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Banning some artists from market entry is an act of Rule Setting by Beijing

Some critics may say that Beijing is over-reacting but, like it or not, China has been ready to tell the world that it has a resolve to set rules for its markets. 473 more words

Politics & Law

The Real Reasons You Should Speak at Conferences

(HINT: It’s not just for the people in the audience.)

An industry colleague once told me he wouldn’t accept an invitation to speak at a conference unless the the audience was at least 200 people. 1,098 more words


Culture’s vital role in digital transformation

It’s no secret that the traditional media industry faces challenges. Today consumers are experiencing an unprecedented era of choice, not just in variety, but also how and when they choose to consume content. 887 more words

Miguel Bernas

How the BBC Spreads Lies: How to Read Propaganda

Propaganda frequently masquerades as ‘news’. A ‘news’ narrative’s relevant background needs to be understood, in order for the reader or hearer to be able to understand anything of the truth, from the propaganda, rather than be fooled by it (as the aristocracy’s managers and editors of fake ’news’-reports intend, and as they hire ‘reporters’ to convey to their audiences). 1,811 more words