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Don't Be Evil

“Media is the nervous system of democracy” – Jeff Cohen, Outfoxed

Do you know who owns the media you consume?

Suspicion of the media and its power for ideological control are age-old, however an investigation of the owners of modern media provide plausibility that media diversity is declining both internationally and in Australia .

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Here's the Letter Journalists Wrote to Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta (But Never Sent)

Our first story here at MMW, published yesterday, took an inside look at the behind-the-scenes discussion among a large group of media members following last year’s blacklisting of Ariel Helwani from UFC events. 639 more words

Media Issues

We Want to Help Fix MMA Journalism. But First, a History Lesson.

Mixed martial arts journalism is full of talented, hard-working people.

But there are numerous outlets staffed by non-professionals, and for the most part, the professionals are grouped together with those who have zero training. 5,437 more words

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The Diss heard round the world 

Exactly two days ago, lyricist extraordinaire Remy Ma basically bodied Onika “Nicki Minaj” Maraj. There was an undercurrent or subliminals jabs being thrown for a while but more recently the last two songs Nicki did features on. 1,953 more words


The establishment 

Last night can’t believe what I was hearing ( lyrics courtesy of Justin Timberlake)

The Grammys awards show was on. I unfortunately did not get to watch it since I had to be at work but because of the lovely twitter timeline I have and the videos that were immediately posted, I saw most of the show. 896 more words


Media Credibility Problem: Let honesty speak

Recently, I saw a CNN story about the way the media is covering President Donald Trump and the guest, Michael Wolff, criticized the host, Brian Stelter, for regularly defending the media. 1,292 more words

A job is a job and check is a check 

Ms. Chrisette Michele. I read your open letter to basically black people about why you are singing at Trump’s inauguration.

While I applaud your words, I think you may have forgotten that is what minorities always have to do. 291 more words