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Titanfall 1 vs. Titanfall 2 Beta: Innovative Mechanics in the Military FPS, Part 1


When Titanfall 1 dropped, it was the very first reason I decided to purchase my Xbox One. Trailers depicted a military shooter with a focus on movement, agility, and obviously mech combat, but the actual gameplay retailed with so much more, and Respawn Entertainment continued to grow the title with further DLC, game modes, and maps. 1,938 more words

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Our Level Editor

So we have the game itself, and then we have the level editor – it’s time to talk a bit more about that. It’s a whole system on its own, a standalone feature! 611 more words


Distance is the numerical value that is given by the measurement between two points.

If you travel from A to B at a straight line the distance between them is short as presented by DISTANCE 1, but as u travel in any different path from A to B the distance increases. 88 more words


Why "sexy" modding isn't really sexy at all

With the third (and last) major DLC of Bethesda’s “Fallout 4” coming out sometime next week, I thought I’d write this blog in honor of one of the best things to every happen to the Fallout series… 782 more words