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NPR, the Pentagon, and U.S. Foreign Policy

After-Action Journalism Review Required for NPR’s Coverage of Pentagon’s After-Action Iraq War Review

If NPR’s title for the interview only hinted at Iran as a target for violent regime change, Sobchak joined in the propaganda effort to demonize the country, a necessary step in forging belligerent public opinion and paving the way for war. 871 more words

Mainstream Corporate Media

Introducing the AllSides Media Bias Chart

Introducing the 2019 AllSides Media Bias Chart, an easy way for you to identify political bias in the news so you can be better equipped to navigate our increasingly polarized media landscape. 96 more words


Media Bits and Bytes, by Portside

Power Shift Shafts FCC; The Ax Falls; Big Tech Free No More; Rating the News; Zuck’s Cult; Protecting Journalists

PORTSIDE  February 5, 2019

SOFIYA VOZNAYA / Coda… 316 more words

Media Criticism

Representations of Gender and Sexuality in Children’s Media

With the 30th Annual GLAAD Awards coming up in March, I take a look at GLAAD-nominated children’s television show, Andi Mack. 837 more words


The Phenomenon of the Digital Expert

Now, to gain knowledge about a topic, finding an expert online offering her or his advice is a good start. Lifestyle, money, fashion, social media, almost anything you can think of you will find someone to teach you about it. 1,073 more words

Media Analysis

I'm A Sucker For Sincerity

Verizon Ad

When this spot came on during the 2019 Super Bowl, it grabbed my attention. The story was clear, calm and honest. But it’s impact on me was powerful, heartfelt and endearing. 208 more words

Media Analysis

Your Complete Guide to the N.Y. Times’ Support of U.S.-Backed Coups in Latin America

Chavez would soon be restored to power after millions took to the streets to protest his removal from office, but the question remains: If The New York Times was willing to ignore the undisputed will of the Venezuelan people in 2002, what makes anyone think the newspaper is earnestly concerned about it in 2019? 1,826 more words

U.S. Foreign Policy