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Taken with a grain of salt

Fairfax Media has a vast audience reach of 16.3 million. That means that 16.3 million people will be informed of the same ideologies, beliefs and perspectives presented by Fairfax. 431 more words


Maryland Rape

Remember the Duke Uni. rape case, finally proved to be a false accusation against the white students it was covered by every MSM media outlet in the country who devoted hours of airtime and acres of newsprint. 12 more words

All The News Not Fit To Print.

Gay feelings matter to the NZ Herald but Jewish feelings don’t.

The NZ Herald do not have a consistent policy when it comes to moderation. When they published an article about a Gay man they cautioned their readers to be mindful of what they said in the comment section on facebook but when they published an article about the Auschwitz gas chamber not only did they…

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Media Bias

"Stop Tweeting!"

I love the thought behind this vid, but I just don’t agree.

They will continuously latch onto anything they can get anyways, so he might as well do things his way. 290 more words

Donald Trump

Your Lying Eyes

Old news now, but the illustrious Rachel Maddow dropped some tax return info.

Funny how practically every attempt to hit him on something ends up backfiring. 204 more words

Donald Trump