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By Mihail_Morozov

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MIDI Pedal Board, the casing

How about a music gadget build project? This blog hasn’t seen one in.. err.. almost two years, so here’s one for change: Converting a 70s Hammond (or is this 80s?) organ to a MIDI foot keyboard / pedal! 1,242 more words


Autozone Repackaging - by VPHO Design

Vinh Pho, industrial designer with an emphasis in strategic thinking,
branding and experience design, created a packaging and rebranding concept for the famous retailer of automotive parts and accessories: “Autozone”. 475 more words


5 things my mechanic never says

Truth is, I do most of my own work, but this piece was inspired by the hands of a man who sat in front of me on the Minneapolis light rail. 550 more words


The Grammar Question

One of the great advantages my writing groups give me is a breadth of vision about ‘normal’ grammar. I’ve learned to stay in the middle of the grammar continuum, which to me looks like this: 274 more words


Wire Netting or Floral Foam - a bit of a rant!

I think when I first became aware of how flowers appeared in the house, it was probably watching my grandmother cutting sprays of flowering shrubs like forsythia from her garden, (incurring much wrath from my grandfather), and displaying them in large tall cut glass vases. 1,022 more words


What's the Shape of a Hanging Chain?

Posted by Tamás F. Görbe

The principle of least action stands superior to both , even when considered together, and it appears to govern all the reversible processes of Nature — Max Planck, The Principle of Least Action, 1915.

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