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Doubling down on Stupid

Hillary Clinton labeling Trump supporters as deplorable only served to swell their ranks and made them more determined to go out and vote. Flash forward two years, Democrats, Media Liberals and their supporters believe that going after members of Trump’s cabinet personally and in public is now a winning strategy. 221 more words


They say a picture tells a thousand words. The photo of the poor, drowned child on the Turkish beach in 2015 was what set off an outpouring of grief and, in its own way, the beginning of the downfall of Europe.

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The Oxford Dictionary defines “propaganda” as “Information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote a political cause or point of view.” Here is visual evidence of the MSM’s propaganda — a misleading, and therefore deceptive, image of a little crying girl.

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The BBC continues to fail to clarify to its audiences that a claim it widely promoted has been called into question.

via BBC continues to disregard developments in Gaza baby story — BBC Watch

Media Bias

The stories the MSM and demorats do not want you to hear. Proof: CNN and MSNBC cut away from Trump’s event with the “Angel Families.” One illegal alien who killed a young woman came here illegally as an unaccompanied minor.

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Time Magazine is Fake News: Here's the Truth...

We’ve dealt with this fake issue, driven by fake media, on behalf of America-hating-Democrats HERE, HERE, and HERE

But there’s more.

Apparently “mom” is a felon, who abandoned her other children and her husband to endanger the young one, so she could use her as a prop… 500 more words

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by Rev. Austin Miles An outraged world is fuming over the new Time magazine cover photo showing President Donald Trump standing tall, looking superior over a tiny “refugee” girl at his feet, her head down and sobbing, who (the photo implies) had been torn away from her parents during Trump’s handling of the refugee crisis. 

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