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Latest CIBC Angus Reid poll: Is it 34% won't take advantage of new TFSA limits or 42% who will?

Media bias is sometimes subtle in the liberal mainstream media and on Internet news sites. Other times, like today, it’s not subtle at all.

For example, there is a column posted on… 306 more words

Media Bias

CBC & PSAC faux Conservative scandals in lead up to Oct. 19th, 2015 election

Yesterday, the federal election was just five months away, to the day. Surprise, surprise! Faux and mini scandals implicating the Conservative Government in Ottawa are starting to become a daily mainstream media occurrence. 617 more words

Conservative Gov't

The "left" in the U.K. reminds me of bogus class struggle in Canada

Just as in the U.K., the “left” or so-called “progressives” in Canada (NDP, Green, Bloc and some Liberal supporters) have trouble accepting a Conservative victory (or even a Conservative leaning Liberal victory as was the case in B.C. 665 more words

Media Issues

Media Issue Blog

Within the media today, a massive issue exists within almost every home in most western, first-world countries. An almost invisible, yet disastrously affecting issue. This issue is the unreliability of many news sources which thousands of families trust and rely on for current affairs. 536 more words


#BCM110: Group Presentations

This week we will be starting group presentations.

Check out our Moodle site for some more useful resources on giving presentations.


And…. what not to do: 165 more words


Comparing media coverage for Senators Jim Munson & Mike Duffy

First, the similarities.

Both Senators Jim Munson and Mike Duffy were born in Atlantic Canada and are 68 years of age. Both were also former journalists, including being foreign correspondents at crucial events in history. 888 more words

Media Issues