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Cultural Diary Week 9: Pulp Fiction

For week 9’s cultural diary entry, I have identified Pulp Fiction as a ‘culturally, historically or aesthetically significant film’ from the National Film Preservation Board. I have chosen Pulp Fiction due to the massive amount of cultural influence both within the film industry and on a wider scale. 214 more words

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Media Culture Week 9: Film Canons

This week’s reading was concerned with film canonisation. Staiger states that films are canonised (widely seen as objectively high quality) for a variety of reasons: “influence, aesthetic significance, typicality” to name a few. 806 more words

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Film-viewing in Turkish and Moroccan diasporic families: a gender and place perspective

Roel Vande Winkel publiceerde samen met collega’s Kevin Smets, Sofie Van Bauwel en Philippe Meers een interessante studie over de de link tussen films kijken en genderidentiteit binnen de Turkse en Marokkaanse gemeenschappen in Antwerpen. 15 more words


Media Culture: Moral Panics

In the opening statement of his defining work on moral panic in society, Stanley Cohen writes of various subjects that emerge “to become defined as a threat to societal values and interests”, and are “presented in a stylized and stereotypical fashion by the mass media.” (Cohen, 1972, p. 669 more words


Media Culture: Interactivity

When I think of interactivity, my mind immediately jumps to computer games. I’ve grown up with them, after all. The examples and definitions of interactivity, however, are much broader. 733 more words


Media Culture: Advertising

This week’s reading was all about consumer culture and the societal impact of advertising. It was The Consumer Society and Advertising, a chapter from Media Studies: Texts, Productions and Context  671 more words


Opera and European furnishings: A perfect pair

I’ll just put this out there right away: I’ve never been what you’d call a huge opera fan.

Not that I haven’t indulged occasionally in the world of singers wearing hats with horns (that’s a JOKE!). 399 more words