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Log Jammers: Less Wind, More Log

One of the most common arguments in favour of pocket-sized handheld gaming devices is that they’re eminently suitable for bite-sized nuggets of gameplay that will keep you distracted for a few minutes at a time. 1,198 more words

Video Games

Powers of the Matsudaira

The Matsudaira live in a dieselpunk world of high flying witches and wild-eyed inventors, reminiscent of the inter-war period of the 1920s and 1930s. The witches had long used their magics to levitate castles into the air and to swiftly fly urgent messages across the province. 1,454 more words

Role Playing Games

Think Before You Level

Some spoilers for early points in Vampyr


OK!  Did a bunch!  Spent a bunch of time looking for the quick way in and out of my room.  3,300 more words

The Money Die

I’ve been rolling an idea for handling money around in my head, for a twilight zone/ creepshow/ twin peaks-ish setting/system tentatively called Nowhere, Texas. It takes place in the titular town of Nowhere, Texas, where anything can and does happen. 601 more words

Doing the Math

Minor spoilers for Vampyr–mostly just discussion of mechanics


I’m trying to have a sleep late, wear Bruins lounge pants day.  We’ll see how this goes.  3,731 more words

Green Dragons Pt 4

Very old and Ancient green dragons are a fine capstone to a campaign. They rival the archfey themselves when vying for territory and often control vast swaths of unsettled wilderness, or beyond. 2,186 more words


Coffee-Break Problem, 21/09/20

I haven’t had a mechanics problem here for a while, so here’s something `elementary’ to amuse you.

I suspend a 1kg bag of sand above a bowl, which rests on pair of scales. 26 more words