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Media Diet

Taking inspiration from Jason Kottke at kottke.org (one of the best independent blogs out there that deserves your support), I’ll be posting the media I’ve been consuming recently. 450 more words

Binge eater on a strict diet...

…media diet, that is. I consume media, and a lot of it. So much, in fact, that sometimes I feel consumed by it instead. Media for breakfast, lunch and dinner, snacking on it while travelling, relaxing, working. 310 more words


My Media Diet

Over the past week, I’ve been logging my media consumption in order to get an idea of how much media I actually consume. From social media to binge watching shows on Netflix and reading magazines to listening to the radio, I’ve discovered that I consume a lot more media than perhaps I originally realised. 376 more words


What is your media diet?

Last week I have tried to log what is my media diet, meaning that I have written down what kind of media platform I use and what kind of stories ,news and features I read. 363 more words

Westminester University

was that just my phone?

Ding. Ding.

Was that just my phone? I wondered, as I meandered out of my bathroom door and into my dimly light bedroom. Admittedly, my curiosity for what was happening on my mini computer has created a strong hold on me. 440 more words

24-Hour Challenge Without Media Panics College Students

Every year in Media and Society class, I assign my students a 24-Hour Challenge of doing without any electronic media, including:

  • texting, email, websites and anything viewed via their smartphones…
  • 966 more words
A Fuller Life

Local reporter speaks to importance of media diet

This is not the first time your Local Yokels have harped on the importance of being a media locavore. Even if you don’t care for the flavor… 486 more words