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Behind Love and a Candelabra

Media has a tendency to trend tragic endings and miserable lifestyles. In the LGBT+ community, many are faced with the struggles of hiding who they truly are. 339 more words

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Curl Care 101

So if you’re reading this I’m just going to assume that you or possibly someone you know has curly hair that could use a little help. 641 more words


Being Queer as Folk

Media has a tendency to help showcase the issues of minority groups, even if the depiction isn’t the best. Of course, it is still a great form of storytelling. 146 more words

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Two sides of a Story: LGBT Roles

Media has a tendency to be hetero normative. Where most of the characters, story lines, and themes revolve around heterosexual lifestyles and ideologies. Of course, this doesn’t do anything to encourage or showcase the issues within minority groups. 223 more words

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"Girls Can Code" on BBC Three

Like many others, assumptions were instantly made when I saw “Girls Can Code” being advertised on BBC Three… I was excited that something I was excited about, was being documented and would be showcasing and encouraging others to get excited too. 196 more words

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Stonewall: An Inaccurate Depiction

In four days, a film trying to depict the occurrences of the Stonewall Riots, is already being criticized for its inaccurate portrayal of what happened. 157 more words

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Why Language is so important

Well today is World Alzhiemers Day! So I think it seems appropriate to talk once again about language.

I so often get upset, annoyed, frustrated, when the media refer to those of us living with dementia as ‘sufferers’ and speak of the epidemic etc etc.. 455 more words

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