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“What price would we pay”: Mad Men 5×10 – 5×13

Well! This isn’t how I wanted Joan to be made partner! This isn’t how I wanted Pryce to leave the show! Screw season five!

Warning for discussions of questionable consent as well as suicide. 4,066 more words


“When a man hates another man very, very much ”: Mad Men 5×7 – 5×9

Remember when Betty, like, existed? Bu they decided to make her mean and showed her a little less, and then they decided to make her gain a lot of weight and then barely showed her ever? 3,477 more words


Mel Reeves | Baton Rouge/Dallas vigilantism: The violence that violence produces

…violence does have a traumatizing effect. The constant drip, the constant micro-aggressions, the absolute refusal to have fellow citizens view you and your kind as fellow humans wears at people.

945 more words
Civil Liberties

About Ohio

This week, a lot of attention will be fixed on my adopted home state of Ohio. You might have heard there’s kind of a thing going on up in Cleveland, what with… 478 more words

Current Events

“PLEASE HELP ME.”: Mad Men 5×4 – 5×6

Is any moment ever going to top this fight though?

(Actually, yes. I’m still waiting for Pete to fall down the stairs.) 3,102 more words


Media Disappoints in Covering Prairie Island's Nuclear Waste Challenge

Recent news coverage on the Prairie Island Indian Community offers a great example of how mainstream thinking rushes to equate Native Americans with casinos while downplaying the history of injustice towards Native Americans and their ongoing plight. 1,289 more words


“Judge not, lest ye be judged”: Mad Men 5×1 – 5×3

I have to say that these late 60s looks are… a lot… and yet I’m very into them. Like everyone looks really silly and really good… most of the time. 2,372 more words