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Propaganda, thy name is 'Colion Noir'

‘Colion Noir’ is the latest weapon to be deployed in The National Rifle Association’s ongoing battle to win over minorities to their maniacal cause. Noir has become a YouTube sensation – and a darling of the NRA – because supposedly he is a young black man who opposes even the most common-sense gun control laws. 1,301 more words

Media Criticism

My Fiction – The Hobbit: A GM's Tale (Part 6)

Did I mention I’m working to get a novel published in time for Halloween? Did I mention I’m seriously behind? And did I mention my Muse wants me to write this? 1,951 more words


I have a blog now. Blogs are cool.

Yes, we’re starting off on the right foot with a Doctor Who reference. There’s going to be lots of those. You have been warned.

We’re mostly going to be talking about knitting. 1,201 more words


When should journalists stand aside from coverage?

I’ve seen some comments re Tunying and Gerry, dzMM’s popular anchors, inhibiting themselves from commenting on the Iglesia ni Cristo mess. READ various INC reports… 305 more words


So I've Been Watching The X-Files...

And I have this theory. Background: the standard format of an episode is that it opens with <possibly supernatural, unexplainable event>, moves on to the opening credits, and then after the credits shows Scully and Mulder sifting through the wreckage of that bizarre event at the beginning. 312 more words

Goodbye Mad Men

Mad Men is a perfect example of a serialized historical melodrama that permits viewers to re-evaluate the past. The show was created by Matthew Weiner, a co-writer and producer of… 768 more words

Media Criticism