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Testing times

I’ve never thought of Eliza as a burden. Well, apart from the usual having to get up hungover on a Saturday morning for swimming lessons, or the financial burden of feeding her… 582 more words

Butch Women in the Mainstream

The text below was intended as part of my theatre and feminism module last term. It is largely inspired by Jack/Judith Halberstam’s Female Masculinity (1998), an academic author whom I admire. 812 more words

Gender Politics


The media that is being utilized to report on Zika in the United States demonstrates the perception of Brazil from a western perspective. Specifically, it creates images of Brazilian women and children effected by microcephaly that are often exaggerated and inaccurate. 22 more words

Media Representation

The Representation of Zika and Brazil in American Media

Given language and access barriers, we chose to focus on English sources that tended to originate in the United States for primary sources. One such example was our widespread use of American news sources for primary sources. 937 more words

Media Representation

Recommendation: Show Me Love (1998)

This is a sweet coming of age film about two very different young girls in Sweden. Elin is popular, but unsatisfied with her life. Agnes is a misfit and is in love with Elin from afar. 434 more words


“The interpenetration and binding of culture and the media is not confined to the domain of entertainment. As the Rodney King/LA riots showed that real political, economic, and social events interact with the media, which in turn shapes events and media treatments in the future.”


A call for calm

Rodney King makes an emotional plea to the rioters on live television on May 01, 1992.

Los Angeles Riots