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Djelloul Marbrook: Against Strunk and White

The Elements of Style by William Strunk Jr. and E.B. White is a grammatical manifesto that has dominated American literature almost from the day of its Jazz Age publication in 1920. 1,117 more words

Opinion Leaders

Black Homosexual Racist Kills Straight White News Crew - The Totalitarian Left Blames Guns

Let’s ban Rainbow Flags, shut down Gay Bars and criminalize black racism against Whites.  Two can play this game the Left created.

The racist black homosexual gunman said he was influenced by recent mass killers and wanted to start a Race War.   902 more words

Culture War

Vacuous NYT report props up Planned Parenthood's "videos were edited" meme

The New York Times reports today that “Undercover Planned Parenthood Videos Were Altered, Analysis Finds.” There’s almost no value to this story, because the only videos that the company chose to “analyze” were the shorter, edited videos, not the uncut, longer ones.  416 more words

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Black-on-White Crime

Is it my imagination, or are we seeing more of this lately?

This from KOMO News in Seattle:

A group of thugs (from the story, at least one of whom was black), attacking tourists downtown. 34 more words


War In Ukraine - Russia Publishes Losses, the West Ignores the Situation

Russia has been trying to keep a lid on its losses in the Ukraine war – even denying that it is active in that war. But they apparently screwed up. 190 more words


Can we please stop using "birthright" citizenship as a synonym for jus soli citizenship?

One can basically become a citizen of a country in one of two ways:  by virtue of birth, or birthright, in which case he is known as a… 551 more words