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Media Watch: Hostile Towards Media

The Committee to Protect Journalists has listed the 10 countries where the news media are the most restricted. Led by Eritrea and North Korea, the CPJ report released Tuesday says these countries harass and imprison journalists as well as censor the Internet to keep reporters quiet. 9 more words

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It’s OK now for someone to shoot photos of you through your apartment window? NY court leaves a dark picture of privacy imperiled

When the first court ruling came down in 2013, this came down, with signature restraint, from The New York Post: “Judge backs the right of creepy Tribeca artist to photograph people through their windows.” Two weeks ago an appeals court upheld that decision, and The Hollywood Reporter… 782 more words

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Why are ethics important in research?

Ethics are a subconsciously agreed upon set of moral guidelines that denote what is correct and incorrect behaviour in society. For research to be approved, it must be first put under scrutiny by a Research Ethics Committee (REC) to determine the potential risks involved as well as the effects on participants. 645 more words


You're either with US or you're a troll

By Julie Levesque at Global Research

Foreign Policy Magazine recently had a column called Cranks, Trolls, and Useful Idiots, in which the author, Dalibor Rohac, hunts down “Russia’s information warriors” who, he claims, have infested the web with their lies and propaganda on websites potentially paid for by the Russian government. 2,895 more words


A collection of terrible things

Australia is unfortunately the birth country of a massive media despot, Rupert Murdoch. What’s worse is that there are so many editors, publishers and journalists who see him as an inspiration, using the ‘free media’ as their own personal soap box. 107 more words


LGBTI Municipal Member Sedef Çakmak on Hate Speech in the Media

Beşiktaş Municipal Assembly member from CHP and human rights and LGBT activist Sedef Çakmak has evaluated hate speech in media for us. During the municipality elections, Çakmak became a target of hate speech in various media outlets as an openly gay woman. 1,506 more words

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Importance of Protecting Ethics in Media Research.

Ethics are the key to keeping any action, comment or research fair, honest and reliable. They are almost universally accepted principles determining what is considered right and wrong (McCutcheon 2015). 519 more words