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Never Split Up the Party!

Spoilers for the Wrecker’s Cave in Divinity: Original Sin 2



Did you go into the cave? Man…that cave is weird. We’re still in there, so no spoilers if you’re done, but…weird. 1,725 more words

NPC Mechanics

The NPC in the game will be the Stunt Actor who runs around the set for the player to follow. The stunt actor will navigate the environment using a… 187 more words


Eleven Decks, Eleven Notes - Part 2

The danger – I feel it.

Before dwelling on all things ‘fisty in the 2020’s, I was thinking about the possibility of making a non series post on Gloomhaven, since we’ve been getting back to playing it. 1,056 more words


Meanwhile, in Exactly the Same Place...

Minor, confused spoilers for Reaper’s Coast areas in Divinity: Original Sin 2


Somehow managed to play, but it was one of THOSE days. Play an hour and a half, move the “played” clock sixteen minutes. 3,193 more words

Encounter Timing

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Okay, so you know what your EHP and EDR are, possibly including healing. 848 more words


Effective HP, DR, and Healing

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Today we’re going to go over Effective HP and Effective DR. Both are good indicators of tankiness, but are different enough from each other to warrant separate call outs. 558 more words


I Can Make Dinner Out of ANYTHING

Spoilers for fights in Driftwood in Divinity: Original Sin 2


So I’m just cooking some food and looking for an eye to unlock a skull lock. 2,187 more words