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Hate Crimes and Media Double Standards

The mainstream media have not hesitated to tar supporters of President-elect Donald Trump as racist, Islamophobic, misogynist bigots whenever they get a chance. They have been so eager to make their point that they have leaped at publishing  340 more words


They Don’t Get It and Never Will

In my day job I’m a member of the media. Not the big (and high-paying) MSM, but my business-to-business journalism job keeps me in orbit so I get lots of inside-dope. 829 more words

Culture Wars

Keeping You Misinformed is Their Job

Mainstream media aims to be as relevant as possible to as many people as possible for the simple reason that more viewers mean more money. The not-so-unintentional consequence of this is a kind of nihilism about the truth. 289 more words

Media Double Standards

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This is a satirical piece I did earlier in the year in response to the Charlie Hebdo shooting. Seems as relevant as ever today.

I tried to raise several issues through the satire. 330 more words

Whipped Muslims

Wrapping Our Language in a Liberal Veneer Gets Us Nowhere

Egypt, Turkey, and the Will of the People

We judge rulers and governmental institutions by their actions and whether those actions conform with justice as delineated by God. 383 more words


Is Liberalism to Blame for "Rape Culture"?

Sexual assault and harassment are big problems, whether on college campuses or elsewhere. I just want to ask this question:

To what degree do larger cultural factors contribute to causing this phenomenon? 352 more words


The Right Kind of Free Speech in Islam

I have often critiqued the notion of free speech in my writing and defended the notion that some speech should be restricted and that, in certain contexts, some speech can be so damaging that, in theory, authorities should have the ability to bring criminal charges and convictions against offenders. 554 more words

Liberal Hypocrisy