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The Pitfalls of Instant Gratification Culture And Curated Media

I just finished saving the album “It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back” by Public Enemy to my Spotify account to complete my playlist of the 100 best albums of all time. 822 more words


Ann Wright | A defense of WomenCross DMZ: When "human rights" hurts North Koreans

Critics of inter-Korean peace march ignore militarization as driving force behind regime’s abuses

By Ann Wright  OpEdNews  August 25, 2015     Christine Ahn and Ann Wright on The Women’s Walk For Peace Across the DMZ, June 14, 2015… 1,003 more words

A Cancer Gnaws at the Heart of US Politics

Aug 27, 2015 (San Diego) There is a cancer in the United States, and it is hyper partisanship. It has now gone into the heart of how partisans at times talk of each other, and to each other. 757 more words


Evergreene Digest: 8 Frightening Characteristics of Propaganda

  • Does this sound like anyone’s playbook today?

  • CBS News Investigative Journalist Explains How Mainstream Media Brainwashes The Masses

By Daniel Lattier 739 more words

Media Analysis 9: In the Classroom

Writing Prompt: Compose a short analysis, using specific resources, Web sites, and education theory, outlining a fully digital curriculum that you might use to teach a lesson to a select group of K-12 students. 477 more words

Media Analysis

Media Analysis 8: Memes

Writing Prompt: What are the central communicative properties of a successful meme, and why are they popular in contemporary Internet culture? Are these primarily visual or linguistic texts? 544 more words

Media Analysis

Media Analysis 7: Additive Comprehension

Media Analysis Prompt: What is “additive comprehension,” and how does it operate for content producers? 

Additive comprehension, to my understanding, is when a new piece of information has been suggested or added to a fictional story to cause us to reconsider or rethink what we know about the story. 559 more words

Media Analysis