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A more transparent and accountable Internet? Here’s how - Jonny Shipp

This week the UK Culture Secretary announced that the UK Government will legislate on internet safety. This could include a statutory code of conduct to tackle bullying and harassment on social media and mandatory transparency reporting.  1,165 more words

Media Regulation

Matt Hancock makes himself "state approver" of press arbitration - Brian Cathcart

A week ago the corporate papers were screaming blue murder about threats of state control. Yet now the government has given itself a real power over them they are silent. 935 more words

Media Regulation

The government scuppers Leveson Part 2: is Britain’s press undermining democracy? - Steven Barnett

Recent amendments to the Data Protection Bill, supported by the House of Lords and then narrowly defeated in the Commons, would have revived Part 2 of the Leveson Inquiry into unlawful conduct and corporate cover-ups in national newspapers. 1,209 more words

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Media literacy policy in Europe: where are we going?

How can we make better progress in developing media literacy in Europe? And what should the European Commission itself be doing? 1,757 more words

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Is the Era of “Permissionless Innovation” and Avoidance of Regulation on the Internet Finally Over? It’s High Time - Hugh Stephens

It would be the ultimate under-statement to say that recent events concerning the appalling breaches of privacy permitted and indeed orchestrated by Facebook have raised public awareness to new heights over what happens when internet intermediaries are allowed to do just about whatever they want. 2,137 more words

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News: House of Lords votes for Leveson 2 amendment, Commons to vote again today

The House of Lords yesterday voted, by a majority of 252 to 213, to restore a “Leveson 2” amendment to the Data Protection Bill.  The… 526 more words

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Leveson Amendments: Local Press cry wolf when there is no danger - Brian Cathcart

Trusted local titles are again being used by the corporate press to send out false distress signals even though they have nothing to fear from Leveson reforms. 1,407 more words

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