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Dear Selena Gomez,

Dear Selena Gomez,

I was in middle school when my mom gave me a book about a girl who was dealing with extreme fatigue and a questionable diagnosis. 692 more words

Body Images And Self-Acceptance

No Matter What You Weigh

Hello people!

Remember how I said I wasn’t going to take a month long break any time soon? Oops…

I PROMISE there is a good reason for it! 923 more words

Beauty And The Beast

Why we need more shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine

I’ll be honest, I had no interest in Brooklyn Nine-Nine the first time I heard about it. I dismissed it as another sitcom/cop show. I don’t remember what compelled me to finally give it a shot, but I can’t believe that I’ve been putting this show off for as long as I did. 722 more words


It's been nearly 10 years..

Since I decided to write about Native representations in the mainstream media. It’s an article I’m extremely proud of. Although the academic in me now cringes at my clumsy citations and my 19 year old naivety. 356 more words


Breaking the Mould - Autism Representation in the Media

(Content note: One mention of each of the following to exemplify a point around halfway through this post – bullying, meltdowns and autistic burnout)

Hi all, 1,299 more words


Fuck you Billabong. Seriously, Fuck You.

Fuck you Billabong. Seriously, fuck you.

I understand that sex sells, but this is getting ridiculous now. The opening of the new season of fashion from one of the ‘coolest’ staples of the high street has yet added more fuel to the fire from irate fans, calling their website sexist and I for one agree. 1,272 more words

Take 2 Tuesday: Mr. Curtis

Greetings, everyone!

This is Mr. Curtis delivering you this little blog post for Take 2 Creative Camp. I’m one of the teachers alongside Ms. Korisa who delivered last week’s #T2T post. 211 more words

Take 2 Creative