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Local newspapers with no news

Bananas notes that the local newspaper changed its font, its local content is now about zero being a group newspaper whose mba’s think you read it for film reviews not local news like when a local chicken sexer sets a world record which is important if your into news. 90 more words

Life In General

an ethical newspaper

Bananas does not like Rupert Murdoch (my blog), or that other one and i freely admit will never find a perfect newspaper.  That’s a good thing. 164 more words



//start rant.

I visited the Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills this afternoon.

First of all, I was ripped off by the parking garage because I was in a rush to choose and I didn’t know better. 949 more words


One Issue with Day Time TV..

There are too many white people.

This is not new information, I understand… And hardly related to the rest of the post. But, it’s a place to start. 605 more words


The Social PR Interaction – #Winning vs. Panicking

The world is a far different place in 2014 than it was even five years ago when it comes to consumer/brand relations, with consumers being more connected to their favorite brands than ever via social media. 344 more words

Social Media

Two rules of TV: Don't swear and don't whip it out

You Kent Always Say What You Want

Couch gag: Flashback to 20 years prior when the Simpsons incarnated as they looked on The Tracy Ullman Show… 483 more words

Never heard of that infamous person

The bbc is not really fair and balanced on internet content, humans using the internet are perceived as addicts, idiots and other demeaning factors.  Yes scumbags and nice people also work in newspapers but somehow that’s different for some reason and not msm worthy oddly. 187 more words