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Should we accept the media's apology?

Media outlets make mistakes everyday. Although some may be larger than others, I believe an apology should be stated after any of them. An apology lets the public know “Yes, we made a mistake and we’re aware of it.” Hurting people or misleading them without an apology could eventually give the public the image that the particular media outlet is careless, insensitive, or simply unfit for the job.

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Technology, News and the Distorted View of Reality

When I was growing up in the 1970s and 1980s the way we received our news was very different from the way we currently consume our news about the world around us. 1,109 more words


Ethics in Media

Media outlets make mistakes, we all make mistakes. When we make mistakes, we should apologize, and so should media outlets. When media outlets make a mistake and don’t apologize, they lose credibility, and their audience. 58 more words

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Morals vs. Ethics

Making decisions based on ethics and making decisions based on morals are two different things. Usually our modern governments base their laws and trials on ethics. 281 more words

Mass Communication In Modern Society

Apologizing for Mistakes

I believe media outlets should always apologize for mistakes. An apology always makes the public feel like an organization has their feelingsĀ in mind. There always seems to be more harm done by not apologizing. 39 more words

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