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The Expendables: death and gender on TV Tropes

TV Tropes could easily place amongst the greatest contemporary tools of media criticism, especially with regards to portrayals of sex, gender, and sexuality. After all, TV Tropes is the place to go for a quick summary of… 1,625 more words


Coca-Cola's Not-Cool Attempt to Be Cool Because Marvel Explosions Are Cool, Right?

I pretty much hate American football, but being from North Carolina I felt some weird obligation to tune in this year. There was always the chance I’d get a Captain America: Civil War trailer (I did, #TeamCap!), and there are those (in)famous commercials people talk about. 716 more words

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The Responsibility Of Intellectuals

Noam Chomsky’s The Responsibility Of Intellectuals is a stinging rebuke to the Main Stream Media’s (MSM) role in spreading disinformation and the “spin” that accompanies all information which threatens the status quo. 585 more words

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Public Opinion and the 'Tom Bradley Effect'

Public opinion plays a very important role in our political system, and any successful system of government requires the support and approval of those being governed. 407 more words

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“There are invisible rulers who control the destinies of millions. It is not generally realized to what extent the words and actions of our most influential public men are dictated by shrewd persons operating behind the scenes.” 391 more words

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So, what are all those idealistic Bernie Sanders supporters going to do when Hillary Clinton is installed as President?

While I am glad to see more young people participating in this year’s dog-and-pony show, it saddens me that their youthful enthusiasm will soon be horribly crushed. 438 more words

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Better Reporting on Religious and Ethnic Minorities

Tips for journalists on overcoming false balance, rejecting hate material, and making sense of moral panics

As someone who’s been familiar with Sri Chinmoy… 9,539 more words

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