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Cultural marxists and the wasteland of nerdy s/f sites

Once upon a time there was ape called bananas who visited geeky websites.

Then it stopped but i suppose being ‘deplorable’ in the eyes of the left meant it did not matter, I mean if black panther is a film pro racial segregation and applauded for it by the left wing i am glad i have not seen it after all apparently only ‘black’ people could see it according to these people. 286 more words

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Preachy Davos

We apes here in the zoo are not davos delegates but listening to baldy and twenty six trips to the Antarctic veteran makes it sound like a dogma opposed to… 64 more words

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Here is the news from the bbc...

Today saw this end of the world news reporting.

Honestly i could not care about it   Are you a wigist (along the lines of a deplorable)  If so please do not vote democrat. 23 more words

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apple hacked by nsa most probable.

Apparently while  the victim used an apple watch.  There are several options either

  • the watch was recovered, (no body was)
  • some saudi arabian embassy employee recorded it and leaked it.
  • 118 more words
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npc bbc 'news'

So today the wamin at the bbc have great news for us all.

Amputate yourself is the message, below it also a hit piece on non friendly media firms how dare they. 34 more words

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Snobby bbc problems

I dislike the bbc (my blog) and while they have a distaste of science fiction i was amused to see that a returning non bbc series… 178 more words


shady nvida strikes again

Nvida (my blog) make graphics cards or limits supply (and tsmc get the blame) and if your a pimp me hardware journalists then statements like this… 179 more words