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The University of Ottawa yoga controversy: a disabled person's response

The recent wave of media coverage of the cancellation of a yoga class at the University of Ottawa is a perfect illustration of everything that is wrong with mainstream media. 856 more words

The Chickens come Home

All modern wars since WWII have been fought for resources and power – certainly not to bring democracy or peace to anyone. America keeps the world in a constant state of chaos thanks to the murderous psychopaths in the CIA, and this policy creates massive profits for the true rulers of the planet: Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, Raytheon and their ilk. 400 more words

Media Criticism

Bernie Sanders doesn't matter

52 years ago today our country was taken from us by an unelected cabal of elite banking, corporate and military interests. Former president Eisenhower referred to this junta as the ‘Military Industrial Complex’ and that’s as good a term as any to describe the true rulers of this nation. 626 more words

Media Criticism

That's All Folks

Hello again, and welcome to my second and final blog for Media Criticism.  I can only imagine how heartbroken all of my readers must be. 1,114 more words

Mass Communication

"Talkin' 'bout my generation"

I’ll resist the temptation to post the nigh obligatory “Winter Is Coming” meme and just point out that I’ve been hermiting and watching a lot of Netflix lately. 978 more words


New/old rule: no one gets to criticize the way other people mourn

The days since the attacks in Paris and Beirut have followed a predictable Scold Cycle:

  • Massive coverage by Western news sources of the attacks in Paris.
  • 367 more words
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