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10 Tips To Help Monitor Your Media Diet

As a teacher of mass communication, I read and think about media literacy and teach it in my classes. In today’s world of click bait and fake news, we all should take time to understand and strengthen our media diet. 416 more words

Media Literacy

Assignment #2: Diet. Due 2/9.


Media Diet: An experiment in research

  • Auto (=self) ethnography (=detailed study of the cultures of everyday life).  
  • Refrain from using digital media (phones, computers/pods/pads, TV, radio, etc.) for 24 hrs, or, if too much, as long as you can. 
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Screen or Scream?

This edited article was originally published in the Health & Life Magazine, November 2016.

Millennials grew up collecting and exchanging stickers of Pokémons. Now they capture them to fight in the battle field and win the game. 771 more words


Nagivating an Era of Infinite Information with Limited Time

even by the fact that I read papers and watched the news on television from time to time (a habit which seemed to them and outrageous eccentric, peculiar to me alone; none of them were the least bit interested in anything that went on in the world, and their ignorance of current events and even recent history was rather astounding.

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#CareerPlan - I gave up being a full-time bride to becoming a journalist

If most kids wanted when they were young to become doctors, astronauts or even president, I was an exception. I have always wanted to become a bride. 1,564 more words


50 Shades of Media : Pain and Pleasure

It is not improbable to think that media has had many polarizing attributes on its consumers since its inception. Throughout my 7 day study which involved me recording my consumption of media, I was able to analyze and deduce not only what I put in my media diet, but how it affected me physically, emotionally, and psychologically. 2,045 more words


Pediatricians Recast Screen Time Recommendations & Give Parents Online Planning Tools

Thanks to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), parents and teachers now have two simple and easy-to-use tools that can assist with developing a family’s media plan and estimating how family members can organize their time so that screen time is balanced with physical activity, reading, face-to-face connections, and homework. 424 more words

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