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Media Ecology as Ecology Contrariwise: Protecting Humans from the Digital Environment - I

The ecological approach to humans’ adaptation to the digital environment is rooted in the ideas of traditional ecology, yet it turns these ideas upside down. 329 more words

Media Ecology

Celebrating re-launch of McLuhan's Coach House activity in the 21 Century

For those deep in media study, the Coach House has always been a place of force. On October 20th, 2015, the McLuhans and Mcluhanists gathered in the Coach House, at the University of Toronto, to revitalize the McLuhan Centre for Culture and Technology for the 21st century. 1,163 more words

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Lev Manovich's Media Ecology

As one of two somewhat notorious and highly interesting New York City based media theory academics (the other being the late Neil Postman, who coined the term my point of interest is based on, ‘ 457 more words

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The Wrong Theory. Roughness as a lure, in design and media

In the age of total algorithmization, the roughness of a performance, and even the mistake, becomes the factor of surplus value. It is only wrongness that proves the existence of rightness. 3,118 more words

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New senses, electronically induced. How gadgets reshape the human sensorium

Moving further into the digital world, we will be able to induce not just familiar but completely new, never before known senses. For example, a banking chip implanted under the skin may, one day, create the sense of a full or empty bank account. 1,771 more words

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Robot Journalism, the Third Threat

Classical journalism is being forced out by:

– Guerrilla Journalism, driven by the Viral Editor;

– Brand Journalism, driven by content marketing;

– Robot Journalism, driven by… 403 more words

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3 filters of Internet hygiene: browser settings, the Viral Editor and the Filter Bubble

Is the Internet really just a supplier of rubbish?

One of the video presentations of American media thinker Clay Shirky is entitled It’s Not Information Overload. 1,246 more words

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