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The weird world of IPSO where “proportionate” means disproportionate, and “inaccurate” becomes accurate if someone else has said it first - Jonathan Coad

Just as did its predecessor the Press Complaints Commission, IPSO applies the kind of perverse reasoning to the commercial advantage of its sponsors and creators which you would expect from a regulator which in defiance of both the will of parliament and the public has been set up by the press, funded by the press, the Code written by the press, its personnel appointed by the press, and with press delegates in the form of ex-editors on its complaints committee.  698 more words


Another one-eyed fable from the corporate press - Brian Cathcart

The corporate papers that are determined to resist Leveson-based reform are currently playing what they evidently consider to be their strongest card, and it is this: “ 698 more words


Ipso Fails Another Big Test Over Sun's 'Queen Backs Brexit' Headline - Jonathan Coad

The Sun’s notorious “QUEEN BACKS BREXIT” headline was published on 9 March. The Queen’s complaint was made on the same day. Some 10 weeks later… 943 more words


“We need stricter media regulation.” Discuss.

It can be argued that stricter media regulation is needed in this current day and age as there are a flurry of films and video games that are being obtained either by too young an audience or the content itself is being classified to loosely, with some content not being suitable for anyone. 1,225 more words

How the Frankensteins of Fleet Street mould and then monster their creations - Jonathan Coad

It is difficult to comprehend the full cynicism and inhumanity of the tabloid press until you have confronted it. Sometimes its oligarchs give you a spontaneous glimpse of the value systems of the tabloid empires. 823 more words


Would you like bias with that?

In my household, the only time we ever watch commercial television is if there’s live cricket on. Our exhausted Netflix queues get a moment of respite and we crowd around to scream advice to sportsmen who never hear us. 617 more words