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A job is a job and check is a check 

Ms. Chrisette Michele. I read your open letter to basically black people about why you are singing at Trump’s inauguration.

While I applaud your words, I think you may have forgotten that is what minorities always have to do. 291 more words


We Didn't Start the Fire

As we near the end of the year, there’s no shortage of reflections in the media about the best and worst of 2016. From albums and movies, to celebrities and politicians (or those who are despairingly both!), we’re ranking and re-enacting to share some lessons. 288 more words


Why India did not attack post 26/11

A hundred lives lost, a hundred others shattered. A hundred memories marred, a hundred childhoods wrecked.

Of all the scars of terror India has witnessed, 26/11 is the ugliest. 1,069 more words


Who do the voters choose—Candidate or Party?

What matters more—who the candidate is or which party does the representative belong to? Some might ask what would be difference. 708 more words


Experiencing Disability

For those few seconds when your feet feel nothing, sitting in the same position they have gone into a deep sleep. Such have been some disability experiences. 544 more words


Chantal Hébert on alleged Conservative threats to PM Justin Trudeau's person

Chantal Hébert writes in her latest Toronto Star column that: “While scores of Canadians were spending the summer smugly lamenting the ugly tone of the American presidential campaign, Canada’s Conservative party was allowing calls for the assassination of Justin Trudeau to be posted on its… 447 more words

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