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Third Prototype

Once I’d designed the layout for the UI, I wanted to see whether I could implement most of it as a prototype in Unity, using the second prototype I made as a starting point. 817 more words


Ancestor Rate

While it may never come to pass that an all ancestor, all the time campaign is run, I might as well see what I think about the ancestors so that I can make decisions on any PCs/NPCs I create. 1,260 more words


Podcast in 3rd Person - Episode Four

Andy and Mike are back with another episode of the bi-weekly Podcast in 3rd Person! Check out the latest episode where they discuss:

  • The State of Xbox, Playstation, and Nintendo heading into 2018…
  • 27 more words

UI Design

When thinking about the game’s user interface, I had to take into account what the player needed to do during moment-to-moment gameplay. There needed to be a list of topics to choose from, the same for a list of people, a window for questions, a window for answers and a window for information about the people of interest. 661 more words


Shake Out

There are rather a number of thoughts on diverse subjects I have had recently.  I’m sure I will forget half of them.

Before I forget:  John Carter Kickstarter is going on right now!  2,348 more words