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Anniversary interview at Radio York.........

Yesterday saw me travelling to York to meet the lovely Jonathan Cowap at BBC Radio York. Jonathan has interviewed me a few times before and yesterday was exactly a year to the day since we first spoke – I’m sure that’s what Jonathan said………😊 The last time was 6 months ago. 564 more words


Article in local press re PIP decline........

Kate Liptrot, a journalist with the York Press, wrote an article about me in July 2015 when I was living in York. I remember being pleased at the language she used and the positive slant she gave, so I was only too pleased to hear from her again via Twitter following all the chaos of the PIP denial last week. 301 more words

Media Representation

X-Men and autism

Mutants in the Marvel universe (and to some degree, Inhumans in the MCU, because licensing mess) have often functioned a stand-ins for real world oppression. Quite commonly the image doesn’t work too well; and it certainly doesn’t work too well in the context of mutants as powerful as the Jean or Rachel Grey, or Jamie Braddock. 493 more words

Climate change must always be viewed from somewhere

By Rory Padfield, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, and Kate Manzo, University of Newcastle

In March 2016 two newspapers on opposites sides of the world covered stories on climate change but with contrasting perspectives. 679 more words

Transactions Of The Institute Of British Geographers

Information, social communication, and empathy - let's look at a little closer...

Apologies, folks – this is a looooong one….

I hadn’t intended to address The Empathy Question just yet. Since my formal diagnosis, I have shared my blog more widely with people I know, and in particular many of my non-autistic friends. 2,847 more words


The Richest Mine of Inspiration

It’s old news that inspiration can come from anywhere. J.K. Rowling says the spark for “Harry Potter” came from a dream – boring. Mary Shelley conjured “Frankenstein” from a “ghost story” challenge among friends – less boring. 464 more words


Book Review: Grass

Sheri S. Tepper is a 2nd wave white feminist who writes speculative fiction, and most of her novels reflect these politics. The societies she creates are usually dystopic (some of that is intentionally so, some of it as a consequence of values dissonance with her politics). 485 more words