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Implementing operational plans

Good planning requires taking into consideration all the opportunities and challenges your business may encounter at any time. It also means knowing your clients and the best suited communication channels for each target group. 24 more words

Adv. 403 Media Plan Project

Attached below is a copy of a media plan that was done for Advertising 403, which was Media Plan Analysis. The professor gave the class a hypothetical situation about a company, Tiff’s Treats, looking to expand from the Austin, Texas region into the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania region.

Adv 403 Group Project FINAL

Media Plans

Reseach Analysis Project

Attached is a copy of a research plan that was done for Strategic Communications 421, which was Advertising/Public Relations Audience Ins/Analysis. The professor had us create a situation analysis for one of eight companies that she wanted to know more about in the fast food industry. 27 more words

Media Plans