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Why plagiarism matters

Published on CNN.com, July 19, 2016

I hail from the world of journalism, which has seen its fair share of plagiarism scandals in the past decade or so, starting with… 645 more words

Media Ethics

Pick of the Day: President Obama

President Barack Obama walks from Marine One upon arrival on the White House South Lawn, July 5, 2016. The Photo was taken by Official White House photographer Lawrence Jackson. Photo Courtesy: The White House

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'Facing the nation' with an objective outlook: objectivity in media

By Alyssa Sanford
for Media Ethics (JPW 309-01) | 12/1/15

While CBS News has had some notable scandals in the past, its well-reputed Sunday morning panel program… 1,443 more words


The challenges of sourcing

By Alyssa Sanford
for Media Ethics (JPW 309-01) | 10/28/15

Wendy Ruderman and Barbara Laker of The Philadelphia Daily News understand how difficult it is to locate sources. 1,608 more words

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Putting ethics codes in practice in the newsroom

By Alyssa Sanford
for Media Ethics (JPW 309-01) | 9/21/15

While it’s generally understood that ethics codes are “voluntary and cannot be enforced,” according to Gene Foreman in… 1,160 more words

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When reporting goes astray

By Alyssa Sanford
for Media Ethics (JPW 309-01) | 9/14/15

Compassion for an alleged rape victim, and fear of losing a crucial source, led Sabrina Erdely astray in her reporting for the November 2014 Rolling Stone article, “A Rape on Campus.” 1,029 more words

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