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Why it took nearly a week to confirm the president of Uzbekistan's death

One might think clarity is important when announcing the death of your country’s president. Especially if your country is the largest in a powder-keg-like region. But in Uzbekistan—ranked 166 out of 180 in Reporters Without Borders’  468 more words

Are journalists personally afraid of a Trump presidency?

Are journalists personally afraid of a Trump presidency? That’s the suggestion of this Vox article:

In my experience, it goes yet deeper than this. Quietly, privately, political reporters wonder if Trump is a threat to them personally — if he were president, would he use the powers of the office to retaliate against them personally if he didn’t like their coverage of his administration?

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Filming in a public place? It may not be so 'public'

Be aware: places where the public freely go may not be “public places” in every sense  – if they’re privately owned, you may need consent to film. 20 more words


Xi Jinping ramps up his crackdown on the Chinese media – both online and off

Written by Sally Xiaojin Chen.

With almost no notice, any website in China can be shut down on a temporary or permanent basis if it’s deemed to contain “politically incorrect” content. 1,001 more words


The Internet of ignorance

A group of angry people massacre innocent civilians.

A political leader says it’s easy to fix this problem.  Another political leader says it’s difficult.

People seem inclined to vote for the leader who says the issue is easy to fix. 268 more words


A Mass Grave for Journalists and Journalism?

Moscow. July 20. Interfax.Ru. Official Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova has commented on the death of journalist Pavel Sheremet in Kiev.

“A car in which Pavel Sheremet was located has exploded in Kiev.
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23rd McNae's sees significant new laws

The 23rd edition of McNae’s Essential Law for Journalists reflects the fast-moving legal and regulatory landscape for the media, say its authors in a blog post. 30 more words