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I was struggling with a topic.  I had thought of something about best or preferred … something, but I didn’t know where I would go with it. 692 more words


Under Surveillance

To hobo is to work gig to gig while wandering. I was not a bum or a tramp, not to disparage those good folks. I was not a beatnik or a hippie. 442 more words


Who is behind Bessie's Girl?

Hello all. Welcome to Bessie’s Girl, our first venture into the blogosphere. If things seem a bit chaotic to start, chalk it up to us being total newbies! 332 more words

1959 Chevy

Just Looking at the Menu

Minor spoilers for early in Vampyr


Got to Pembroke.  Did you get to Pembroke? 

MAN we’re good. 


I did. And we are.

Did you embrace that dude, or release him? 2,008 more words

Cut and Run

By the time we finished packing and loading up the car with goods for the girls and Tilde it was too late to start out for the long drive to Frisco, so it was decided we would stay the night at Tilde’s parents on the canal in Venice and get an early start up Highway 1 come morning. 428 more words


Fun Fact Friday 9/18/20

According to the MBTI® Manual, ESTPs are commonly found in careers in marketing, skilled trade, business, and law enforcement.


Solaris: The 2600's Finest Hour

The humble Atari 2600 had an astonishingly long lifespan, being officially produced between 1977 and 1992. As you might expect, this means there’s an equally astonishing difference between the very first games for it and those which came out later in its lifespan. 1,414 more words

Video Games