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Some thoughts about the power system in Remnants

One of my primary goals in designing my first StarCraft 2 mod, currently operating under the name ‘Remnants‘ is to encourage players to maintain an awareness and force presence in multiple areas of the map. 1,530 more words

Remnants Mod

Imagine Game

Welcome to my game!

First, put yourself in one of those cubicles. Personally, my favorite is the first one in row #2. Man, they really added some personal flair to that one! 665 more words

Helpful Stuff

Lea has had enough!

On my rides around the city delivering food I get to see some pretty awesome views I would probably miss otherwise.

But this year is an El Nino year and for us that means a super rainy summer. 1,476 more words


On Key

Not yet time to insert an M.  Not on Fire, either.

January was a time of doing fun things with great people.  But, it wasn’t much of a month for gaming. 1,512 more words


First Love

The first time Marvin saw her he knew he was in love. Suzanne was bent over the fender of an old jalopy, removing the fan belt. 246 more words

Short Story

Monthly Mechanics: Free-Body Diagrams

A picture is worth a thousand words. Structural engineers care about how forces travel through structures, but what does a force LOOK like? One way to visualize a force is with an arrow, which indicates both the location and the direction of the force. 447 more words


First World Problems

These past few days have been the worst. Two days ago I had a guest at work that was basically the devil incarnate. She made my job for those fifteen minutes a living hell (seriously, I almost quit on the spot because of this woman). 637 more words