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Alpha as Mai: BattleTech [Beta]

I’m a (blasted apart by rocket and laser fire) torso!

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MechWarrior One-shot/How-to: the Battle for Sally Ridge!

Yo! Etran Ramirez here, that’s Ramirez to you, or if you a green, TO Ramirez. I jockey a Phoenix Hawk, my boss is Jamal in his Hunchback, and my wingmen are Alvin Lansem in a Spider, and Frank Stocker in a Gryphon.

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2017-04-10 - More crunchy goodness! Violinist of Hameln, Gamestop and Battletech...

Quick little Monday update.

First off is I was able to put more Violinist of Hameln anime episodes up for this coming week. The second episode in the series begins doing the opening and ending theme music I believe, so there’s that awesomeness. 161 more words

Shaan Solberg (mechwarrior)

Note: I have not changed my file much and I leave it here as a general overview of myself. While I don’t think they got a lot of details, this is probably sufficient for anyone starting out reading about me. 577 more words


Session # 1 "Counter-insurgency contract"

In 3022 the Blackjack command finally succeeded in securing the units first major contract in two years, the client was Governor Chandragupta, the administrator responsible for the planet Kirchbach in the Rasalhague district of the Draconis Combine. 1,007 more words


Surprise, Mechwarrior 5 Is Coming

(Source: kotaku.com)

And it’s a big, proper, singleplayer Mechwarrior game.

Not an online thing, not a strategy game, not a mod, but a full-blown, first-person, fifth Mechwarrior title. 111 more words


Fans Are Keeping A Mechwarrior Mod Alive

(Source: kotaku.com)

Original development and support for MechWarrior: Living Legends, a 2009 Mod of the Year award winner, ended in 2013. If you still want to play the lumbering shooter today though you can, thanks to a persevering group of fans who are keeping it alive. 145 more words