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A Product of the Media

Why is it that celebrities are never taken seriously when they have mental illnesses? Kanye West has been recently hospitalized after a meltdown during one of his concerts. 238 more words

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The First Male Covergirl

Social media has made it possible for males to make history and break gender barriers by becoming significant figures in the online “Beauty Community.” Many women have become “instafamous” through their online makeup tutorials featured on Instagram and YouTube. 425 more words

When the Media Gets it Wrong: Why next to no one saw Trump's victory coming

The 2016 Presidential Race finally came to an end this election day, in a very unexpected way. Last Tuesday, President Elect Trump managed to turn the map red racking up 290 electoral votes along the way. 445 more words

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Has the Internet Changed What it Means to be An Adult? #adulting

Sorry, I can’t be an adult; I’m adulting.

This is the new motto for the millennial generation. A motto that has taken a noun and turned it into a verb. 480 more words

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Presidential Election Meme Game Strong

One week ago, the United States of America was struck with tragic (I’m sorry, is that bias?) news that Donald Trump had been elected President. Now I’m sure most Americans, like myself, were dreading the election results no matter the outcome. 226 more words

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My Review of That Dragon, Cancer

When it comes to technology nowadays, anything seems possible, especially in the world of gaming. As video games become increasingly popular, many genres begin to rise, such as sympathetic gaming. 819 more words

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My Media Literacy Book List

When it comes to conscious consumption it can be hard to shift through all there is to read, watch, and listen to.

I’ve been there. You blankly stare at Amazon or maybe you actually go to the book store (there are some of us still out there!) frozen as you try to decide what to read next. 669 more words