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His reporting wasn’t consistent with most expert views, or the evidence. In response he promptly blocked me from his Twitter feed. Other reporters did the same.

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A Few Brief Thoughts on "Fake News"

I have a few thoughts to share on “fake news,” which has become a hotly discussed topic in recent weeks. The first is that fake news (defined as hoaxes, conspiracy theories, misinformation, and propaganda) does not sway elections. 189 more words

You don’t need an engraved invitation to take the mike. Simply start talking.

-Philip Galanes ‘What do I do about my selfish friends?‘ 

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Flashback Friday: A latency and pedophilia roundup, basically

Alright, so last week I watched Pee-wee’s Big Holiday, and then today in class we watched clips from Captains Courageous and then all of For a Lost Soldier, and they all kinda overlap in topic with one another and the previous two movies, and I don’t care about any of these three enough individually, so like… I’m just gonna… talk about them all I guess. 843 more words

Media Criticism

Jennifer had no interest in the past; she was one of the new generation that understand that gripping television was now, events happening now…

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Walking away from him, she realized she was exhausted by the effort of the interview. Talking to a reporter these days was like a deadly chess match; you had to think several steps ahead; you had to imagine all the possible ways a reporter might distort your statement.

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Why on earth renew old sanctions on Iran?

It’s destructive for all!

It’s difficult to see this as rational policy-making. It’s more of an indication of the grumpy super-power feeling that it’s losing influence and credibility. 19 more words

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