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Radio-the last democratic media


Since our chapter this week is on radio, I thought it would be appropriate to post on that medium. I liked that the chapter opened with the story of KEXP, non-commercial radio in Seattle. 415 more words

Brian Conleys "Citzen Journalism is reshaping the world"

Great movie peeps! Highly recommended and insightful discussion on citizen journalism and how it’s the ‘way forward’. I agree with the empowerment and motion for media democracy! 11 more words

My first post

In class today we discussed the escalation of violence in Syria and the parallels to the build up to the Iraq war in the media. What are some of your thoughts on this observation by one of the few independent journalists left in media today? 185 more words

Media Studies

Media – Discover Your Power

Legislative, Executive and Judiciary were the three most significant pillars of democracy. However, even stronger than these three is the fourth pillar, i.e. Media. Today, when all the three of them are exhibiting operational distortion, the only hope of development of our country is the active and genuine performance of the fourth pillar – The Media. 522 more words