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Newspapers and 'surprises'

Bananas was minding her business here in the zoo when Barbie the plastic doll (my blog) had a remodel from skinny diet anorexia problem (my blog) super model to variants of a fatter body type and something not resembling the average american voter or offspring. 143 more words

Media Rants

strictly ballroom?

One of the things the older lady apes here in the zoo ‘enjoy’ on television is strictly come dancing a bbc thing that rupert murdoch has yet to discover along the lines of… 207 more words


spot the sjw news items at news.bbc.co.uk

The bbc has its issues and that’s coming from a green voter, reader of guardian* book reviews and not one who likes much bbc television – for instance not making dr who for two years. 191 more words


msm bias

We apes in the zoo know school uniform  with our many visits but do you ? can you spot the two failures for wrong school uniform… 103 more words


hidden justice

I know that Anjem Choudary who is a vile scumbag by the opinion of many* was arrested some time ago but the msm failed to report on progress as a spoken word provocateur rather than… 85 more words


Biased media revealing there biases (or rumour has it)

Uzbekistan is a country which has no press coverage this is because Tony Blair does there public relations (i guess reporters are blacklisted).  If your english Arsenal football club  might be a close enough to get you noticed by schillings and there thug friends at carter-rock for how does a man from there own a football club without ‘slavery’. 151 more words

Media Rants

Missing critical thought in news media for olympic sport

Have you noticed that doping and cheat allegations are not reported and broadcast by the television companies at the Olympics.

The msm seems censored take Yulia Chermoshanskaya who had a medal for eight years – i see no news of this from those who pay the ioc for broadcast services. 12 more words