Paperqube mentioned in Scroll.in

Paperqube, the webcomic project I am working on with artist Pradeep Yadav got featured in Scroll.in. Here is the link to the full report. It s mostly about a series we run on the page called Epic Fail in which we bring out the funny side of epics like the Mahabharata and the Ramayana. 7 more words


Ravanayan mentioned in Deccan Herald

Ravanayan artist and publisher Vivek Goel was featured in Deccan Herald today.


Epified featured in TheBetterIndia

Epified, the history / mythology / culture channel that I run as part of my work at Culture Machine, recently got featured on The BetterIndia, that most awesome positive publication.


Sanford Michelman Featured in Law360's Rainmaker Series

From Law360:

Q: What skill was most important for you in becoming a rainmaker?

A: Diligence is the most important skill that an attorney can bring to bear when engaging with and serving a client.

274 more words
Sanford Michelman

Sophie's video on Chisholm Trail route choice

A very nice and concisely put case as to why the present route choice is the worst one available :

 ( She is so polite. )


Melty cheese, anyone?

Raclette and melted cheese is taking Manila by storm! Spot.ph lists the places you can find melty cheese :)

Thanks spot.ph! Our Tabletop Raclette is good for 4 pax and is meant, like our fondues, to be shared because it’s like a party on your table. 6 more words

Thank you spot.ph!

It’s been a long 2 months but we’re finally open! Our renovation finally ended a month ago and spot.ph wanted to feature it immediately.

Thanks for the full article spot.ph and we hope you enjoyed! 13 more words