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When the Shea runs dry

Two days ago, the company named Shea Moisture introduced a new ad on their Facebook page. Shea Moisture new ad

This ad features many women but most prominent are a biracial women and some Caucasian women. 566 more words

Media Issues

Review: Loving someone… Just not the media

By Loren Hillier

Welcome, my friends, to the epitome of social observation in song form.

Loving Someone by The 1975 is a track from their most recent, lengthy-titled album… 612 more words


2017 Journalism Report: The Best Outlets for Ethical, Unbiased Reporting

In this series, we’re taking a deeper look at the 2017 MMA Journalism Report and analyze what it tells us about the current state of affairs in MMA journalism. 698 more words

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#BCM110: Moral Panics and Group Presentations

Moral Panics – often related to the role of/concern about young people

Concerns about children and the media often linked to Stanley Cohen’s concept of ‘moral panic’. 256 more words


Liberal media narrative pushing alternate reality on western society

Like a lot of people who like to think for themselves, I am sick and tired of the 24/7 narrative coming from the liberal mainstream media and like-minded politicians that anyone who holds traditional conservative views is hateful in every respect, or in the case of Sean Hannity above, bad for America. 726 more words

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Don't Be Evil

“Media is the nervous system of democracy” – Jeff Cohen, Outfoxed

Do you know who owns the media you consume?

Suspicion of the media and its power for…

688 more words

Here's the Letter Journalists Wrote to Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta (But Never Sent)

Our first story here at MMW, published yesterday, took an inside look at the behind-the-scenes discussion among a large group of media members following last year’s blacklisting of Ariel Helwani from UFC events. 639 more words

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