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Reworked Rifleman Re-worked

One of the blessings of knowing and working with someone for a long time is “honest evaluation”. When I sent the Eridani Light Horse rifleman drawing to Scott he was very frank in his assessment: loved the figure but not the face. 90 more words


Reworked MechWarrior Laser Rifleman

Latest in a series of reworked uniform/character sketches from the table-top miniatures game classic MechWarrior – this one an Eridani Light Horse trooper adjusting the stock on a laser rifle. 172 more words


Checking in

So, I’ve been ill in one way or another for about a month (yay).  However, I am almost out of the woods and had to make a quick post about what I am fanboying about right now. 140 more words

BattleTech Kickstarter smashes past the million dollar mark in a day

Harebrained Schemes, of Shadowrun Returns fame, have once again proven themselves to have the Midas touch with their latest Kickstarter set in the BattleTech universe. With only a day passing since crowdfunding began, the game has already passed its modest $250,000 goal and comfortably hit the million dollar mark too. 58 more words


Mechwarrior Revisted

My good friend and agent Scott Taylor (of Art of The Genre) has a MechWarrior project a-brewing and he asked me to do a couple of drawings. 124 more words


Battletech Kickstarter for new PC Game Announced

So this doesn’t fall squarely in the realm of Board Game news, however it does mark the return of a giant franchise to the PC strategy game arena. 215 more words

Flaming Dice Reviews

Battletech - The Game Heading To Kickstarter This Fall

More news incoming from the crazy dudes over at Harebrained Schemes. If it would not have been enough for them to practically resurrect Shadowrun as a video game franchise, now they teamed up with Jordan Weisman, to rejuvenate the friggin` Battletech Universe on PC. 151 more words

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