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Keeping up with double standards toward the Kardashians

I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen an episode of their reality show, but like most people with internet access and a television, I can’t help but keep up with the Kardashians. 529 more words

The Thoughts

Bernie Suarez: 6 Immediate Health Benefits of Not Believing Mainstream Media

 The benefits of living in a life where you do not believe mainstream media news are profound. Positive factors carry deep into our lives in ways many of us don’t realize or have ever taken time to consider.

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Media Criticism

Bachelorella: The Literal Battle of the Bros

I love bros. This isn’t exactly a secret; my twitter handle is @brosandprose, after all. Why do I love bros? I love their confidence, and their nerve, and their arms. 1,080 more words

The "warrior class" and our narrow national discourse surrounding the military

The LA Times has a moderately interesting piece today about the supposed “separation” of members of the US military and their families from the rest of the US population. 995 more words

oh, bioware

One of my friends suggested playing video games as a distraction technique to help relax after a panic attack, so I decided to replay Dragon Age II, and now I’m contemplating whether or not to romance Merrill again… which is reminding me how in these games, it’s like… 35 more words

Asexuality Talk

The Locus of Effect

The mainstream media has a number of subtle, effective techniques at its disposal to promote specific agendas through stories they choose to report on. The methods they use are nothing short of tactical rhetorical weapons unleashed upon an unsuspecting public. 751 more words

Media Criticism

Ideologies and discourse

Hegemonic institutions pervade our society as different agendas are presented and reinforced by different cultural structures throughout society. Each one helps to illustrate the importance of recognizing these power structures and the dominant ideals they represent in our everyday lives. 613 more words

Media Criticism