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Hatreon: promoting hate speech?

This topic came up from watching the news. HLN did a report on a site called Hatreon, a site that vastly similar to a crowd funding site, Patreon. 267 more words

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The Real Cost of Micro-transactions

If there was a list of things in games people hated most, micro transaction would be at the very top. For those unaware, micro transactions are extra content in games that are intentionally cut out only to be sold separately within the game itself. 324 more words

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Troubling Trump Tweets AGAIN

In the article, “Trump sarcastically responds to Kim Jong Un insults,” by Faith Karimi, she discusses Trumps’ backlash on North Korea referring to him as being a “dotard,” meaning a very old person. 409 more words

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Teen Girls Underrepresented in Movies

Girls of today are dynamic and diverse, the entertainment industry continues to tell stories that bear little resemblance to the reality of today’s girls and young women. 10 more words


Internet Critics vs. Fair Use

As a fan of plenty of online personalities, one of my favorites by far is Brad Jones and his persona as “The Cinema Snob”. However, a lot of his videos have been demonetized on YouTube (meaning he can’t receive money from Ad Revenue, which is something he needs to survive like us) and have been pulled by film companies. 423 more words

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"Fake News" is Not the Biggest Issue the Media Has

CNN’s Jim Acosta is “Fake News”… according to President Trump. After his initial usage of the phrase during the first press conference as president-elect, Trump continuously used the phrase many times on social media such as Twitter. 432 more words

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Recent Posts on WWAM BAM!

Hello dear friends,

I have once again been way too quiet on OCW. Part of the reason was summer – swimming pools are the best, are they not?! 863 more words