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Reading list for a young media thinker

What to read to be read. What to quote to be quoted. The list is always under upgrade. What is highly recommended is highlighted. Any good additions are welcome. 1,076 more words

Media Ecology

Transcending Human Sensorium

People still act in virtual reality in a mostly natural way, as “physical beings”, which is obviously predefined by their (our) previous experience. Moreover, the content of the virtual reality is still physical reality. 2,054 more words

Media Ecology

Altering Human Sensorium

Artificial flavours, augmented senses, immersive media, augmented reality, virtual reality

By shaping the media environment, media are able to tune the human sensorium according to their “bias”. 3,196 more words

Media Ecology

Virtual reality technology is a dead-end of media evolution

Admiration and oblivion, the same prospects Google Glass are facing, are waiting ahead for virtual reality technology. This is not necessarily due to the difficulties in VR-content production (VR-consumers have had little to consume so far); it is the bulkiness of VR-devices that raises an impassible barrier to VR becoming regularly used in everyday life. 1,339 more words

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