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Conference: Press Regulation in an Era of Convergence, 24 September 2015

Media convergence enables citizens to use the same devices so as to access a diverse range of content that was formerly tied to specific platforms. It also presents a policy challenge as regulators struggle to accommodate new technological and market realities within existing governance structures. 378 more words


Media merger guidelines set for Cabinet approval

9 june 2015 / By Fiach Kelly

New media mergers guidelines which say it is “undesirable” for one person or business to hold excessive influence in the industry are set to be passed by Cabinet on Tuesday. 345 more words


No slide rule, but plenty of politics in media mergers

4 June 2015 / By Laura Slattery, Irish Times

Government guidelines designed to protect pluralism have finally been set

In the frenetic, fast-evolving world of media, nothing appears to move more slowly than the laws and regulations that govern it.

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Media Pluralism

News: Recognition Panel Launches Charter Criteria Consultation - Media Lawyer

The Press Recognition Panel, the body set up to approve would-be industry watchdogs, has launched its consultation on how it should apply the criteria detailed in the Royal Charter put in place in the wake of the Leveson report. 495 more words

Leveson Inquiry

Why Leveson is alive and well, despite the election result - Steven Barnett

It has become something of a received wisdom amongst Fleet Street editors that the Conservatives’ election victory means “Leveson is dead”.  Their unalloyed glee has been fuelled by a few Conservative nods and winks during the campaign suggesting that, despite a framework for press self-regulation that has was endorsed by a huge cross-party majority in the last Parliament, a Conservative government would not pursue it. 857 more words

Leveson Inquiry

Effective press regulation will happen: Five reasons to be confident Leveson will be implemented - Brian Cathcart

The big corporate papers are encouraging the idea that the result of the general election means the end of the Leveson process. Although this claim is hardly surprising given their wild-eyed desperation to avoid any form of meaningful accountability, it is wrong. 743 more words

Leveson Inquiry

Beyond Bullying: some unanswered questions about the outing of Abby #Milifandom - Peter Jukes

I’m not going to rehearse the sorry history of Sun on Sunday columnist and former Conservative MP who has spent the last two weeks attacking the 17 year old behind the #Milifandom phenomenon.  815 more words