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Mobile Phones Transforming the Public Space

Every morning commuters file on to train to get to work, uni or social commitments. It is only seconds until we sit down or find something to learn against to balance ourselves. 341 more words


The behaviour of our eyes

How people perceive quality might have more to do with how people view themselves, others and what their standards are, rather than the genuine qualification one should give to an artistry or invention, compared to what it’s out there in the same category. 617 more words


ALERT: Internet deception as a tool against target groups that don't go along with the mainstream narrative

We live in a world of deception and telling the truth is truly becoming more and more of a revolutionary act. Many look to the Internet as a place to learn about different perspectives and have discussions with others with various viewpoints. 585 more words

When the Shea runs dry

Two days ago, the company named Shea Moisture introduced a new ad on their Facebook page. Shea Moisture new ad

This ad features many women but most prominent are a biracial women and some Caucasian women. 549 more words

Media Issues

Review: Loving someone… Just not the media

By Loren Hillier

Welcome, my friends, to the epitome of social observation in song form.

Loving Someone by The 1975 is a track from their most recent, lengthy-titled album… 612 more words


2017 Journalism Report: The Best Outlets for Ethical, Unbiased Reporting

In this series, we’re taking a deeper look at the 2017 MMA Journalism Report and analyze what it tells us about the current state of affairs in MMA journalism. 698 more words

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