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Two Of My Most Anticipated Games Of 2015 Have Gone Gold!

Two games went gold last week that I’ve been aching to play since they were announced: Until Dawn and Tearaway: Unfolded.

For those not familiar with the term, “gone gold” means a master copy of the game code has been finalized, and the game has gone into the duplication process for distribution. 571 more words


The 6 Most "Artcore" Games of #E32015

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As a gamer, E3 is my favorite moment of the year. Every year, and for almost a week, Los Angeles hosts the biggest gaming convention of the world, where a huge amount of games are revealed and where game demos are shown.  1,737 more words


Les 6 jeux les plus "artcore" de l'#E32015

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En tant que joueur, l’E3 est ma période préférée de l’année. Tous les ans, et pendant près d’une semaine, Los Angeles accueille la plus grande convention vidéoludique au monde, là où sont révélés un nombre impressionnant de jeux, et où sont présentées les démos de divers titres. 2,025 more words


E3 2015 It's All In The New

We don’t get nearly enough new IPs in the gaming world. Publishers like to go for the tried and true, but it can get boring. So it was nice to see a couple of exciting new IPs at E3 this year. 275 more words


Tearaway Unfolded Release Date Announced

Media Molecule is bringing its standout PlayStation Vita game Tearaway over to the PlayStation 4 in the form of Tearaway Unfolded.  Now courtesy of the… 183 more words


Recap: Sony's Press Conference At E3 2015

Following Ubisoft’s press conference, Sony took the stage. Here are the highlights.

The Last Guardian has finally been announced! The creature is even more moving after seeing extended gameplay. 485 more words


E3 2015: Media Molecule Has Announced 'Dreams' for PS4

Media Molecule has revealed Dreams, which is launching exclusively on PlayStation 4.

Dreams aims to provide a sense of lucid dreaming in the form of a video game, allowing the player to enjoy a creative palette, while making them believe they are within a dream. 92 more words