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Most Anticipated 2018 - 'Dreams'

I’ve always wanted to make a game. There’s some solid A+ ideas rolling around in my head about a directed, highly stylized game about a mysterious female protagonist fighting against larger and larger machines in an effort to defend her homeland (This is starting to sound like NieR: Automata and Horizon: Zero Dawn). 808 more words


PSX 2017: My Highlights

PlayStation Experience 2017 had a tough act to follow after closing out last year’s keynote with the announcement of The Last of Us Part II. Rather than giving the usual dopamine-filled string of major surprises, this year’s show slowed on the announcements and instead focused on the creatives. 982 more words

Media Molecule Announces Dreams Release Window

Media Molecule shed some light on it’s long awaited and much anticipated game, Dreams.

Dreams will head to PlayStation 4 sometime in 2018. The user-generated sandbox title was announced in 2015 and first teased in 2013, it’s safe to say, we are ready.

Written by Rhys Baldwin.


Media Molecule Re-revealed Dreams During The Game Awards 2017

Amongst all the big reveals during gaming’s big award night was the re-reveal of Media Molecule’s Dreams. After being first shown at the PS4 reveal in 2013, the game has had a rather long development phase, and after watching this trailer.. 59 more words


Playstation Experience 2017 dates announced

Over the past few years, Playstation have held a fan get together in Anaheim in December where they bring their hardcore fans together to talk about what’s coming next for the console, and this year is no different. 327 more words

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(UPDATE!) PlayStation Blog Confirms Media Molecule’s Dreams to be as PSX 2017

(UPDATE!) Media Molecule dropped a small teaser for fans! PSX 2017.. Dreams is back!

We're back folks! #DreamsPS4 is coming to #PSX, December 8th-10th! We can't wait!

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(Vita) Tearaway review

Media Molecule’s creative adventure showcases the Vita brilliantly, as well as providing a dose of nostalgic platforming fun.

World-building & Story

Tearaway takes a very unique approach to storytelling, placing you very much at the front and centre – literally you, the player, has a huge impact on the story, which is executed extremely well throughout the five to seven hour adventure. 1,529 more words