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Solid Space: A Breakdown of Gameplay in Metal Gear Solid

Let’s talk about the dock.

Shadow Moses’ dock area is the first map in Metal Gear Solid. It’s also one of the most iconic maps in the Metal Gear series — perhaps… 3,249 more words


Only War: Necromunda

Next to Mordheim, Necromunda is easily one of my favorite strategy games. As a TTRPG there is a whole wealth of possibilities, especially considering the rich lore and setting. 531 more words


Rana Rama

Rana Rama is one of those games that most ST owners probably played at some point, since it was distributed as part of the “Super Pack” bundle of software with new STs in 1988. 111 more words

Video Games

Yoga Anatomy of Sun Salutations – Part 5 – Jump Back

Now that we have established some hand foundation in part 4 of this sun salutation series, let me say something really obvious. If you don’t pour all of the weight into your hands before you try to jump back, it’s going to be difficult to get your feet off the floor. 1,910 more words


Blue Dragons Pt. 1

Blue dragons are some of my favorite dragons in D&D. They look flashy, they live in the desert (my all time top biome), and they shoot lightning. 1,082 more words


Yoga Anatomy of Sun Salutations – Part 4 – The Look Up

Let’s continue along the journey of sun salutations. We first explored samastitihi and then raised our arms over our heads. The last thing we did was explore… 2,469 more words


Yoga Anatomy of Sun Salutations – Part 3 – The Forward Fold

In part 2 of this series we looked at the relatively simple task of raising your arms over your head. Now we’re going to look at how simple it is to forward fold after raising those arms. 1,803 more words