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Study Questions: Nightcrawler

What do you think Nina Romina and Lou Bloom might represent in the film? How do they help us understand the themes of the film? 185 more words

Journalists need to challenge conventional wisdom. Start with house prices and retirement age

There is too much lazy journalism around. I don’t mean the sort where under pressure junior journalists cut and paste whole press releases onto  websites in order to meet pressing demands for more and more stories per hour to go online. 372 more words


Rachel Dolezal and Ethics in the Digital Age

(obtained from bellanaija.com)

If you haven’t heard by now, Rachel Dolezal is the 37-year-old white woman who posed as a black civil rights activist for the last few years. 506 more words


The Bias Bug: Serial's Unconventional Reporting

Storytelling journalism is  the infused dichotomy of fiction and facts that screams entertainment to the audiences’ ears.  It could be riveting tale of man’s journey to climb to the mountain’s summit to the unfolding of a suspenseful true crime case.   1,031 more words


Delicious lies

In case you haven’t seen it by now, the guy who in 2013 busted open the science journal peer review process by getting some pretty ridiculously faulty “studies” published has done it again, though this time it was journalists and editors he was humiliating. 417 more words


Florida Student Blows Whistle on Boca Raton Plagiarist

By Casey Bukro

Journalism student Emily Bloch thought she saw something familiar while reading a story in the Boca Raton Tribune. It looked like something she had written, exactly the way she had written it. 839 more words