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Hvad skal Danmark med kampfly?

Der findes bedre argumenter imod end for. De officielle argumenter holder i hvert fald ikke. Og i det hele taget handler en informeret debat i et demokrati absolut ikke bare om… 37 more words


Final Reflection, Media Criticism

As a former print-only magazine looking to keep up in the multimedia realm of online journalism, Mother Jones joins the host of old-guard news outlets looking to adapt their content to cut through the static of a content-saturated readership. 398 more words


Revising and Interpreting Folk Art

Traditional folk art represented the freedom of the creator. Folk art earned the alias Naïve Art, because the artists of this particular genre are self-taught. 577 more words

Media Criticism

The Goals of Transmedia Storytelling

Transmedia storytelling can be considerably argued as having a high interest in both creating “art” and participating in commerce. For an author of a book, there could be no greater accomplishment than the expansion of their published work. 605 more words

Media Criticism

The Future: Broadcast vs. Cable

The idea of broadcast/local television in a decade’s time appears to be very vague. The popularity of broadcast television has dwindled tremendously over the last decade. 530 more words

Media Criticism

Knowledge Communities on the Rise

            Knowledge communities are formed when a group of amateur individuals come together, and collectively disperse premature information about subjects such as reality television. These individuals are known as “spoilers”. 514 more words

Media Criticism

The Fundamentals of Convergence Culture

Henry Jenkins’s break down of what society deems “convergence culture”, but ironically is not, was a very familiar explanation to me. Although some of the items that he mentions as being in his possession are out of date, the overall concept of how society indulges in society is very adequate. 604 more words

Media Criticism