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Media Diet - Week of 11/8/15

I’m going to try an experiment where I make note of the media I consume in a given week. Not sure if I’ll keep it up or how I’ll tweak it if I do. 471 more words

Race with the Devil (1975)

How can you pass up a movie like Race with the Devil? Warren Oates and Peter Fonda get pursued across America in their camper van by crazy satanists? 193 more words

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The Bogey Man (1980)

The Bogey Man is pretty dumb and stale video nasties entry that has some big ideas but lacks the depth and execution to do them justice. 55 more words

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White Material (2009)

White Material is visually lush and dangerous, it feels sunburnt and coarse but still a beauty to behold. Isabelle Huppert’s performance is wonderful and the plot certainly takes turns I didn’t expect. 93 more words

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Me and Earl and the Dying Girl (2015)

In theory, as a white-boy cinephile who makes dumb short movies, obsesses over filmmakers as if they were gods and kisses the feet of the Criterion collection, Me and Earl and the Dying Girl should be the perfect film for me. 638 more words

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Vampyros Lesbos (1971)

My first Jess Franco movie! Vampyros Lesbos is an odd cocktail which establishes it’s own brand of perfumey horror and softcore sexines. Soledad Miranda has a real face for cinema and as the film’s chief vampiress she exudes a thrilling and alluring presence. 238 more words

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Torso (1973)

A pretty run-of-the-mill 70s Euro-slasher flick when looked at with wide eyes but squint hard enough and there are some pretty innovative sequences here and there. 169 more words

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