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White House ink: 58% of Americans approve a president with visible tattoo, 23% regret their own.


Tattoos have become such a cultural fixture that pollsters now track the trends of those who favor the ink. The Harris Poll, in fact, interviewed 3,300 people about their tattoo sentiments to find that three in ten Americans have tattoos – and there’s no partisan divide here. 432 more words

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Prenatal Massage

Why do women need prenatal massages? Why is it so important to get regular prenatal massage?

Prenatal Massage, according to American Pregnancy Association, has many benefits. 366 more words

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HydraFacial MD

I want to talk about the HydraFacial MD Treatment and why everyone needs to try it.

According to the HydraFacial Website a HydraFacial MD is, 446 more words

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What is a facial,really?

People often ask me …What is a facial?

So,I have decided to share my fave beauty secret with you. I love to give,teach and have facials as I am an educator in the spa industry. 555 more words


Put that “Safe Tanning” Notion to Bed

Many people get sunburned even when they’re trying to be careful, often because there’s so much conflicting – and confusing – information around. This includes the idea that tanning beds are safer than the sun, when they actually emit equally harmful UV rays. 86 more words

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Introducing Dysport & Xeomin

Now Offering Alternatives to Botox!

Dysport and Xeomin are leading global injectablesthat offer subtle differences and just as effective as Botox.


Dysport greatly improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while restoring up to 20 years of age lines. 357 more words

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Preventing Toe Nail Fungus

The development of toe nail fungus comes from the microscopic organisms called dermatophytes. It comes from the transfer of a fungal skin infection to your nail. 152 more words

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