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Talking Media: Femvertising with Kate Hoad-Reddick

I recently had the chance to talk with Kate Hoad-Reddick about her journey through academia and the kind of research she’s working on now. Here’s a piece of her story…

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Life Boards for Sale

I’m driving around and a little gallery catches my attention. Its sign advertises: “Life Boards For Sale.”

Curious, I park and walk in.

The room is square with hardwood floors, white walls and dramatic lighting. 1,109 more words

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It’s a Man’s World for Talking Dogs

The following is cross-posted from the Vegan Feminist Network. The original can be found here: http://veganfeministnetwork.com/talking_dogs/

Why is it that almost every voice-over for dogs in commercials for flea & tick medication, pet food, or treats is masculine? 280 more words


Workshop with Australian film director and film screening

The Australian High Commission has approached us for the organisation of the “Mauritius’ first ever Australian Indigenous Film Festival” which they are planning to hold from 30th June to 3rd July. 118 more words


Online tutorial verses random thoughts

In the online tutorial with Gareth Polmeer, I had a few random thoughts that led from our group discussion of W.J.T Mitchells essay ‘There Are No Visual Media’. 415 more words


Althusser, Louis. (1970) “Ideology and Ideological State Apparatuses”

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Main Idea – Ideology interpellates individuals as capitalist subjects. Capitalism relies on ISAs to reproduce subjects’ labour power and the relations of production so that it continues to regenerate itself into succeeding generations. 200 more words


Marx (1867) "On the Fetishism of the Commodity"

Link to Video  |  Summary  | Karl Marx’s Fetishisms  |   On Cultural Marxism

Marx proposes a theory of value – How do goods get their value/how do objects become commodities? 195 more words

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