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Medardo Rosso’s Casts, Copies and Prints: Illuminating the Artist’s Process

By guest contributor Jeremy Bleeke

The life and work of Medardo Rosso (1858-1928) has traditionally been divided by scholars into two phases: an initial period of creative fecundity, and a late period characterized by processes of reproduction, repetition, and copying, generally seen as a failure of imagination and vitality. 1,365 more words


Renato Guttuso and Peter De Francia at the Estorick Gallery

A Study Visit to the Estorick introduced me to these two artists who were life long friends. Guttuso is famous in Italy but little known here. 629 more words


Angelo Garoglio: Come Elegia, Galleria Don Chisciotte, Torino, 2014

It is about Garoglio’s obsession with sculpture by Medardo Rosso ( 1858-1928), this time mostly with


Garoglio worked with variants of both the above from a private collection in Milan. 973 more words


When we talk with people we tend to look at their eyes.  Involuntary twitches often offer a clue to  deeper, unverbalized feelings .  Small wonder that when we draw faces we zoom in on the eyes and we tend overdraw them. 251 more words

Technique And Demo

Whaddaya lookin' at? Medardo Rosso's Ecce Puer!

Before enrolling at the Accademia di Belle Arte di Brera (where he took basic drawing classes for 11 months), Medardo Rosso, (1858-1928, Turin), was already taking part in local art exhibitions, showing some of his early works. 643 more words

Whaddaya Lookin' At?

Buona Befana A Tutti! Sindrome da Rientro

Buona Befana! Today is a holiday in Italy where an unattractive old looking woman gives out coal to children who are bad and candy to those who were good, the Feast of the Epiphany. 390 more words