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Happy Birthday to Who?

Tweeting, uploading, posting,snapping. These words have taken over modern society. Social media and the internet are two of the most popular methods of entertainment in 2016. 448 more words

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Is Kim Kardashian Just Another Victim of the Internet?

Kim Kardashian was just recently the victim of being bound, gagged, and robbed at gunpoint in her Paris hotel. She was known to have been alone in her hotel residence early Monday morning when the attack occurred, where more than $6 million worth of jewelry in a box and her $4 million ring were taken. 225 more words

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Social Media's Influence on the Consumption of Makeup

Although makeup has been around for thousands of years, recently, social media has had a great influence on makeup and makeup advertising. Social media has exemplified the phenomenon that is makeup and makeup artistry through tutorials, reviews, hauls and celebrity endorsements. 768 more words

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Is Social Media Making Millennials Passive Aggressive?

There’s no doubt that society has become more liberal over the years, and that’s great. People nowadays can be who they want to be, do what they want to do, love who they want to love, and ultimately have the freedom to create his or her own ideal life. 400 more words

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The 'Fit'stagram Revolution

A new wave of entrepreneurship allows social media users to turn their lifestyles and passions into a career, all with the tap of a finger. 480 more words

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“Cultures of Spectacle” Research Seminar

Undertaking cultural history projects with Partners and Publics: Methods and approaches

Prof. Helen Brooks (University of Kent)

On Friday December 2, 2016, the Scientific Research Community “Cultures of Spectacle” invites Prof. 361 more words


Memes, Memes, Memes!

Chances are that just seeing this top image brings back memories of both old and relatively recent memes and internet crazes. Whether it be the rage faces, star wars kid, OVER 9000!, I herd u liek mudkips, it’s a trap, or any of the other memes found in this picture there’s a good chance that you’ve seen or heard of one of these bad boys. 489 more words

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