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Long Read: What would a social media regulator actually do? - Damian Tambini

It is happening. Amid rising concern about the overwhelming size, power and ethics all of online intermediaries, governments and regulators are debating a comprehensive new… 2,187 more words

Media Regulation

Deepfake: the end of representation?

New software can be used to falsify moving images and create a new kind of ‘fake news’ on video. What are the implications for media literacy? 1,580 more words

Media Studies

"Muslim fostering": Times journalism utterly discredited - Brian Cathcart

It has taken more than six months, but the final judgment in what the Times portrayed as the Tower Hamlets ‘Muslim fostering’ case has finally been released in  1,569 more words

Media Regulation

The essential elements of the new Internet governance: diversity, optimism and independence - Jonny Shipp

Policymakers and the Silicon Valley giants are engaged in a battle over freedom and regulation. The Internet Commission is catalysing a new, positive cycle of organisational accountability, transparency and multi-stakeholder dialogue. 1,044 more words

Media Regulation

Sam Allardyce, the Telegraph and another IPSO Failure - Brian Cathcart

Read the press and you’d think the sting had been vindicated. Cut through IPSO’s tangled prose, however, and you find the truth is otherwise. 1,781 more words

Media Regulation

Facebook begins to shift from being a free and open platform into a responsible public utility - Anjana Susarla

When Facebook recently removed several accounts for trying to influence the 2018 midterm elections, it was the company’s latest move acknowledging the key challenge facing the social media giant: It is both an open platform for free expression of diverse viewpoints and a public utility on which huge numbers of people – and democracy itself – rely for accurate information. 657 more words

Media Regulation

United States: Profit, not free speech, governs media companies' decisions on controversy - Amanda Lotz

For decades, U.S. media companies have limited the content they’ve offered based on what’s good for business. The decisions by Apple, Spotify, Facebook and YouTube… 854 more words