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I WANT THAAAT!!!!! - Megabots

Since the first day my older brother introduced me to MechWarrior 2 a loooong time ago I loved the idea of someday being able to climb in one of these Ginormous mechanical monsters and walking around and basically just being bad-ass. 342 more words


On the Beach

July 18, 3049, 1628 GST
Free Worlds League Military Base, New Chennai, continent of Sorania
Loric, Occupied Lyran Commonwealth space

Who said being a merc’ doesn’t have its perks? 1,145 more words

The Stars

March 19, 3049, 0204 GST
Aboard FWLM DropShip, Incisor
zenith jump point, New Olympia, Free Worlds League space

It is a shame they don’t have any quarters available on… 510 more words

Tukayyid event sale - 50% off heroes and more...


If you don’t already have them, my favourite heroes are:





The JR7-O and RVN-H are considered pretty good lights, if you like ridiculously fast-firing SRM4s. 55 more words