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Everyone Should Text Me

Minor spoilers for Life is Strange, episode 2: lengthy digression into communication mechanics in RPGs


Started episode 2, took a shower, erased the stuff on the mirror, talked to Kate, told her not to go to the police, stopped. 2,236 more words

Game Mechanics: Reward System

The Reward system is a mechanic int eh game that encourages players to complete missions or objective. It does this by giving the player a reward such as an item which can help them through the game or a character upgrade. 363 more words

Games Design

Torchbearer Excel Utility

Recently, I’ve fallen a little bit in love with Burning Wheel’s “Torchbearer” RPG.

It’s an intriguing, gritty reimagining of the classic D&D dungeon crawl. The characters are down-at-heel adventures, the sort of desperate individuals who would seek their fortune delving in dark and dangerous holes. 262 more words


Questions and Answers about Wreck You

I did it for Virtue of Death, so to celebrate the Wreck You‘s book birthday, I’ll do it again. I’m going to answer some of the common questions I get. 474 more words


Improving your craft

What are you doing to improve your craft?

The question stopped me cold.

I was completing an application for a freelance writing gig this morning. All the questions were routine, easy, until I got to that one. 289 more words


Why We Always Book the Window Seat

If you ask most of the traveling public, the overall opinion seems to be that commercial air travel has lost most of its romance and luxury. 148 more words