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I need more coffee and sunshine

Monday, May 2nd, brought a rainy day in the 40’s, forecasted to last all week.  Add that to the fact that we caught some cold/sinus/bronchial infection during our recent travel, and we have reached a high ‘yuck’ level here. 456 more words


Tabletop Game Genre Headings

I am an avid gamer. I like computer games and casual games, but by far my favorite type of game are tabletop games. These can range from traditional board games, to card games, to family games, and anything in between. 120 more words


Render SVG Images in Razor with Sitecore

In this episode, I will explain how you can configure Sitecore to handle svg images and render them in razor views. As you may notice, if you try to upload an image, it will be processed as a media file instead of an image this is because Sitecore doesn’t support svg extensions in the media library out of the box. 490 more words



My Title

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Not only do they taste really nice, but did you know that olives have a huge number of health benefits for you too? 310 more words

Media Library

Mass Uploading Media

Have you ever had the need to mass upload media into Sitecore? Maybe you are migrating to Sitecore or your editors now want to upload a big set of images into the media library. 487 more words



Since my Media Library was filled to the brim, I have opted to try out the Premium upgrade to my WordPress blog. From what I can tell, this includes the following benefits. 100 more words


Media Library Getting Fuller

The friendly robot tells me that I have used 2.7 GB of my free blog storage. That is now 90%. I might want to stop procrastinating and make a plan for continuing this blog into the future. 9 more words