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Remember Where You Came From

 by: Destiny Jenesis

At the beginning of November, rapper Lil Wayne had an interview with ABC Nightline reporter Linsey Davis in which some controversial statements were made.When Davis asked what Wayne thought the Black Lives Matter movement was about, the rapper responded saying “it’s somebody got shot by the police for a f****d up reason” 634 more words

More Asians!!!

The lack of Asian representation in media is sooooo frustrating.  140 more words

The Not-So-Chubby Inquisitor

In almost all of the video games I play, especially role-playing games (rpg) and action adventure games, there are almost no fat people. Even in games where you can create your own character, there are very limited options. 383 more words

Body Image

But I Have a Vagina

I want to write a post about masturbation, not for any particular reason other than I’m sad I haven’t seen any posts about it and I think it’s a cool/interesting/important thing to talk about and acknowledge about bodies. 364 more words

Media Representation

The inherent homophobia of the Harry Potter series

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I feel like every time I talk about Harry Potter I have to start the conversation with, “I love Harry Potter, but…” in the way that one talks about a relative who used to get us good birthday gifts but now we realize are a bigoted piece of shit. 2,759 more words


Informative or Ignorant? How Abstinence-Only Sex Ed Promotes Prejudice

The way schools choose to represent sexually transmitted diseases has far reaching effects, more than most would anticipate.

By Jean-Marie Toher

Most public schools provide some sort of education on sexual health, but it may be surprising to learn that how they choose to approach this topic is… 1,199 more words

Abstinence-only Sex Education


So last week I attended this talk by Sasha Sarago (Editor/Founder of Ascension Mag) and Nayuka Gorrie (activist and writer) – ‘Beauty & the Beast: Indigenous beauty decolonised’. 963 more words