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Bralettes ?

So,as I am taking my study break and going through my Facebook newsfeed,whilst munching on a chocolate chip cookie. I am dying of all this heat ,dehydrated and need some energy to survive. 440 more words

Making a Convergent Culture

In the introduction of his book, Convergence Culture: Where Old and New Media Collide, Henry Jenkins outlines the 3 main concepts of convergence culture: 323 more words


The New Invention of an Old Crisis

There seems to be nothing to talk about. I mean, what could I possibly say about Donald Trump that hasn’t already been said? I suppose the migrant crisis is still ongoing, like, you know, ongoing for the past 3o years or so. 458 more words

Current Events

The Scheming Clown

The London Mayor had funny hair,
And pretended to be the fool.

He helped his friends build corporate dens,
At the expense of objective rule. 27 more words

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Cinema Zoologie

Leen Engelen en Roel Vande Winkel (Instituut voor Mediastudies) berichten op het “Het Archief”, het platform van het Vlaams Instituut voor Archivering (VIAA), over hun lopend onderzoek naar de geschiedenis van Cinema Zoölogie (1915-1936). 9 more words


Semiotics was founded by Charles Peirce Saunders (1939).  He used a study of signs and symbols, especially the relationship of written and spoken language.  Semiotics became an official form of study branching off in several aspects of the field in the 19th Century. 517 more words



So, programming is not the way it used to be. Please, keep your gasps held. I understand this may come as sort of a shock. 1,308 more words

21st Century Fox