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Boater or Fisherman?

Many people, in the community, either identify as a boater or a fisherman. A boater could be defined as an individual who drives, maintains, and cleans their boat regularly. 74 more words

Detail depth derails decisions

Continuing with the idea of having off-board army maintenance comes the question of how much does the player actually maintain?

I’m really into the idea of being able to arrange your line of battle and to give orders (or the chance of giving orders) to the individual segments. 135 more words

Corey Kleuber Pitching Mechanics

I’ve been studying Corey Kleuber’s pitching mechanics since his rise in the MLB with the Indians and even more in the 2016 World Series vs the Cubs where he pitched games 1, 4 and 7 on three days rest. 277 more words


Armour Charts

Armour Piece Armour Weight Protects Helmet 2 1 Head Breast Plate 4 3 Torso Gauntlets 1 1 Hands Grieves 3 2 Legs Boots 153 more words

Mike Trout Swing Mechanics

Mike Trout displays incredible tools in the box and on the field. Trout is able to stay balanced and distribute his body weight evenly throughout his swing while creating good extension out in front. 28 more words


Combat Skill Mechanics

Every ten levels all combat skills increase in 1 accuracy. At level 20 the player unlocks a special ability for the use of the combat skill (example, light weapons can take +1 accuracy for the cost of a -1 for their damage roll). 223 more words