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What is Skill? The Importance of Strategy, Tactics, and Execution

What is skill? How do you become more skilled? Should you practice endlessly? Or should you read up on the activity instead? Should you watch and learn from the pros? 1,287 more words


Fiction: ‘Time Keeper’

He knew his time had come because the clock had stopped.

Of course, there were other signs too. You couldn’t miss them, really. The TV set had frozen on an image of some infomercial nightmare; the radio had cut the presenter off midsentence; the sound of lawnmowers, passing cars, and singing crickets had all stopped together. 505 more words


Diesel Technicians Wanted

Diesel Technicians Wanted!

Should be knowledgeable and Confident to work on all models of trucks from bumper to bumper including but not limited to Cat, Cummins, Detroit and Maxx Force engines. 157 more words

Month of Brakes- ABS

Hey there!!

so its still month of brakes and as your could probably tell from my last post I’m running out of simple things to talk about brakes. 601 more words

From the Archives: The Last Story and the Art of Encounter Design

Although computer and console role-playing games share a lot of common ground with their tabletop predecessors, over time the two media have diverged significantly.

Western role-playing games arguably remain the truest to tabletop role-playing, which remains very freeform, flexible and sometimes even completely free of violent conflict. 1,171 more words

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Post-Apocalyptic Fun for the Whole Family!

Extremely minor spoilers for Horizon Zero Dawn


A good thing about Horizon: This is one I’ve deemed kid watchable. They’ve already seen a bunch, which is the only reason I’m out of the hinterlands. 775 more words

Monthly Mechanics: Columns

Just as the vast majority of bridges are beam bridges, the vast majority of buildings are post-and-beam buildings. Horizontal and vertical elements are easy to build and maximize use of space, making them the only rational choice for all but deliberately fancy buildings like stadiums and opera houses. 295 more words