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Theme Vs. Mechanics

It’s time for another blog post! This time I’m talking about theme vs mechanics. There seems to be a great divide in the world of gaming on which matters more. 732 more words

Game Design

Random Mechanics Problems

A rigid tube is placed in the vertical plane. It has the shape of an arbitrary curve, but has start and end points of the same height. 199 more words


When Game Becomes Dream

Some cauldron-related spoilers for Horizon Zero Dawn


So last night I had a dream that I was playing Horizon and, all of a sudden, 12 new map icons appeared and the game told me I had all these new activities. 2,731 more words

Can you spare a tire?

“WHAT DO YOU MEAN MY CAR DOESN’T COME WITH A SPARE!?!?!”  Crazy as it may sound, it’s true.  A lot of vehicles come off the assembly line without an emergency spare.  378 more words

EC 2017: Veni. Vidi. Suxisti!

So, I went to the 2017 V:TES European Championships.  An obsession with Eyes of Argus (on my banned list), Enkil Cog (banned list), er …, Deep Song (banned list) …  Okay, it was cherry juice.  4,652 more words


The Mechanics of Life 3.2

Intention Is The Key To Direction

Setting an intention is the key to setting your direction it does not matter which of life’s roads you chose to travel.  491 more words

Self Development