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Trolling, Realism, and Steve Stephens

I got a glimpse, via my Facebook feed, of what appeared to be measured response of horror in the wake of Steve Stephens’ “Facebook Live” murder of Robert Goodwin Sr. 856 more words


Women & Body Image

Today, images and advertisements are everywhere. You open your phone, go on Instagram and there is an image of a skinny woman with full size breasts holding a designer perfume bottle or wearing those jeans you just have to buy. 655 more words

Survivor’s Most Troubling, Yet Beautiful Moment Ever

Still processing what happened on Survivor this past Wednesday. What happened transcended the game, and one castaway crossed a line that couldn’t be un-crossed, doing something awful that had nothing to do with gameplay: he outed someone as transgender that wasn’t wanting or asking to be outed. 244 more words

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Stuart Hall (1980) "Cultural Studies: Two Paradigms"

Link to Summary  | Another summary

Main Argument:  Since the 1950s, cultural studies has formed around two overlapping but distinct paradigms: culturalist and structuralist.

Questions: Is this article dated? 784 more words

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Dear Pepsi: Hard pass, thanks.

Dear Pepsi,

What kills me is how much money you must have spent on this, all in an effort to appear “woke,” all in an effort to sell us sugary crap that’s bad for us. 178 more words

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Why Moana is One of the Most Important Films of 2016

Films are an important part of our culture and one of the most essential forms of media. They are incredibly influential; they expose us to new circumstances, perspectives, and cultures. 1,150 more words

The Truth Behind Beauty Bloggers

Everyone nowadays strives to be famous. I am not an exception. I have a Youtube Channel with (as of today) 893 subscribers. I more recently made an instagram to go along with my youtube as well that has 146 followers. 1,011 more words

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