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Is Youtube an Appropriate Place for Children?

Recently it has become much more common to see a child with an Ipad, Iphone, etc. This trend started only a couple years ago as technology became developed and marketed in a vast amount of ways and to a plethora of different groups of people. 402 more words

How & Why Zootopia Fails as Allegory

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I’ll admit, when Zootopia first debuted I was one among the droves of people heaping praise upon this children’s movie that so boldly and unabashedly tackled something as serious as modern day race relations, a topic that even most movies geared towards adult won’t often do. 1,975 more words

Media Representation

Co-Opting the Message: How Companies Are Not Our Friends

A reflection by student staff member Shira Devorah 

By now, many of us have heard of that Pepsi ad with Kendall Jenner appropriating the Black Lives Matter movement. 991 more words


Interview on Radio York ......

There are some people in the media who I always trust to be fair and give me a good hearing and who use appropriate language. Not many, but some. 89 more words

A Day In The Life

Filming with Lisa Edgar....

Yesterday saw me heading off to Huddersfield station as I was due to meet Lisa Edgar there. I’d done a double act with Lisa down in London back in March of this year. 495 more words

Media Representation

Robots, the Media and Culture

The current state of society has become dependant on technology and connectivity. However, when it comes to robots–which intrinsically merges these two entities together–societal views begin to alter. 1,027 more words


The Gibsland Phoenix - Charles M. Blow

Charles M. Blow on Enduring and Surpassing

To oversell the depth of humanity explored in Fire Shut Up In My Bones by New York Times columnist and writer… 3,291 more words