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Books I've Read and Shall Read (6 min)

While I may not be a full-blown bookworm, I find reading to be one of the most pleasant forms of learning there is. As you probably know, books are an enchanting wonderland that literally open someone else’s mind up to you. 1,001 more words


The Darkness Behind Fair Skin Commercials

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to add anything to this conversation; a quick google search will tell you that many, many others have offered long, thought-out articles or research papers on the prevalence of light skin being a reinforced beauty standard in the media. 928 more words

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Drawing the line, and stepping right over it - Bachelor In Paradise Canceled.

The jury is out on the specifics of what went down in Paradise this summer. Reports indicate the show’s shutdown was the result of two contestants, DeMario Jackson and Corinne Olympios, extremely intoxicated (yet producer driven) engaging in an explicit sexual encounter in the pool. 612 more words


10 Ted Talks That Inspire Passion for Storytelling

I am a true believer in the power of storytelling to connect us. Listening to the story of another, allows us find commonality where we may otherwise see division. 118 more words


Is Youtube an Appropriate Place for Children?

Recently it has become much more common to see a child with an Ipad, Iphone, etc. This trend started only a couple years ago as technology became developed and marketed in a vast amount of ways and to a plethora of different groups of people. 402 more words

We need to talk about art

When no one is left: The crisis in Australian arts coverage‘ in the Monthly is a reflection on the lack of Arts criticism in Australia and the ever increasing failure to provide opportunities to discuss and critique  – whether it be film, the visual arts or performances.    421 more words



Breaking up the idea of a face by turning it upside down can force you into seeing it as a more abstract form. It’s a fantastic painting exercise to stop you subconsciously making all the same moves with the paint. 178 more words