ClickZ: Chatbots & E-Commerce

I was recently asked by ClickZ for commentary about what role chatbots can play for e-commerce.

Are Chatbots the future or fad?

 I am a believer that chatbots are a key element in the creation of conversational user experiences and will become core to the messaging experience. 278 more words


Mentioned in Bangalore Mirror

Sreejita Biswas explored the fate of comic book writers in Bangalore Mirror. I was fortunate enough to be featured.


Epified featured in TNIE

Epified and yours truly found mention in The New Indian Express this last weekend. Yes, the headline is a bit too much. And yes, there is a web link here.


Who's Influencing the 2016 Election

I was recently asked by Momentology to provide commentary about who digitally is influencing the 2016 election.

Momentology: (Referring John Oliver’s recent Donald Trump Rant) Are SNL’s head writers and John Oliver arguably influencing the outcome of this election? 378 more words

Tom Edwards

Hackney Wick Warehouse Culture Goes Mainstream

Hackney Wick is a special place – and a place in transition. Increasingly the property sections are picking up on it as ‘the place to be’, as in this week’s Evening Standard article heralding the rise of a ‘new’ London trend of co-living. 229 more words

Customer Experience 2020

I had the pleasure of moderating a Brand Innovators Future of Consumer Experience panel discussion this morning. The panel was comprised of key execs from Southwest Airlines, Brinker International (Chili’s) and JCPenney. 215 more words

Tom Edwards

What Works in Digital Marketing

I was recently interviewed by Terry Brock of The Business Journals. We discussed multiple topics from CES, digital tools, partnerships and my approach to digital transformation… 18 more words

Tom Edwards