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apple hacked by nsa most probable.

Apparently while  the victim used an apple watch.  There are several options either

  • the watch was recovered, (no body was)
  • some saudi arabian embassy employee recorded it and leaked it.
  • 118 more words
Media Rants

npc bbc 'news'

So today the wamin at the bbc have great news for us all.

Amputate yourself is the message, below it also a hit piece on non friendly media firms how dare they. 34 more words

Media Rants

Snobby bbc problems

I dislike the bbc (my blog) and while they have a distaste of science fiction i was amused to see that a returning non bbc series… 178 more words


shady nvida strikes again

Nvida (my blog) make graphics cards or limits supply (and tsmc get the blame) and if your a pimp me hardware journalists then statements like this… 179 more words


fake news ? not if the bbc will not cover it

In this (my blog) i lament the lack of news from China from the bbc, nothing ever happens in China.

Strangely other people find news about from China but they never work for the bbc.  80 more words


its just 'drones' - fake mainstream media news agenda from the government

Imagine your a mainstream media journalist  being fed news from a government with an agenda say “drones are bad” rather than investigate and report things… 319 more words


left wing bbc and rupert murdoch have wrecked journalism

Rupert Murdoch (including the offspring my blog) are not fit owners of the media having had some notable fails in  making the news (my blog).  While you may think news corp is a business its a family run business and the board have little power so do not think there innocent. 226 more words

Media Rants