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Battletech - Wolf's Dragoons

I painted up these fantastic Battletech figures by Iron Wind Metals yesterday. This lance is painted as Wolf’s Dragoons Wolf Spider Battalion. Enjoy the gallery!

Day 1, D&D Challenge

How you got started.

I am only 22 years old but I have been playing D&D since I was about 11. My father was big into AD&D and he kept that passion through the years getting the newer editions. 144 more words

About Me

Just Can't Help Myself

So I’ve been watching a ton of Ouchies Batreps ().  Simply awesome stuff!  I’ve enjoyed his commentary, the dedication to terrain, video quality, and variety of games.   310 more words


Now let's get some paint on those Battlemechs!

So after playing even one game of Battletech, I’m hooked.  Immediately I set about getting some paint on the mechs I’ve had tucked away for like 20 years, and also some of the new plastic Battlemechs from the Introductory Boxed Set produced by Catalyst (Great set by the way!   129 more words


Back into Battletech!

First battle!

We decided a 2v2 meeting engagement would be a good start.  120 tons total.

I picked the Warhammer (Mechwarrior: Victor) and Hunchback (Mechwarrior: Luke) while my friend picked a Zeus and Clint. 223 more words


‪#‎YouSaidYouWerePro‬ Challenge!

Starting the ‪#‎YouSaidYouWerePro‬ Challenge!

Current progress (I’ll try to keep it updated):

Owned Variants: 9B, 9K, 9S.
Mastered Variants: 9B, 9K, 9S.
KDRs: 9B – 2.02, 9K – 1.46, 9S – 2.28… 148 more words