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Mennonite Misconceptions

The following is a creative piece that I wrote for a final project in grade twelve Writers Craft. It explores the media representation of Mennonites, the diversity of Old Order groups, and the complexity of their histories. 157 more words

Amish Country

Sexual Violence in TV Series: Fostering Discussion or Gratuitous Violence?

In light of the latest step of sexual violence galore in Game of Thrones, with Sansa’s rape, I am among the many who are disgusted by the writers’ decision to go down this path. 826 more words


It's OK to Like Problematic Media

TW: Some mentions of rape in media.

Much as OKPOTATO supports diversity in media, the truth is that there are a lot of books, TV shows, and movies that lack quality diverse representation…and we are here to remind you that it is okay to still like these things. 988 more words

Disabled People Don't Exist to Make You Look Good

I have already discussed the issue of inspiration porn on this blog before. What I was discussing last time was the use of images or videos of disabled people doing everything from the mundane to highlighting actual achievement. 889 more words



The history of media and entertainment within the United States is both long and complex. Consistent representations of races, gender, and religions in positive and negative roles have created a society where individuals are unfairly judged prior to truly knowing their stories. 512 more words

An Evening with Video Performance Artist Ulysses S. Jenkins

Since his early work with the Video Venice Collective in the 1970s, Ulysses S. Jenkins has been creating powerful work that provokes and boldly ask questions regarding of race, history and images. 203 more words

African American Film

Launch of Alzheimer's Society Guidelines for Employers

I was in London again on Tuesday at the launch of the Alzheimer’s Society’s ‘Guideline for Employers’

Before I retired I met with NHS Employers to help put together some guidelines for the NHS but, as ever, the cogs work quite slowly. 394 more words

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