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Some Kind Of Senator

It’s the biggest thing to hit Missouri since the mule!! A mildly useful genetic freak that can’t breed.

Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill has a new book, Plenty Ladylike. 712 more words



Much needed attention has surfaced after a video of Yale fraternity Delta Kappa Epsilon shows them chanting “No Means Yes. Yes Means Anal.” This repressive, hateful and ignorant rape-encouraging chant has echoed through other hallowed halls. 368 more words

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Why We Need Jon Stewart #JonVoyage

It’s not often that I’ve found myself yelling at the television, “Yes! That’s exactly it!” or joyously agreeing with flailing arms—except for when I’m watching… 118 more words

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Long weekend in Lisbon: top things to eat, see and do

All of the culinary and cultural highlights you need for the perfect mini break in Portugal’s capital.

Gaze in awe at the beautiful streets

Realistically, you’ll spend most of your time doing this. 407 more words


How human kindness died in America

What possesses people to destroy? How can humans eliminate the uncivilized and Neanderthal traits within our DNA that dismantles, damages and defaces? How can a robot have more decency than humans? 521 more words


Looking through the trash

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When you see a man covered in a mishmash of rags, hair clotted with dirt and hands buried deep inside a trash can searching for food, resources, supplies, what do you think? 393 more words

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What Happened to ReturnOfQueens / KingsandQueensReturn?

First, I’d like to make clear that I was not an administrator or mod at RoQ, and only joined the site as a contributor in late 2014, which had changed to Return of Kings & Queens by then. 483 more words