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Keijo! - when sjw's are free advertising

Keijo is not an anime i would normally watch – in fact it is not even listed where it is officially streamed also the sjw’s of the press seem to be not discussing anime when once they did.  207 more words


Our friends in the north

I was reading the other newspaper (which i don’t particularity respect) and things i had missed when a bbc (who the newspaper does not like either) radio drama called borderland was suggested as worth a hear. 348 more words


BBC 'scotland'

Scotland is getting its own news channel at a cost of £30m a year, of which the rest of the UK will fund. – Craig Murray of which i link to on the right hand side has his witty take on this idea which sounds… 42 more words


a week without bbc news

One day i got pissed off with bbc news (my blog) so i put the site into a site blocker and i have not missed it. 46 more words


Newspapers and 'surprises'

Bananas was minding her business here in the zoo when Barbie the plastic doll (my blog) had a remodel from skinny diet anorexia problem (my blog) super model to variants of a fatter body type and something not resembling the average american voter or offspring. 143 more words

Media Rants

strictly ballroom?

One of the things the older lady apes here in the zoo ‘enjoy’ on television is strictly come dancing a bbc thing that rupert murdoch has yet to discover along the lines of… 207 more words


spot the sjw news items at news.bbc.co.uk

The bbc has its issues and that’s coming from a green voter, reader of guardian* book reviews and not one who likes much bbc television – for instance not making dr who for two years. 191 more words