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Why You Should Advertise Your App On Television

From ad networks and exchanges to demand-side platforms and other app publishers, app marketers have left no stone unturned when it comes to finding new mobile channels on which to advertise their apps. 999 more words


Q.A. What's up with white boys & mass shootings?

Dammit, we’ve been played by the flag game again. Aite–one more comment–it is incredibly arrogant of flag defenders to appoint themselves the arbitors of representation. What makes some elements of history central to Southern Heritage and others not? 156 more words


A friend of Tony

Not surprisingly, I sometimes get challenged on my attitude towards our current PM who I regard as unfit for the job due to the disrespect he shows towards the voters, and basic lack of knowledge on how Australian politics and the Economy work. 1,572 more words


The Boss: OSN chief on battling pirates on the airwaves

Legitimate Arab media companies have long wanted to sink the pirates, writes Ben Flanagan, amid claims the illegal copying and distribution of content costs them up to $500 million a year. 948 more words


Questions Unasked: What is "Nikki" Short for, Gov. Haley?

I’ll admit it I admit it–outside of education policy, I instinctively distrust whatever Nikki Haley professes to want. Why the sudden change of heart on the… 562 more words


Apple Music Hits The Right Note On International Availability And Pricing

It’s still early days for Apple Music, the newly launched streaming service, as the world chews over its user interface, initial service issues, that Beats 1 radio station… 618 more words