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Weird Arcadian Histories

What American fans have dubbed the Leijiverse is a great, sprawling, contradictory, long-storied mess. It’s a uniquely artistic approach to science fiction and genre fiction in general, as much an expression of creators’ (because there are necessarily more than one, now) inner worlds as it is of an iconic pop culture story. 979 more words


Free Press Schmree Press

A major argument against any form of truly democratic government (one person = one vote) is that the masses aren’t knowledgeable enough to decide on the best way to govern. 568 more words

Media Criticism

The Hugos Matter, Whether That's Convenient to You or Not

Right now, there’s a not altogether unprecedented trend toward what I’m going to call concentrated apathy when it comes to pop cultural criticism. When it comes to anything that’s not an opera, a Murakami novel, or Hamilton, we’re only supposed to care so much. 1,124 more words

Media Criticism

Amy Goodman on How the Media Is Ruining the 2016 Election by Focusing on ‘Trump-land’ (Video)

“We need a media that covers power, not covers for power” 

truthdig.com  April 27, 2016

If you’ve been near a television, computer or newspaper over the past six months, you know it’s impossible to escape media coverage of Donald Trump.

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Media Criticism

Hypocrisy for $500, Alex

Today’s smarmy little performance by Sen. Ted Cruz stands out from all his other smarmy little performances as a great example of something I’ve believed for a long time: politicians think voters are stupid. 295 more words


Why You Feel Like Fitz and/or Simmons are About To Bite It

I try not to read reviews etc. of Agents of SHIELD because I have a weirdly fragile headspace about it, but a few of the taglines for “The Singularity” I just had to click through. 1,262 more words

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