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Take It From Me: You Don’t Have to Be Religious to Appreciate Jesus Christ Superstar

I’ll admit, I’m not a religious person so sometimes just hearing the words “Jesus Christ Superstar” together isn’t necessarily going to grab my attention in a positive way. 449 more words

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Pride, Relative size, among Other things.

I have something to ask you: Would you consider this an oversized sword? f you’ve played enough video games you might recognise it. It’s the greatsword of Artorias from dark souls. 1,188 more words


The New Queer Eye is Absolutely Fab (And the Perfect Family Affair)

The first time I saw a billboard in Los Angeles for the new Netflix reboot of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy (now more aptly called just… 803 more words

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How has Bowie’s exploration of gender influenced modern art and culture?

David Bowie, as Gary Oldman put in his speech at the Brit Awards tribute, was “the very definition, the living embodiment of that singular word: icon.” (BRITs, online video, 2016) Bowie was more than a musician: he was an artist in every aspect of his life. 1,912 more words

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RECOVERY by Russell Brand

RECOVERY: Freedom From Our Addictions is the latest book by comedian Russell Brand, and the first book I have read in my ‘aim to read more for self-improvement’ plan. 1,681 more words

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The Women of Peaky Blinders

contains spoilers 

I am always on the lookout for good TV drama, and one of the requirements for “good” is for it to have well written female characters.  1,916 more words

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Friends in the light of 2018

Friends. Has the classic nineties sitcom met its match? Netflix’s recent addition of the show has introduced it to a new, young audience and provided adults an opportunity to reflect on their past fave. 581 more words

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