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Bob the Builder: can IPSO fix it? - Paul Magrath

The Transparency Project referred a complaint to the Independent Press Standards Organisation after the Daily Mail refused to correct substantive inaccuracies in a headline and article about a family court judgment. 1,119 more words

Media Regulation

Sexual offences, domestic violence and women’s health: Developments from IPSO and the ASA - Demelza Hassani

Two recent IPSO developments and one decision from the Advertising Standard Agency (“ASA”) demonstrate a trend towards more active challenging and regulation of the media in respect of issues relating to sexual offences, domestic violence and women’s health. 544 more words


IPSO: The Toothless Puppet Rolls over for its masters (again) - Brian Cathcart

‘We order you to print this correction on page 2,’ said IPSO. ‘We’d rather not,’ replied the Mail on Sunday. ‘Oh dear,’ said IPSO, ‘in that case page 8 will do.’ 1,030 more words

Media Regulation

Take care with that social media duty of care - Graham Smith

Should social media platforms be subject to a statutory duty of care, akin to occupiers’ liability or health and safety, with the aim of protecting against online harms? 4,882 more words

Media Regulation

The GDPR May Actually Energize Creativity in Newsrooms, Motivate U.S. Voters

The General Data Protection Regulation — or GDPR — took effect in May of this year. In a nutshell, the GDPR replaces outdated legislation from the 1990’s which regulated how companies protected the private data of European Union citizens. 517 more words

Anticipatory regulation: a way forward for platform governance? - Jelena Dzakula

A wide consensus has emerged that regulatory framework for platforms like Google and Facebook needs to change. Calls for action are coming from a range of different stakeholders in the UK, with proposed solutions varying in terms of models of regulation, and who should implement them. 997 more words

Media Regulation

A Lord Chamberlain for the internet? Thanks, but no thanks - Graham Smith

This summer marked the fiftieth anniversary of the Theatres Act 1968, the legislation that freed the theatres from the censorious hand of the Lord Chamberlain of Her Majesty’s Household. 2,137 more words

Media Regulation