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The Wrong Theory. Roughness as a lure, in design and media

In the age of total algorithmization, the roughness of a performance, and even the mistake, becomes the factor of surplus value. It is only wrongness that proves the existence of rightness. 3,105 more words

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New senses, electronically induced. How gadgets reshape the human sensorium

Moving further into the digital world, we will be able to induce not just familiar but completely new, never before known senses. For example, a banking chip implanted under the skin may, one day, create the sense of a full or empty bank account. 1,771 more words

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Robot Journalism, the Third Threat

Classical journalism is being forced out by:

– Guerrilla Journalism, driven by the Viral Editor;

– Brand Journalism, driven by content marketing;

– Robot Journalism, driven by… 403 more words

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3 filters of Internet hygiene: browser settings, the Viral Editor and the Filter Bubble

Is the Internet really just a supplier of rubbish?

One of the video presentations of American media thinker Clay Shirky is entitled It’s Not Information Overload. 1,246 more words

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When abundance enables sharing and sharing causes abundance

Here is an excellent slide in the presentation by Gerd Leonhard, a noted futurist, depicting a rabbit surrounded by tons of carrots. The caption states, “Get ready for abundance: distribution (i.e. 701 more words

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The Quantum Theory of Mass Media (II). Content: a shift from chunks to a flow

The internet has shifted the news from a portioned to a streamed mode of consumption. A news feed in social media is an example of such an information stream. 628 more words

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The Revolt of the Public and Media Ecology

Marginal notes on Martin Gurri’s The Revolt of the Public and the Crisis of Authority in the New Millennium (2014)

Most Westerners would be surprised to learn that many Easterners consider Tahrir-type protests to be cunning plots by the West against objectionable Eastern regimes. 2,722 more words

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