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“We’ve got radio, but not happiness”

“So we’ve got radio already, but we’re still waiting for happiness,” said Soviet satirist Ilya Ilf[i] of the technical progress of the 1930s. The well-known American comedian Louis C.K. 1,325 more words

Media Ecology

Media hygiene. Media Ecology as Ecology Contrariwise – III

The emancipation of authorship (Miroshnichenko, 2013) has led to an exponential growth in the number of information sources. Anyone who goes online is immediately inundated with huge amounts of information, more than a human being could previously absorb in a lifetime. 850 more words

Media Ecology

Temporal shock. Media Ecology as Ecology Contrariwise - II

The technological shock has to do with the mess in space and is accompanied by the temporal shock that has to do with the compression of time. 1,169 more words

Media Ecology

Cyberculture... What is it?

Shit. I don’t know. I don’t even care about it that much, unless we’re talking about Lt. Commander Data’s positronic brain. I’ll bet a pretty cool cyberculture exists in there. 190 more words

History And Theory Of New Media

Avatar was a terrible movie

Avatar was so boring. Oh, is that the wrong answer?

I’ve always found the idea of avatars, beyond just a thumbnail representation of a person, to be very weird. 341 more words

History And Theory Of New Media

Terrorist attacks is the price humankind pays for successful Silicon Valley start-ups

Media futurist Andrey Miroshnichenko talks about the ways internet changes our daily lives.

Polina Ryzhova 28.09.2015, 13:32, Gazeta.ru

Twitter revolutions, religious extremism, “the new Dark Age” – these are social reactions towards fast-paced media evolution of recent years, says Andrey Miroshnichenko, author of… 2,682 more words

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Media Ecology as Ecology Contrariwise: Protecting Humans from the Digital Environment - I

The ecological approach to humans’ adaptation to the digital environment is rooted in the ideas of traditional ecology, yet it turns these ideas upside down. 329 more words

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