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Media Diet

Today was an interesting and empowering day at my job. I was scheduled to attend a university film screening titled ‘The Illusionists” which is about how the media has influenced many cultures about body image. 820 more words


Media Diet

Here are some things I’ve recent checked out with my eyes and ears:

I finally had the guts to see Green Room (Netflix). The majority of reviews said very positive things about it. 685 more words

Find Respectable Opposing Views

You won’t see Samantha Bee host a smart conservative for her audience to take seriously. Deliberating with a GOP rep who has a valuable point to make on behalf of their party  366 more words

Checking Your Sources

After learning about my reps, I ran into some knowledge gaps about a few policy areas. If that was your experience too, you might have found yourself in the expansive internets of politicking. 488 more words

To Do List.

To become the journalist I have talked about in my last blog post, I need to develop skills that I will use for my future career, and yes, it makes me nervous. 732 more words

Westminester University

Career Plan 3- What do I need to do?


    Generally speaking, in order to be a qualified journalist, I have to continuously train my reading and writing ability. Excellent communication skills are also necessary. In the near future, I first plan to make use of my time to sharpen my writing skills and ways of presenting ideas. 733 more words


Career Development Plan - My Plans

When working toward a goal one must have an idea as to how to achieve it, and now that I have figured out the path that I would like to take as a fashion journalist I must now prepare myself by figuring out what I need to do in order to achieve that goal. 726 more words