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PIX11’s Turkey Dude

Edwin Lyngar in a role that will surprise you…

Meet PIX11’s Turkey Dude:

He bears a striking resemblance to a shady character who’s previously graced these pages: blogger Edwin Lyngar, known to cavort about as… 922 more words

Media Criticism

“Total annihilation”: Mad Men 2×10 – 2×13

I just have to say how obnoxious it is for me that Don is always drinking an old-fashioned. The best line of copy I’ve ever written basically is about an old-fashioned and I can never escape it so every time I’m like, shut up. 3,062 more words


Word of God is Dead

Within nerd circles, there’s a certain slavish devotion to the Word of God concept, that being the creator’s professed original intent for a text. The prioritization for this comes out of the same mindset that follows a series of texts that have been adapted or expanded to their earliest roots in search of the ‘true version’ of a text. 1,151 more words


Pentagon Official Once Told Morley Safer That Reporters Who Believe the Government Are “Stupid”

Safer’s death should remind us of what the media consistently forgets.

Jon Schwarz  The Intercept  May 20, 2016

MORLEY SAFER, who was a correspondent on CBS’s… 929 more words


What? No, really?

Yamiche Alcindor ‏@Yamiche
I asked @BernieSanders why the non-binding DNC platform is important to him and he answered that the media likes to focus on process.

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“We just want to be”: Mad Men 2×7 – 2×9

Guys, why did Betty get less exciting? Like I’m still interested but she just doesn’t feel the same. Meanwhile Joan is getting way more interesting. Peggy’s pretty much the same though. 2,429 more words


WikiLeaks: Assange Will Stay 'Political Prisoner' Under Clinton

 WikiLeaks activist Jacob Appelbaum said Hillary Clinton will make life difficult for Julian Assange due to “bitterness” over the organization’s leaks.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange holds a copy of a U.N. 413 more words

Media Criticism