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Off the Shelf: Vampira: Dark Goddess of Horror

Vampira: Dark Goddess of Horror by W. Scott Poole

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

3.5 instead of 4. (Goodreads, bring back the half-star system!) Poole’s bio on small-screen legend Vampira admits upfront that there is not a lot of material to work with and eventually evolves into a cultural survey of the movements and events that not only shaped the creation of Vampira, but tracks the effect the character had on subsequent pop culture. 180 more words


Crisis Management: How to put the fire out before it becomes an inferno

By: Phoebe Yong

It really depends on how you define “crisis.” Are you talking Bruce Jenner fatal car wreck or Brian Williams telling tall tales embarrassment? 441 more words

Media Awareness

Off the Shelf: Consumed

Consumed by David Cronenberg

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

David Cronenberg’s debut novel, Consumed, follows political and cultural intrigues much like Sacred Games, but on a smaller (but no less denser) scale. 377 more words


See Something, Say Something: Active Media Awareness

I am fairly confident that it would be impossible for you to walk out your door today, go to work or school, and come back without being exposed to hundreds of messages about yourself and your body. 458 more words

Eating Disorders

Seeing the World In Code

So as I mentioned a few posts back, I’ve made my way through the online lessons at Codecademy, brushing up on my HTML & CSS skills.  391 more words


Keeping Up With The Kasems. Should The Child Of A Dying Person Be Granted Permission To End His Life If She Has Ill Will Towards Him? Keeping the Big Issue On The Rails.

Misdirecting with media noise so people look away from the main issue.

Programming the case so the big issues are confronted.

If you were a Judge wouldn’t you need to know and understand if the child fighting for control to end a man’s life, is actually in a condition of ill will towards that person? 1,286 more words


Keeping up with the Kasems. The Fight for Health Conservatorship . 500K Tab For "The Care". What Didn't Make the National Headlines? Following the Money Trail.

Oct. 7, 2013: Julie Kasem Files for Conservatorship, Is Denied.

Los Angeles (CNN) — A request by Casey Kasem’s children that a temporary conservator be appointed for their ailing father was denied by a judge on Tuesday. 522 more words