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Essential Skills for PR Pros: Dealing with People Who Are Angry and Those Who Lie

You don’t have to be an Ivy Leaguer or a scholar to be an excellent PR pro; however, a good PR person shouldn’t ignore (and in fact should seek out) sound research that offers sharp insights on skills crucial to public relations work. 741 more words

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Leadership Lingo: It's Not About You

I worked with a politician once who had a huge communications problem.

No matter how much I coached, repeated and coached some more, when this person spoke publicly — in the media or during a speech — the words spoken were littered with the words “I” and “me”. 580 more words

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Michael Smart delivered a solid repeat performance on June 29 of his two half-day workshops: Pitching Bootcamp and Building Media Relationships

Session One – Pitching Bootcamp: by Ana Pinilla, BusinessWire

The Morning Session “Pitching Bootcamp” started with Michael talking about the problems PR practitioners can encounter when pitching journalists and went on to offer his “pitching playbook” where he discussed several examples of how to do it right – starting off with turning a press release from boring to glowing – making it into something newsworthy that journalists will want to use as part of their reporting.  319 more words

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How to Maximize Thought-Leadership Efforts

Most executives these days know the importance of thought-leadership in establishing their credibility as a trusted authority on a particular industry, product offering, skill, area of expertise or issue  to help them attract new clients, encourage people to fight for and support a cause, or generate sales for their products or services. 816 more words

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HNIC, Strombo & Why Everything Old Is New Again

Forget Trump. Forget Brexit. Forget Bieber.

In Canada today, the name “Strombo” is what’s dominating many coffee shop conversations….and it’s a lesson in knowing – … 950 more words

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Pitch Perfect: So are PR gifts considered ‘bribes?’

We’re taking a brief hiatus to do some internal restructuring at PRDoctorChicago. But thank goodness, the world is full of meaningful content that can be shared from others through the Internet. 163 more words

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The Confusing Language of Health Care

They may as well have been speaking Klingon.

That’s about how much I understood.

More than once, I held my phone under the table and typed in one of the plethora of foreign words and abbreviations they were using, trying to find it on Google. 1,198 more words

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