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Media bias is a real problem in many areas including both written and photographic content. The articles below illustrate how inappropriate some of the media can be covering sensitive issues. 77 more words

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BCM310 Blog post: Looking at others: The ethics of viewing other people's suffering

So I’ve been thinking about week three’s tute and there’s one thing I can’t quite understand. We were asked to discuss who suffers more, somebody suffering or somebody watching that suffering in the media. 186 more words


Mindful Journalism in action - in dialogue with University of Canterbury students

By MARK PEARSON Follow @Journlaw

Graduate students in journalism from the University of Canterbury studying under Associate Professor Donald Matheson interviewed me via Skype on the principles of mindful journalism. 340 more words

Moral implications found in the fruition of man-computer symbiosis

In November of 2014, Time magazine reported on the United States of America government’s use of smartphone surveillance in tracking suspects. Airplanes equipped with “dirtboxes” mimic cell towers and trick cell phones into releasing data to the aircraft. 1,451 more words

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Watch My Special Report on Need for Media Ethics and Journalists Safety in Pakistan —-PTV WORLD

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Start A Hash-tag, Start A Riot: Case In Point

By Jed Magnusson

Although this subject strays from the other examples used and interpreted from the text, the topic lead me to include another perspective. In reviewing the other blog posts a few popular examples were used such as the Boston bombings and the use of social media, crowdsourcing and public journalism. 752 more words

Assyrians Silenced by Western Media

In all the moral outrage over the destruction of ancient Assyrian artifacts, I have rarely heard Assyrians speak. Instead, the folk who have spoken the most have been Western liberals. 113 more words


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In my opinion, the role of many media outlets as mouthpieces for US foreign policy is partly to blame for this neglect.