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Reddit "Politics" is a Left Wing Cesspool

If you visit Reddit Conservative, you’ll find news stories that are of interest to conservatives. There’s also a Reddit Progressive which serves the same purpose for the left. 196 more words


Drowning in its own Bias? Thoughts on Waning Media Power and Social Media as Organising Tool

In previous posts we have discussed the fact that the Irish Water protests and movement has continued to grow despite being written off numerous times by mainstream media. 1,707 more words


“Fact check” on halal-terror links ignores facts

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s “Fact Check” department recently examined politician Pauline Hanson’s comment that the halal certification business “is a profit money-making racket. The money goes into Islamic organisations and has been connected to the Muslim Brotherhood in France and actually also in Canada.” ABC claims that “Ms Hanson’s claim doesn’t check out.” 182 more words

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Agriculture: The Victim of Media Bias

While media bias exists in nearly all forms of media, and in stories told each day across the globe, you can probably count the amount of anti-agricultural stories that get credited with being based on biased information. 826 more words

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The Bias That Smothers Us

Whether it is hyping a non-story, ignoring a valid story, discounting a true newsworthy event or advancing an outright lie, whenever a news agency decides how to approach a story based on how it fits their agenda than that is bias. 304 more words

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Original Unoriginality: Remix Culture

November 2014: Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars release the single Uptown Funk. The song stays no.1 for 14 consecutive weeks on America’s Billboard charts. 395 more words