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We need a new kind of press regulator for a new kind of press - Emma Jones

Readers are said to be resistant to it. The newspaper industry certainly doesn’t want it. Mad really, given that news is all about change. If only times hadn’t changed. 1,369 more words

Media Regulation

Mirror, mirror on the wall; will this press arbitration scheme do any good at all? - Amber Melville-Brown

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, there was an investigation into press behaviour. Sir Brian Leveson heard from witnesses, tale upon tale of poor press conduct, and ultimately issued a plethora of sensible recommendations for press regulation with a view to ensure that the watchdog and bloodhound of society that is the press, could no longer savage the rights and reputations of the public. 495 more words


Facing a hostile press, Jeremy Corbyn can't win: he could at least try - Justin Lewis

It is a fact of British life that leaders of the Labour Party have the disadvantage of dealing with a fiercely partisan press with an in-built Conservative bias. 1,016 more words


News: Two new studies on reporting Jeremy Corbyn - the press as attack dog

A recent study  by the LSE Department of Media and Communications has concluded that, in reporting on the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, “UK journalism has played an attackdog, rather than a watchdog, role 346 more words

Media Regulation

ITN’s complaint to IPSO over hijab article is a waste of time - Brian Cathcart

ITN and the Channel 4 News reporter Fatima Manji have joined many others in complaining to IPSO about Kelvin MacKenzie’s crass remarks about Ms Manji wearing a hijab during reports of the Nice outrage. 383 more words

Media Regulation

Brexit and the Tragic Downfall of British Media - Steven Barnett

There is a conceit among many senior editors in the U.K. that Britain has “the best journalism in the world.” At its best, certainly, British journalism is very good indeed. 1,796 more words

Leveson Inquiry

Brexit and the Newspapers, Where was IPSO - Hacked Off

Most independent commentators have slammed a number of the big newspapers for misleading the public on the referendum, with the New Statesman going so far as trying to explain ‘ 1,892 more words

Media Regulation