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Off Court

As in court-ier.  And, more strained thematic tie-ins.

Let’s get out of the way something which led me eventually here.  I was rereading Odyssey:, the book I mentioned before about campaign management.  1,674 more words


Horrible Things We Can Ignore

Spoilers for Blackpits area in Divinity: Original Sin 2


I’ll play soon.

Oh, and planning:

Got a five buck coupon at best buy. Are we agreed that we’re going ahead and preordering Cyberpunk? 2,613 more words

Don't Tell Me You Gambled Away the Slug Money

Spoilers for some Blackpits stuff in Divinity: Original Sin 2


I got nothing. I’ll play later. One must.


One must! One must indeed! 2,033 more words

Best Of Youtube: Scotty Kilmer

Scotty offers advice on what cars to buy and not to buy, and how to do common automotive repairs. Rev up your engines!


Advanced Play - L5R & Gloomhaven

A break from ‘fisting.

Let’s talk character. Characters. My characters.

Wait, come back, this is going to involve L5R 4e mechanics, my most popular topic, and a Gloomhaven build, only one of a few games ever to hit #1 on boardgamegeek. 3,134 more words


Bad Chicken Mother of the Year

Spoilers for Peeper story in Divinity: Original Sin 2


I did some. Found black roots. Met the ferryman. Got killed by him. And the lizard in the ruins. 238 more words

"end tatters" 1st Review, and a Cover Revision

The first review of “end tatters” is in, received via cell phone text (place cursor in text box and scroll right):

"Finished End Tatters; especially liked About Confusion, Bells, and To Surf, which I hope to do this morning. 139 more words