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Character Analysis: Kumagawa Misogi

Once, Kumagawa was beaten up by the previous Student Council President, Hinokage Kuudou.

Now, despite his appearance, Hinokage is a very nice guy who will beat up anyone that threatens innocents, A.K.A, bullies. 279 more words


Why I Can't Enjoy Hunter x Hunter and Defining Shonen Part II

Okay, so, some of you may recall in my Gon’s downfall post that I said I secretly trying to hate Hunter x Hunter. Well, since I had just recently released my… 1,396 more words


Click & Watch: Medaka Box Episodes 1-12 (English Dub)

Summary: When newly elected Student Council President Medaka Kurokami institutes her idea for a 195 more words


(SC56) [Studio Nadeshiko (Yamato Nadeshiko)] Hadaka Box/Naked Box (Medaka Box) English

My first  doujinshi release by me. Translation and typeset are all done by me. Also now edited. Thank you msh1120 for the edits.

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Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods review

While the hype of “Resurrection of F” is still in the air, I want to talk about my opinion towards the previous film: Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods. 561 more words

Manga Monday: Medaka Box by Nisio Isin

I’m covering a decidedly odd series for this week’s Manga Monday. It’s Medaka Box by Nisio Isin!

Plot Synopsis: The plot follows Medaka Kurokami, a charismatic and attractive first-year Hakoniwa Academy student who is elected Student Council President with 98% of the vote. 187 more words


Medaka Box Review

Medaka is a popular and overly charismatic girl who become elected as president at her school with 98% of the votes on her side. Her first act is to create a suggestion box to help her school and her students . 364 more words