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You wanna comment on this?

We have all been there, reading an article online – maybe it’s local news, maybe it’s political, maybe it’s about Lady Gaga singing at the Oscars – and seen comments that made our blood boil. 562 more words


What is a Convergence Culture?

So what is a converged culture?

According to Henry Jenkins a professor of Communication, Journalism, and Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California, who wrote the book, “

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Bachelorella Recap Week 9: Lady-on-lady crime

Last night was the penultimate episode of The Bachelor: the Women Tell All, also known as “let’s put the rejects in a room with Chris and a studio audience and see what happens.” Traditionally there is a lot of crying, demands of closure, and some awkward confrontations. 756 more words

Gun in hand - less motivated to negotiate

Syrian Rebels in Aleppo Reject UN Peace Effort

Perhaps understandable but tragic. When all this began in Syria some of us – a clear minority and without any media interest – suggested an arms embargo on all sides and involvement of the UN. 122 more words


A Comic Book Entry - True Love Always All Marvel Edition

or, “In which I find inspiration from another ComicsAlliance article because I’m having trouble thinking of an original topic.”

Black Panther and Storm – True Love.  551 more words


Media Analysis Journal: Convergence for #Concomms Rookies

Prohibitionism? Intertextuality? Withering of the witherers? Newcomers to the world of converged communications can easily get bogged down in the jargon. Even those who have absorbed some of the complicated terminology of media theory have to untangle intellectual knots. 622 more words

Media Criticism

Brief Liberal media criticism

I was watching CNN’s State of the Union today while making breakfast. Anchor Dana Bash is talking about the 2016 potential hopefuls, largely focusing on the Republican Party’s recent CPAC conference where many top names like Jeb Bush and Scott Walker showed up to garner support. 541 more words

Media Criticism