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4 Comma Mistakes That Make Your Copy Editor Want to Cry

I’m the annoying person who, until she learned to be more polite, corrected people for saying “Mom and me” instead of “Mom and I” and “less” instead of “fewer” and “who” instead of “whom.” Now I work out my irritating grammar obsession through copy editing. 833 more words


RPG Building: Runepunk #2

A few weeks back I decided to work on a new homebrew RPG to replace my Shadowrun game. The first post set forth my goals… 329 more words


Bad Deck, Bad Deck, What ...

Well, you know it had to come to pass.  There I was putting together my last post and realized I won a tournament with Lucubratio and Nickolai, The Survivor.  2,500 more words


Deck Stats 2, The Stattier

Seven years ago, I scored for my tournament winning decks in the TWDA at the time.  I found it interesting.  At the time, I only had six decks in the TWDA. 1,992 more words


Derivation of the Euler-Lagrange

The principle of stationary action, also known as the principle of least action or Hamilton’s principle, is a principle in classical mechanics that can be used to describe the motion of the system. 407 more words



Mostly a group of elves, humans, half-elves, shifters, halflings, and half-orcs the Hunters are those people who accepted the Werewolf’s offer to become Hunter Gatherers. A few clans claim that they have always been Hunters and never were enslaved by the Demon, but this has never been proven and is extremely unlikely to be true. 1,224 more words