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So... Tube Mods - Battery positive end up or down? - Mech Mods

So… Tube Mods – Battery positive end up or down?


Firstly, let me say I know the answer to the basic question, but I want to get people’s views on mitigating risk factors. 92 more words


Pinning down a short - Mech Mods

Pinning down a short


So I’m a little lost on this one and needing a touch of advice

Got a goon 1.5 clone with a broadside clone for 20700s (since I needed some of those batteries anyway why not add a new mech to the collection) 72 more words


Contact spark. - Mech Mods

Contact spark.


I recently picked up a Hugo Squeezer it came with minimal fire contact sparking . I dismantled the device and cleaned It using a eraser. 64 more words


Building on a Battle Deck - Mech Mods

Building on a Battle Deck


So my beauty turned up today

And when it came to coiling it up I have been using Fused Claptons (0.45 Ohm) however when I cut them down, place on my ohm meter they come out at 0.56? 35 more words


Series mech - what are the best builds for them? - Mech Mods

Series mech – what are the best builds for them?


I’m after a little help. I’m all up to speed with mechs, kinda know what I like and what I don’t like. 104 more words


Best single coil rda - Mech Mods

Best single coil rda


righto chaps, I am looking for a single coil rda to find best flavour, needs to be 22mm, been looking at the hadaly as that seems to get some use on the squonkers, anyone got any suggestions ? 31 more words


17mm mech tubes - Mech Mods

17mm mech tubes


Does anyone still sell them? Aside from Vaporart. Everything on Fasttech is sold out or discontinued. I know they’re old school now but surely China are still doing them somewhere? 16 more words