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IPSO Committee betrays its absolute lack of independence via its front-page policy - Jonathan Coad

In a recent adjudication of a complaint about an errant front-page story published by the Daily Mail misreporting a court award of compensation to a victim of unlawful imprisonment and ill treatment by British armed forces, IPSO has set out its rationale for effectively ruling out the correction of front-page articles via the front page.  2,367 more words

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'Fake news’ and Facebook: symptoms not causes of democratic decline - Des Freedman

It’s pretty rare for the report of a minor parliamentary committee to generate such a buzz but perhaps less surprising when the topic is ‘fake news’ and the main villain of the piece is one of the world’s most valuable – and controversial –  companies, Facebook. 1,205 more words

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YouGov Poll: Public backs Court's decision in Cliff Richard Case, 86% favour investigation anonymity

A YouGov opinion poll conducted on 19 and 20 July 2018 has shown overwhelming public support for pre-charge anonymity of suspects.  The results are startling: 86% of respondents support the anonymity of suspects under inviestgation and 83% support the anonymity of those arrested. 214 more words


If digital intermediaries are to be regulated, how should it be done? - Jacob Rowbottom

The regulation of digital intermediaries has been an increasingly high-profile issue. Earlier this month, The Times called for the creation of a statutory regulator – which they would call Ofnet – ‘to protect internet users from harmful content and the monopolistic behaviour of the biggest online names’. 1,321 more words

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Carnegie UK Trust: A proposal for harm reduction in Social media - Lorna Woods

Concern about the possible harmful effects of social media can now be seen in civil society, politics and the justice system not just in the UK but around the world.  2,388 more words

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House of Lords Communications Committee Inquiry “The Internet: to regulate or not to regulate?”, An overview of the evidence, Part 1 - Oscar Davies

The House of Lords Communications Committee has launched an inquiry into how the regulation of the internet should be improved.  Oral and Written evidence has been provided to the Committee by a very wide range of companies, NGOs and individuals from a variety of perspectives.   2,408 more words

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