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The NYTimes' Creepy Obsession with Muslim Sex Lives

The NY Times has been publishing a lot of trash lately about Muslims and sex. What is their fascination with Muslim sex lives?

The problem for them is that Muslims are the last vestige of sexual morality in today’s world. 208 more words


The Dark Side of Our Attention Whore in Chief

I can’t smile and feel all warm and fuzzy when I see President Obama in one of his photo ops, playing with little children, hugging the elderly, maybe doing a funny sketch with Jerry Seinfeld, dancing on Ellen, or whatever PR stunt his handlers think up next. 119 more words


Only the Feelings of Liberals, Feminists, and SJWs Matter

Sometimes I get feedback that I am too blunt in my critiques of modernity, feminism, liberalism, etc. I get asked to be more sensitive to people’s feelings. 174 more words


Attention Whore in Chief

George W. Bush was (rightly) criticized relentlessly for the amount of vacation time he took as president. I wonder how much time Obama has spent on cameos in TV shows, making music videos, and other marketing stunts that have no other purpose than building his brand. 102 more words

Media Double Standards

The Kind of Muslims You'll See Featured on the News

American mainstream media will feature the Ayan Hirsi Ali’s, the Zuhdi Jasser’s, the Asra Nomani’s, and the Irshad Manji’s. And to balance them out, they will feature the Reza Aslan’s, the Fareed Zakaria’s, and other sufficiently liberal Muslims. 44 more words

Liberal Hypocrisy

The One-Sided "Honor Killing" Narrative

These horrific cases of domestic violence don’t get amplified in media because they don’t fit the established frame of “helpless wife gets brutalized by violent patriarch.” Beyond this, despite the fact that this was a couple with Muslim backgrounds, the “honor killing” narrative is nowhere to be found, though if the roles had been reversed, you can be sure that that would be the only thing the news would focus on. 40 more words

Hypocrisy Of Feminist Outrage

"Child Marriage" in Bangladesh

Link: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2015/08/28/the-saddest-bride-i-have-ever-seen-child-marrige-is-as-popular-as-ever-in-bangladesh/

Spare me the sad bride pictures, Washington Post

Comparing “child marriage” in countries like Bangladesh to marriage in the US or Western Europe — where the average age of marriage is in the late 20s and early 30s — is comparing apples and oranges. 1,958 more words