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We must shame dumb Trump fans: The white working class are not victims

It’s not smug liberalism to point out Trump backers are low-educated. What’s dangerous is to sympathize with them… 142 more words

American Culture

"It's Trump. Get Over It!"

It’s Trump.  Get Over it!

by Thomas Lifson   at American Thinker

“To the dismay of many serious conservatives, including many in our AT family, the Republican primary voters have spoken, and barring black swan events, Donald Trump will be the GOP nominee.  420 more words


Twists and Turns

This 2016 campaign season has been one of the most electric of any I can remember in my life time.

When Trump began his bid the entire media and those pitiful pundits did nothing but tell us that there was no way Trump was serious. 327 more words

Political Commentary

Before The Fall

Into a world that has grown focused on the appearance of self and the embellishment of truth, Noah Hawley installs a cast of characters representative of both connivance and compassion. 417 more words

Book Review

GOP Elite Michael Barone Bemoans GOP Should Have Cheated to be More Like Hillary

The only politico I have ever known personally was Rudy Perpich, Governor of Minnesota nearly 40 years ago.  A Democrat by label, Iron Ranger by birth, but a devoted  Minnesotan by action and heart. 303 more words


Appropriate This!

Bill Whittle at Firewall. You can Join the Resistance against lying politicians and media here. It’s nonpartisan, most of the criticism right now is directed against Democrats/liberals but that’s because they own the Presidency, the MSM, much of the Internet, all the social media companies, the universities, the unions, pretty much all entertainment and infotainment……. 51 more words

Liberal Incivility

Lazy C Didn’t Always View Public Comment So Sacred

The local “newspaper of record,” the Columbian, or as this blog has long referred to them, the Lazy C for their lack of interest in shining light on Democrats, posted a column today, Sunday May 1, 2016 decrying efforts by Port of Vancouver Commissioner Jerry Oliver to bypass public comments recently pertaining to the proposed Oil Terminal. 851 more words

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