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My head hurts

Compliments of the sjw’s at the guardian.

But what can fruitarians do ? how dare they not consider Vegans too These racist journalist sjws do make me laugh.  68 more words

Life In General

Darren Osborne and his bbc influencers that ahem we wont mention...

Darren Osborne is the man who scared a few muslims when he rented a van and drove into a few of them like they have also done* he also picked a place with a bad reputation for jihad one of whom is in prison in the us for being… 216 more words


Spoon fed media journalism

Bananas was reading one of those light content websites when an under the radar thing caught all of these ‘journalists’ off guard.

If i was nice i would say that there not very good at there job, being nasty i would say they are spoon fed this stuff so there not journalists but doing product placement instead. 22 more words

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'Premium' online newpaper thought not fit for a paper newspaper

I unexpectedly selected a a url that i do not visit that often in my browser for the bush telegraph (my blog) one ‘premium’ link i noted was an opinion piece that i have not seen deemed worthy of printing by whoever puts the paper newspaper together. 103 more words

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sjw entertainment 'journalists'

Death note is a japan thing that has been done to my knowledge as manga,film, (twice?),anime,television series so it;s been done many times does it need another well appparently it did. 175 more words

Media Rants

'independent' press vs billionaires

The press is a strange beast (my blog) when its not attacking billionaires or being run by them which might explain why Elton John and his family sized olive oil container does not see a lot of press attention. 140 more words


Journalists review a book about journalism and see none of their problems

I was reading an online book review about the state of journalism and everybody else was getting the blame for the ills of this ‘profession’ – governments, drugs syndicates,you the readers etc but no mention was made of… 112 more words