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Terrorist Dylann Roof Gets Sympathic Coverage on the Media

If something is not more disturbing than the indiscriminate killing of 9 black people at a church, is the lack of willingness of corporate media to spell out a truth: that the act committed by… 166 more words

News Of Further Decadence...

One Media Site Recognizes The Political Bias Of The MSM

Modern Media And The Destructive Representation Of Conservativism

William Warren

” Although rightfully excoriated for his comments comparing public unions to ISIS, Gov. Scott Walker’s (R-Wis.) treatment by the media continues to highlight the gross disparity in the way with which conservative candidates are analyzed and represented, when compared to their liberal counterparts.

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"What Are They Prepared To Give To The Democrats ? " ... WTF ? Brokaw Seeks Victory Concessions

Brokaw: If GOP Wins Senate, ‘What Are They Prepared To Give To The Democrats?’

” Appearing on MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports on Monday, NBC News special correspondent Tom Brokaw was already urging Republicans support liberal agenda items if they win control of the Senate in Tuesday’s midterm election: “The question then is, what are they prepared to give to the Democrats to meet them in the middle ground?

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List Of Things That Are Racist

What’s Racist, What’s Not …. As Of Friday, Oct. 3, 2014

” Liberals tend to devote a significant portion of their daily lives to proving how not racist they are.

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Hypocrisy: Soros' "Pro-Union" Media Matters Resists It's Own Unionization

Irony: George Soros-Funded Media Matters Fights Unionization

” George Soros-funded Media Matters for America , a far-left progressive group that has as one of their top priorities to attack FOX News, is taking a very unprogressive-like stance on labor unions.

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Judge Jeanine Pirro - Opening Statement - 12-21-2013

Judge Jeanine Pirro Opening Statement “Duck Dynasty” , A&E & “Duck Justice” 

Published on Dec 21, 2013

” RPT: A&E Publicist Not There When Phil Made Comments To GQ…

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