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Conférence de Laurent Joffrin, directeur de Libération

Laurent Joffrin, directeur de la publication du quotidien Libération (France) donnera une conférence sur les thèmes suivants:

  • La survie de la presse papier – Comment Libération a fait pour changer son format pour survivre?
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“Spektakelcultuur”: lancering van een Wetenschappelijke Onderzoeksgemeenschap (FWO)

“Waarheen vandaag?” Voor de komst van het internet publiceerden kranten vaak dagelijks overzichten van attracties of evenementen die om de aandacht van het publiek vochten. Bioscopen, circussen, musichalls, theaters, dans- en concertzalen, opera’s, variététheaters, volkshuizen en andere gelegenheden organiseerden live-entertainment of projecties. 506 more words


The Influence of David Bowie in Pop Culture

There’s no doubt that the late David Bowie was an innovative, influential, genre-bending artist. And who didn’t love him, at least in some capacity? From the casual listeners to the fanatics, Bowie had an impact on all of us thanks to his presence in the pop culture zeitgeist—and a unique presence at that. 764 more words

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A Necessary Evil

In order to read and understand this post, there are a couple of things that will need to be clear in your mind before proceeding. First, you should agree and understand that 0.0001% of the population owns and controls almost as much wealth as the rest of us. 750 more words

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Ethnic Marketing from a European and Social Sciences Perspective

This Thursday, the 17th of December, IMS-er Joyce Koeman will present a seminar on ethnic marketing at the Faculty of Business and Economics at Macquarie University in Sydney. 161 more words


The Poor Haiku

the syllables match
meaning steps aside ailing
for the populous


What I'm Reading: Fall Edition

The start of Fall–a season marked by crisp cool weather and the falling of leaves off trees that is foreign to the subtropical region I live in–found me piling a collection of books to devour as the days grow shorter and not-colder. 630 more words

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