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Bill O'Reilly Clubs Anti-Trump Washington Post Columnist Like a Baby Seal

In the war on Donald Trump the Washington Post has from day one served as the central propaganda transmission center. No newspaper has produced as many anti-Trump screeds and hit pieces than Pravda on the Potomac nor boasts a stable of vitriol spewing hacks with a burning hatred for Trump as their Editorial Board. 189 more words

War On Trump

Bush's Brain

A Republican political consultant does not see a viable path to victory for Donald Trump, pointing to crucial battle states where he is trailing behind in poll numbers. 324 more words


FBI Compromised?

A top Clinton ally’s political organization gave nearly a half-million dollars to the campaign of the wife of an FBI official who would go on to help oversee the probe into Hillary Clinton’s email practices – a tangled web likely to fuel Republican complaints about the investigation. 218 more words


Media Bias Isn't Right or Left - It's in the Very Nature of the Market

“The media is biased.”

The above might be one of the most common refrains on the modern political landscape. Conservatives decry the selectivity of the liberal media and the limitless capacity of left-wing pundits to find offense in the mundane. 2,951 more words


A Lesson in Election-Rigging

A leading story on yesterday’s NBC evening news broadcast trumpeted an ABC News poll showing Hillary with a 12-point lead over The Donald. It could have been a story about polls in which NBC News participates: The latest NBC News/SM poll gives Clinton an 8-point edge, and the most recent NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll has Clinton up by 10 points. 232 more words

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