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Week 1: What About Yemen?

So the British economy grew, there was a “swarm” of migrants at Calais, clashes erupted in Israel and Palestine, and Turkey have joined the ‘war on terror’. 1,382 more words

Media Bias

The Foreigner Anti-American President, B. H. Obama Sends his Message to Uncle Sam

Conservative neighbor, Arlene Taber sent the following information regarding the American foreigner presently in the White House:

Every year the French have a 4 day celebration in Normandy complete with American uniforms, tanks, jeeps and guns. 233 more words



In August 2014, I received a BBC breaking notification on my phone telling me that one Israeli soldier was “missing”. But I did not get one for the hundreds of Palestinian civilians dying every day in Gaza. 474 more words

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Both Democratic and Republican Elitists Seek to Silence Political Opposition and We the People, and We Must Take a Stand Now Before America Becomes a Dictatorship

As much as bitter and vicious opponents as they have become, both Democrats and Republicans are united in one belief: that if a person or group does not agree with them, those on that other side must be silenced. 477 more words

The 'Neil Fallacy' of Attitude Differentials

I am going to coin a term called the ‘Neil fallacy,’ or more pompously, ‘fallacy of attitude differentials.’

In an interview with Diane Abbott, the Labour MP, the interviewer Andrew Neil seemed displeased at Abbott’s words: 536 more words