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St. Louis Paper Uses Political Affair to Slut-Shame, Out Possible Rape Victim

Here’s a primer on how to use “journalism” to perpetuate rape culture: write a salacious story about a night of drinking that ended in a halted sexual assault investigation, name the accuser — and then connect her to a political sex scandal in order to claim that publishing her bar tab was “newsworthy.” Then pat your back, safe in the knowledge that many other rape victims will probably see your article and be too intimidated to come forward. 491 more words


Bachelorella: Why Everyone Freaked Out About Kaitlyn Having Sex

I took a break from Bachelorella recaps because much of this season has been composed of cringe-inducing group dates and unnecessary confrontations. But I needed to come back this week because, in case you hadn’t heard, Kaitlyn got laid on national television. 2,480 more words

The Most Racist Flag

With new announcements about flag removals and anti-Confederacy political posturing we continue our critical coverage of the subject with attorney, activist and author Mr. Kamau Franklin.


Roof, Dolezal and the Violence of White Appropriation

Dr. Baruti Kopano continues his discussion with us of Soul Thieves: The Appropriation and Misrepresentation of African American Popular Culture.

See Part ONE!


What is the REAL Symbol of White Supremacy? (Part TWO)

Eddie Conway and Dr. Gerald Horne continue our discussion of media coverage of the Charleston massacre and whether the particular focus on the Confederate flag misses the mark when looking to unpack racist symbolism and its impact on society.



Shadowy global group a clear conspiracy

This may sound like some kind of paranoid conspiracy theory, but it’s true: Every year the most powerful people in the world get together to meet in total secrecy to decide the fate of humanity. 1,194 more words

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Don’t dismiss ‘conspiracy’ offhand

Sometimes, left-wing ideology can be just as inflexible as right-wing ideology. That’s the important lesson I learned from my previous post about the Bilderberg Group. I find it tragic that so many people who claim to be politically progressive seem to lose all critical thinking abilities when the words “conspiracy theory” enter the conversation. 765 more words

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