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"Amy" pays powerful tribute to Amy Winehouse by telling a story much bigger than the history of her career

It is easy to find a sick sort of satisfaction in the demise of a celebrity presumed to have exploited their fame to the point of destroying their career. 572 more words


Five Faves Friday June 26

A mark of a good friendship, I think, is when  distance doesn’t change anything. You can pick up right where you left off as if time hadn’t passed at all. 240 more words

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MedCult Entry 10

From what I’ve been seeing in the trend of hijabsters in magazines,they are still a growing trend with younger women and its not well known to bigger famous magazines. 128 more words


MedCult Entry 9

I purchased two more magazines that focuses more on hijab fashion, Dara.com and Nur.Both of them are similar in their content but their target audiences are varied with Dara.com aiming for the teens and young adults while Nur is for Muslim women. 171 more words


Entry 8: Individualism and Anti-institution

In my previous posts, I hinted that being in an institution gives instant fame to designers alike as the agency is famous for its quality works and relationships with major clients around the world. 431 more words

Media Culture

Entry 7: Contrasting figures

Here I would discuss about contrasting figure in the advertising/design world (compared to Sagmeister).

First, I searched about Leo Burnett, one of the most famous businessmen who brought advertising to a new level and platform. 791 more words

Media Culture

MedCult Entry 8

The following attached was part of a series focusing on Hijabster lifestyles and adapting faith to fashion.

Upon analysis,this is mostly still and advert to sell a product which is a brand of shampoo design to reduce itchiness for girls who wear hijabs.Although,they seem to be aiming for a rather more diverse approach and depict the girl to be an active sporty person rather than a normally introverted and passive role. 129 more words