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The politics of journalism

Journalist often have the responsibility of disseminating information to the public, as the fourth estate and often described as the “watch dog”, the media needs to ensure that it maintains a critical level of professionalism. 1,151 more words

Anthems and Activism in the NFL

Mediating the Politics of the NFL

Did you miss the exciting Media Ethics Initiative research talk on the controversial NFL national anthem protests? Or did you try to catch the talk, but couldn’t find a free seat in the packed room? 39 more words

Media Ethics


In general, discussions of ethics in journalism make me reach for my revolver, this is not because I don’t believe in maximum honesty, but because such debates are for me almost intolerable. 990 more words

Media endorsing political parties

Being the ‘fourth estate’ carries much responsibility, a responsibility that is structured through ethical discipline and abiding by a set of news values. These news values and media ethics are in no means entangled with political obligations and should not amount to fulfilling any political demands. 838 more words

Intro to JRN: Ethics, cont.

We first watched a short video regarding principles of ethical consideration for journalists, before we got into small groups and shared our hypothetical scenario decisions. We then shared out as a class. 7 more words

Intro To Journalism