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21st September 1936. Sheer Nostalgia!

The 112 page Meccano Magazine when launched in 1915 attracted 98,000 readers. Later in 1920 came Frank Hornby’s  famous model train systems. 

It all started when Hornby, then a shipping clerk, whilst looking out of his window in Liverpool in 1900, observed a dockyard crane hovering above the city. 435 more words


"Note, to-day, an instructive, curious spectacle"*...

Domino builder Hevesh5 spent 25 hours over eight days building the pattern with 15,000 dominoes. The entire structure takes less than two minutes to come down as the chain reaction works its way along three separate paths at three different heights…

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England, Meccano Bike 

Motorcycle, sidecar, meccano, national motor museum, Beaulieu, Hampshire, England, United Kingdom

We have wings....

So the next project grows – one wing is now four and the model is much more recognisable. With a model fuselage PhotoShopped in to sit between the four wings the X-wing is now instantly recognisable. 9 more words


In a shipyard, long, long ago ....

Sometimes it takes a while for a model to move from seed to bud to flower –

this is something I have considered for many a long year and it is finally beginning to develop into something. 47 more words