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The Media Diet

Roughly four years ago, I was a whole person more than what I am now. Through literal blood, sweat, and tears, I lost the equivalent of a middleweight fighter in the UFC. 709 more words

24-Hour Challenge Without Media Panics College Students

Every year in Media and Society class, I assign my students a 24-Hour Challenge of doing without any electronic media, including:

  • texting, email, websites and anything viewed via their smartphones…
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College Life

Local reporter speaks to importance of media diet

This is not the first time your Local Yokels have harped on the importance of being a media locavore. Even if you don’t care for the flavor… 486 more words

10 Tips To Help Monitor Your Media Diet

As a teacher of mass communication, I read and think about media literacy and teach it in my classes. In today’s world of click bait and fake news, we all should take time to understand and strengthen our media diet. 416 more words

Media Diet

Assignment #2: Diet. Due 2/9.


Media Diet: An experiment in research

  • Auto (=self) ethnography (=detailed study of the cultures of everyday life).  
  • Refrain from using digital media (phones, computers/pods/pads, TV, radio, etc.) for 24 hrs, or, if too much, as long as you can. 
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Screen or Scream?

This edited article was originally published in the Health & Life Magazine, November 2016.

Millennials grew up collecting and exchanging stickers of Pokémons. Now they capture them to fight in the battle field and win the game. 771 more words


Nagivating an Era of Infinite Information with Limited Time

even by the fact that I read papers and watched the news on television from time to time (a habit which seemed to them and outrageous eccentric, peculiar to me alone; none of them were the least bit interested in anything that went on in the world, and their ignorance of current events and even recent history was rather astounding.

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