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Thank You & Goodbye Mr Lee Kuan Yew! May you rest in peace.

Acrostic 10

Leader of a nation, father to Singapore

Envisioned a great future for all Singaporeans

Endeavour he will, Singapore – his life’s duty… 112 more words

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Acrostic 9

I wish you told me from the start

That you were going to break my heart

Haunted by the past unfold

Useless memories left untold… 20 more words

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Sitecore 8 : Programatically Upload and Associate Image to Contact Card

Greetings Reader,

I would like to quickly write a post about programmatically uploading a Image to the media library and then associating it to the contact card… 170 more words


The warrior spirit within

“We talk about the warrior spirit, but seldom define it. A warrior is someone who faces conflict. Spirit is something other than physical. Psychology is the study of humanity, the thinking, and feeling aspect of the ego identity. 211 more words

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Forgiveness frees the soul

When the pain overtakes you, reach inside. Gather the broken pieces, and hand them to God. Ask him to remake your heart. Different this time. Stronger. 94 more words

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You need to call a fiend by it's proper name even when it is a fiend

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The fiend I am referring to in the title is ‘fear’ itself. ‘Fear’ can inhibit self progress and it is destructive. My former sensei who is very wise and whom I’ve had the priviledge to train under, once said that a¬†direct result of having fear is to train with the wrong intentions and possibly hurting other people. 140 more words



It wasn’t so long ago that I was lauding the utterly brilliant iTunes Match, which checks out my entire digital music library on my PC, then matches it with content from iTunes own massive catalogue. 366 more words