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The Staff at The NY Times Had One Job

Accuracy is apparently not an issue in NYC. ‘A Team of Editors’.

This is of course about the infamous “list of (some of) the dead” from COVID-19 published by the New York Times. 128 more words

Media Bias

COVID-19, Media Insanity, And Politics

Robert Stacy McCain asks (about the Wuhan Virus) Is It Time to Panic Yet?.

Honestly, I am not the least bit frightened, but everybody — from the cable news networks to the World Health Organization — seems to be telling me I should be scared out of my mind:

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Come on, You Can't Expect Media Darlings to Know Math!

I mean division is hard. Especially if you don’t have a calculator. The Media Is Very, Very, Very, Very Very Very Smart.

The man is the doltish liar Brian Williams.

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Math Is Hard

Get a Grip

Hard to do, if you watch the 24/7 news cycle. Thoughts On False Freakouts | Adaptive Curmudgeon.

So, how many times since New Year’s Day have the press and the Democrats cried, “The end of the world is neigh?” Too many freakin’ times. 250 more words


Sic transit hysteria

File this under, “The more things change, the more the media remains insane.” Oh, the Hayden thing.

You might think the following quote came from this year, talking about the press v Donald Trump. 101 more words