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EI 2v2 - Map and Drop Deck Previews: Mining Collective, 90t, Lights & Mediums

The Mining Collective – 90t, Lights & Mediums


An urban map with a lot of cover, provided by buildings. There are a lot of interesting sniping/ambush positions on top of buildings, if you have jump jets. 109 more words


EI 2v2 - Map and Drop Deck Previews: Frozen City Night, 120t, IS only

Frozen City Night – 120t IS Only


A cold map with a decent amount of urban cover. Buildings can be found over most of the map. 133 more words


EI 2v2 - Meet the teams: Krautaroos


As the name suggests, this is a German/Australian hybrid team. The team consists of two of Hackworth Ranger’s most senior members. Appogee returns from the Season One team “Iron Elks”, where his son was his teammate. 268 more words


Em3r4ld Invitational 2v2: Season Two

It’s been almost a year (October 2014) since the last game of Season One ended and I’m happy to announce that Season Two of the Em3r4ld Invitational 2v2 MWO tournament is planned to start in early August 2015. 437 more words


An actual real-life international giant robot duel!

US robotics company MegaBot has challenged Japanese robotics company Suidobashi Heavy Industry to a duel:

And Suidobashi has accepted: 66 more words


Tactics - Dealing with NASCAR

As a sort of follow up to my article on the reasons for NASCAR, I thought I’d better try and post something useful like… how to actually deal with it! 427 more words


State of the Game - Full speed ahead (or around, in this case)

Nowadays you see people mentioning “NASCAR” while playing MechWarrior Online. It’s something that’s getting mentioned more and more at the moment, most likely because it’s happening with increasing frequency. 533 more words