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Why Outdoor Media Advertising is more Effective way of Branding?

Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor Media Advertising means out of home advertising it is also called OOH Advertising. Outdoor Advertising is more effective way for people awareness of particular products and branding. 91 more words


Aysha Panter - "We have to call it feminism and not humanism because it directly relates to how society views femininity with less respect than masculinity"

How do you self-define?

I consider myself a woman, but i do reject many of the stereotypes associated with femininity.

What does feminism mean to you? 3,188 more words


Cute Girls illustrations for various creative projects

From Guothova! Now we have all our illustrations in high-digital quality.

Colors: pink and black

Designers fashion edition. Inspired with Girls.

Need fashion advice with colors and style? 37 more words


Marketing pre hotelový segment : od expertky pre online

Aj vedieť predať hotel je Umenie. Stavte na marketingové expertky s 8-ročnou praxou.

Hotelový balíček na mieru:

Zahŕňa analýzu webstránky hotela, komunikačnú a produktovú analýzu. 134 more words


Stop dreaming! Create your Dream now.

What is your Life Dreams? Have good Company, working Relationship, Kids or just be, live this Life and feel everything on your own Skin? There are many possibilities what we can do for make our Life better, with Prosperity and.. 114 more words


Be Visible on Networks: Creative Mascot for brand RebekahRadice

Hi! Be visible nowadays on Social Media i so Important Now! How you can improve visibility of your Company? And.. Second! Illustration characters are jut perfect for Social Media and Blog as Mascots and improve Client Blast. 29 more words


We are Good Advertising Blog Team

Hi, Let Us Introduce!

We are independent Professionals blogging about Advertising, Creative Industry and Business, our Field of Study on University in Slovakia. We together with Zdenko, my University Classmate and Creator of Financial Brand “Bednar” meet after few years and after experience in Field of Business we set this Blog together. 77 more words