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My Review of Medaka Box

Trigger Warning:  We will be discussing a series that involves a school ground mass murder, and I’m going to be ranting HARD about how it was handled. 3,503 more words


Medaka Box [7/10]

After playing as Medaka countless times in J All-Star Vs+ my curiosity got the better of me and I decided to watch the anime. I really enjoyed the comedy side of the anime and the Medaka’s funny quirks throughout the show (Like all of her great costumes XD). 235 more words

Anime Review


When newly-elected Student Council President Medaka Kurokami started a suggestion box where people could suggest problems that needed to be solved, she wasn’t expecting to have to do more than give advice and maybe rescue lost puppies. 141 more words


Medaka Box: The Early Years

The Kurokami siblings are all geniuses. Oldest child Maguro realizes his analytic brilliance in the process of trying to help one of his two beloved younger sisters. 49 more words


Character Analysis: Kumagawa Misogi

Once, Kumagawa was beaten up by the previous Student Council President, Hinokage Kuudou.

Now, despite his appearance, Hinokage is a very nice guy who will beat up anyone that threatens innocents, A.K.A, bullies. 279 more words


Why I Can't Enjoy Hunter x Hunter and Defining Shonen Part II

Okay, so, some of you may recall in my Gon’s downfall post that I said I secretly trying to hate Hunter x Hunter. Well, since I had just recently released my… 1,396 more words