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But What Happened Next?

The realities of the fast-paced world we live in is that our attention spans are short – a story goes big on the news and it makes headlines for a week or two and then the public has moved on to bigger and better things. 491 more words


Validating a Source's Tip

The above screengrab from a Twitter account of a journalist has caused me to write this post. The tweet started the rumor that President Benigno Aquino collapsed hours before this tweet was posted and became the basis of subsequent news stories about the health of the president. 378 more words

Journalism 101

Opinion: Brian Williams should not return after his six-month probation is up

DISCLAIMER: The following piece was originally written as a research assignment for my media ethics course. Since I got an A for this paper, thought it’d be interesting to share complete with edits suggested by my professor. 580 more words


Where, When, and Why We Will Watch Media Content in 2025

    Today we will peer into the future…..imagine fast-forwarding ten years ahead — Wait —  I got a little queasy at the thought.  First off, l I’ll be ten years older…yeah…for some of us that represents a large chunk of what’s left. 1,577 more words

    Media Criticism

    How The Jinx and Serial Strain the Blurry Ethical Lines of Crime Reporting

    Correction appended: March 20, 2015.

    “What did I do? I killed them all, of course,” murder suspect Robert Durst muttered in the final seconds of HBO’s documentary series… 1,061 more words

    While newscasters’ storytelling sparks outrage, the official lies that justified torture go unpunished

    The zeal with which TV news stars Brian Williams of NBC and Bill O’Reilly of Fox have been lambasted and ridiculed for burnishing their tales of bravery in the field would be heartening if it signaled a thoroughgoing insistence that people in the public eye tell the truth. 835 more words

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