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fake news ? not if the bbc will not cover it

In this (my blog) i lament the lack of news from China from the bbc, nothing ever happens in China.

Strangely other people find news about from China but they never work for the bbc.  80 more words


its just 'drones' - fake mainstream media news agenda from the government

Imagine your a mainstream media journalist  being fed news from a government with an agenda say “drones are bad” rather than investigate and report things… 319 more words


left wing bbc and rupert murdoch have wrecked journalism

Rupert Murdoch (including the offspring my blog) are not fit owners of the media having had some notable fails in  making the news (my blog).  While you may think news corp is a business its a family run business and the board have little power so do not think there innocent. 226 more words

Media Rants

where is Tommy Robinson and why it matters

If you are a uk media ‘professional’ then this man is not worth reporting on because you like being suppressed.

We know what you will not tell us, so next time newspaper reporters bang on about being a… 110 more words


fake news or politics power over the msm?

Honestly this is mad – after the media accusing everybody but not them of fake news they then report on fiction.

Is this politics or a media bubble where two types of people who hate each other only need each other ? 40 more words

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the bbc make another guilty by default

What does Cliff Richard and Jamie Acourt have in common ? apparently both where guilty in the eyes of the bbc.

I suspect the bbc  has an previous reason to not like… 200 more words


My head hurts

Compliments of the sjw’s at the guardian.

But what can fruitarians do ? how dare they not consider Vegans too These racist journalist sjws do make me laugh.  68 more words

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