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Reporting Best Practice: facts, sources and comment

We hear so much about fake news, media bias and suspect journalistic standards nowadays that people might think that journalists rarely, if ever, stop to think about what they do or how they go about their daily task of reporting. 1,383 more words


Idealized Images of Women in the Media

Check out the first Media Ethics Initiative talk of the spring 2018 semester! Dr. Kate Pounders (University of Texas at Austin) explores how idealized images of women in the media affect viewers.


Editorial standards: values worth striving for

I recently picked up a copy of a booklet on editorial standards and policies I wrote over ten years ago for Incisive Media which was then at its zenith, employing hundreds of journalists across three continents. 418 more words


Where's the Line anyway?

Finding the line of when a journalist goes too far is a difficult task to do. Not only because this line can be strictly subjective, but also because many factors can contribute to finding where to place this frontier. 467 more words

Be Media Savvy

Thinking Lesson Three

Peace On Earth

The social atmosphere in the western world is not peaceable. This is entirely due to a subgroup 1 from the Caucasian tribe of germanic tribal descent, in other words, white people. 474 more words

Conservative Commentary

Week 3 Blog Topic: Should the media get involved in protests?

I don’t think the media should get involved in protests because that is not their place to do so and oftentimes the results can be more negative than positive. 424 more words

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