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When Media Ethics and Press Codes Fail...

Many of the South African journalists have gotten away with ethical and professional misconducts without any action by their respective Editors, if not employers. Or at least it so appears to the general readers. 1,162 more words

News, media outlets need to be transparent with the American public about fact errors

The Washington Post published a story on Dec. 30 regarding a recent Russian hack into a Vermont utility. According to the headline and story, the assailants successfully hacked into the U.S. 465 more words

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Whaleoil Code of Ethics? You’re kidding, right?

by Pete Our critics would have you believe that it is a free-for-all in blog land, and that we destroy lives at will and without any sense of restraint.

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En route (literally) to the 11th International Journalism Festival in Perugia, Italy. According to the Etihad flight path map, we are currently flying over Turkey — an appropriate place to begin any discussion about journalism as it is practiced today (or not allowed to). 65 more words

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