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The FCC is having a terrible month, and consumers will pay the price

Friday the FCC voted to start a public comment period on a proposal that may be the cruelest ever to come out of the agency. The proposal seeks to “reform” Lifeline, the program that provides a small subsidy so that low-income Americans can afford broadband service.    1,054 more words


Edward S. Herman: Master of Dissent (1925–2017)

One of the greatest and sweetest media critics ever, Edward S. Herman, has passed away. Ed was the main author of Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media, written with Noam Chomsky—the 1980s masterwork that exposed how elite US media typically function as propaganda organs for US empire and militarism. 541 more words

U.S. Foreign Policy

Chris Hedges | RT America Torched in Witch Hunt ’17

In one of the most horrendous blows to press freedom since the anti-communist witch hunts of the 1950s, the U.S. Department of Justice has forced… 1,070 more words


New York Truck Attack: A Hoax for Halloween

By Vivian Lee

Another day, another fake attack – this time a “vehicular” terror attack perpetrated by one Sayfullo Saipov, a native of Tashkent, Uzbekistan, who supposedly mowed down bicyclists and pedestrians in a rented Home Depot truck on a bike path in lower Manhattan on October 31, 2017. 1,646 more words


How Trump Brought the Political Media Class to Its Knees

 Trump and his team understand that for the political press, the only thing that matters is what’s happening right now, not yesterday. And whether through his tweets or his surrogates in the briefing room, the president has been largely able to bait reporters into playing his game, because he knows what makes them tick.    4,799 more words

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Dear White People: Netflix Original Series Challenges White Savior Trope

(This is an essay response to a group project revolving around this clip from Netflix’s “Dear White People.” The show is exquisitely made, has an excellent soundtrack, and I highly recommend it.) 1,337 more words

Filmic Vision in Blade Runner: A Montage

I haven’t had time to write my thoughts on Blade Runner 2049. I’ve seen the film three times now, and I’m still digesting the film and its implications. 213 more words

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