though this seems to be quite basic, it looks fun from what I’ve seen of it online :-)


Spirits of Christmas Past

Folks, one Christmas Eve, a long time ago, I was unemployed, broke and feeling a wee bit sorry for myself. Scraping up the last of our spare change I decided to get rolling drunk, because if you’re going to be unhappy you might as well enjoy it. 307 more words

On A Lighter Note...

The Little World - Dux

Dux is a strange word here in Australia. People who are the highest – scoring students at their schools are known as the Dux of the class. 467 more words


I Love Paris

A city I’ve never been to and dream of going there someday. In the meantime, I was so happy to see we have an Eiffel Tower now. 93 more words


Meccano Piston Pump Made With a Syringe

built a syringe pump out of Meccano building set parts. It consists of a simple framework with a DC motor mounted on it that actuates the syringe when powered. 130 more words

Tool Hacks

Is meccano for kids or adults? 

As usual at the moment things are hectic around the house, so I was so happy to give my Meccano off road racer to TJ for a little space. 274 more words

Meccano - Blue Basher

It’s ALIVE!!! what an adventure this toy is. First you get the pleasure of building the fun little thing but it does not stop there. Once you have created your robot, it can also interact with you by responding to commands and even busting out the old dance move. 23 more words