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The Great Firewall of China

This week’s topic concerns media regulation and the effect space, time and place has upon audiences and what they are or are not able to consume. 484 more words


Watching M-rated TV shows at 12

Growing up with parents who didn’t watch Australian television much, my media exposure wasn’t regulated at all. They basically allowed us to watch any television and movies that we wanted and never really checked what we were watching. 607 more words


Media use and restrictions

Every advancement of technology, whether it be cinema, television or the internet, has been under scrutiny due to the perceived impacts it can have on its users. 406 more words


How important is media regulation to our Australian Culture?

In the world we are currently living in, media regulation is very important. With most people being heavily influenced by the media, regulating who see’s things and at what age, is very important to our society and Australian culture. 600 more words

Blocked site: The Digital Education Revolution

In 2008, the Australian Department of Education and Training (DET) had a brainwave. Under the Rudd leadership, the next five years would see $1.2 billion committed schools to enable students to “better access the benefits of technology,” (Australian Institute for Teaching and Leadership 2008). 948 more words


Stranger Danger

Growing up did you ever attempt to attend a movie that you were old enough to see? Or fake your age just to be able to access a variety of social media platforms? 715 more words