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Theatre of Blood (1973)

What a strange movie. And by strange I mean “pretty fucking great”. Theatre of Blood has so much going on, so many concepts and ideas that it’s astounding how well it’s all held together. 239 more words

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Writer’s Notebook: Some Thoughts on a Media Diet

Media Diet: Cut down on all media comsumption including adverts, TV, internet, gaming, film, books and audio.

Tower of Babble: The internet is filled with inane chatter. 291 more words

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The Keep (1983)

The Keep has been that unwatched Michael Mann movie on my list for years. It’s always taken on a bit of a mythical status for me, maybe because it extremely hard to find on home video here in the UK and the controversy over the multiple versions (Tangerine Dream score versus no Tangerine Dream score) made it all the more unattainable. 288 more words

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RoboCop (2014)

There’s no denying how great Verhoeven’s original RoboCop is and how in no way is it in need of a remake. That being said, my interest in this movie was peaked when I saw the trailers and realised it seemed to be going in it’s own direction with the material. 512 more words

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Dirty Pretty Things (2002)

I’d be eleven years old when Dirty Pretty Things came out in 2002 but I remember it being something of an underdog Oscar favourite that then seemed to fade away into semi-obscurity. 251 more words

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Sunshine Cleaning (2008)

This is a great idea for a little indie movie though a lot of it’s strength comes from it’s two leads – Amy Adams and Emily Blunt. 112 more words

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The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas (2008)

This is one of those movies that really do nothing for me. It’s heavy-handed melodrama that feels more like a piece of oscar bait rather than a standalone example of great cinema. 135 more words

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