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Politics versus public interest in battle over press regulation - Steven Barnett

For anyone who cares about journalism in Britain, this November is hugely significant. It could mark a new era of genuinely effective press self-regulation which will both shore up vital public interest and watchdog journalism and protect ordinary people from mistreatment by powerful news publishers. 825 more words


Leveson Costs Incentives, Cries of Foul from the Dirtiest Players on the Pitch - Jonathan Coad

Howls of outrage from the press led by Lord Black have apparently persuaded the government to withdraw its statutory stick in the form the Crime and Courts Act 2013 which was passed by our elected representatives to prevail on the press belatedly to join the democratic community and be independently regulated. 2,728 more words

Leveson Inquiry

Is Cameron surrendering to press power? - Steven Barnett

Two years ago, as most of the UK’s national press were furiously denouncing plans for a new model of self-regulation based on the recommendations of the Leveson report… 1,328 more words


Important Laws That Regulate Media

Media literacy requires not only critically analyzing the news articles in front of you, but going one step further to understand why they’re constructed that way in the first place. 221 more words

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IPSO: Still less for your comfort, another speech by Sir Alan Moses - Jonathan Coad

At the end of the Leveson Inquiry, at which only a small proportion of the serial institutional wrongdoing committed by the press was brought to light, the industry was presented with a straight choice.   2,798 more words

Leveson Inquiry

IPSO set up to fail even more dismally than its predecessor - Jonathan Coad

The PCC was belatedly consigned to the dustbin of history when it was finally so obvious that it was a failed regulator (as was always its purpose) that even the press finally had to admit it.  1,500 more words

Media Regulation

Introducing: Bodies in Space

So I’m starting a little research project. The super-relevant, interesting kind. It’s not going to be very formal or overly-polished. In fact, what you’re reading right now is part of my project.  904 more words

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