What Works in Digital Marketing

I was recently interviewed by Terry Brock of The Business Journals. We discussed multiple topics from CES, digital tools, partnerships and my approach to digital transformation… 18 more words

Tom Edwards

Sanford Interviewed By Five Hundo

Five Hundo, which conducts executive interviews in 500 words or less, recently highlighted Sanford Michelman:

What motivates you to build a successful law firm?

142 more words
Sanford Michelman

More Coverage of the Spotify Class Action Lawsuit

Yesterday we blogged about¬†the widespread coverage of David Lowery’s class action lawsuit against Spotify for releasing copyrighted material without first obtaining proper licenses from artists. 48 more words

Sanford Michelman

VB: 5 Technologies You Should Watch For at CES 2016

I was recently asked by Venture Beat to provide insight into 5 potential technologies that I would be excited to see at CES 2016.

The 2016 Consumer Electronics Show kicks off in just a few weeks, and we marketers will get a glimpse of new technologies that will impact how we talk to our audiences. 907 more words

Tom Edwards