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On May 24, 2015, thirty international women peacemakers will walk with Korean women from the north and south Korean borders to call for an official end to the Korean War and a new beginning for a reunified Korea. 106 more words


Honduras: Don't Be Afraid, Gringo

A peasant woman fights for her fellow campesinos‘ rights to farm uncultivated land, an entitlement too often denied by wealthy landowners.

Country Focus: Honduras… 558 more words


Christine Ahn | Korea: Women Walk for Peace across the De-Militarized Zone

 …former U.S. President Jimmy Carter said, “In almost any case when there are sanctions against an entire people, the people suffer the most and the leaders suffer least.” 1,776 more words


Mask wearing Code Pinkos attempt to shut down AIPAC 2015 [pics, video]

The far left would always prefers to silencing speech with which they disagree to engaging in serious debate.

Benjamin Netanyahu will be speaking at AIPAC 2015, the annual conference of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. 359 more words

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Fifty Shades of Fox News: Code Pink co-founder, Juan Williams enjoy handcuff play backstage

Here’s some must-see TV.

About to do a segment on the OReilly Factor! pic.twitter.com/4GJClXRgSS

— Medea Benjamin (@medeabenjamin) February 3, 2015

All sorts of things go on in television “green rooms” before guests make their way onto the set, but the last thing we needed to see was Code Pink co-founder Medea Benjamin and Fox News analyst Juan Williams playing with a set of handcuffs.

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'Low-life Scum' vs. 'Great American Villian' as Citizens Arrest Targets Kissinger

via Common Dreams | by Jon Queally

While defending Henry Kissinger during a dramatic protest during a Senate hearing on Thursday, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) called those speaking out against the former Secretary of State as “low-life scum” as they were escorted from the hearing room by Capitol Police. 862 more words

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Going 'all Gran Torino': John McCain sees red when Code Pinkos show up [video, Vine]

OK, so by now, it should be pretty obvious to Twitchy readers that we don’t particularly like Sen. John McCain. Like, at all. That said, we can’t help but kind of love this. 410 more words

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