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Study: TV News Is Obsessed With Trump-Russia Probe

How much has the media’s obsession with the ongoing Russia investigation smothered the rest of the Trump policy agenda? A Media Research Center study of every broadcast network evening newscast in the five weeks since the appointment of special counsel Robert Mueller on May 17 found a whopping 353 minutes of airtime devoted to the Russia probe, or 55 percent of all coverage of the Trump presidency during those weeks. 79 more words

Not Just CNN: Five Fake Trump-Russia Stories 

CNN recently caught flak for publishing a story on Trump-Russia collusion that was later retracted.

The retraction led to the resignation of three CNN journalists, and in the eyes of many on the right, the incident was just more proof that the media is desperate to go after President Trump on Russia allegations — with or without facts. 50 more words

5 Statistics That Show Media Bias Is Real

Poll after poll shows that the public has some serious disdain for the media and it’s easy to see why: the media’s left-wing bias is shoved in the public’s face on a daily basis, especially during the age of President Trump, yet the media still puts on the facade that they’re objective. 30 more words

Van Jones: Russia is "Nothing burger" -- American Pravda: CNN Part 2

  • White House: Everyone Should Watch This Video
  • CNN Responds: Bonifield Just a “Health Producer”

Project Veritas’ American Pravda: CNN continues today with a video of left-leaning political commentator Van Jones caught on camera plainly stating that… 61 more words

Joy Behar ‘Feels Sorry’ for Melania Because ‘She Had to Sleep’ With Donald Trump at Least Once — THE DC DRAIN

Story: The Independent Journal Review 😎 Until ABC fires this bitch, ABC deserves all the wrath and abuse the Trump administration can legally bring upon the network.

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Evening Newscasts ...

*Here is a summary of the month from May 17 to June 20 of the focus of Mainstream Media broadcasts. Take a look at the incredible amount of minutes they allotted to the Russia/Comey investigation compare with issues like Economy/Jobs and Tax Reform. Shameful biased Mainstream Media.* 

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