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Commonsense Stealth Tips

Some spoilers for Fort Joy in Divinity: Original Sin 2


Got some playing in. I forgot how long D&D fights can be.

But fight I did. 1,913 more words

Next Steps Uncertain

Spoilers for Fort Joy stuff in Divinity: Original Sin 2


Did a bunch last night, and I have questions.

So decided that Fane was more interesting, and Ibn/Sebille was going to go badly, so switched back to Fane (I keep typing Thane. 4,345 more words

Let's Just Write One More Blog Post...

Minor spoilers for quests near the beginning of Divinity: Original Sin 2


Man, I don’t know how it is when you have to sync up your schedule with someone else, but when you’re playing this game alone, I have not experienced a time suck like this since I gave up Civ. 2,040 more words

Yet another easy physics problem...

Last week I posted a little physics problem that generated a large amount of traffic (at least by the standards of this blog), so I thought I’d try another one. 117 more words


Brave ... Old? World

Been a while.

I was flipping through channels on this ancient device known as a TV using this ancient content model known as cable TV.  I came across Brave Archer 2. 1,242 more words


Etude des effets non linéaires observés sur les oscillations d'un pendule simple

Thomas Gibaud, Alain Gibaud
In this paper we present a study of the non-linear effects of anharmonicity of the potential of the simple pendulum. In a theoretical reminder we highlight that anharmonicity of the potential generates additional harmonics and the non-isochronism of oscillations. 104 more words