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Continuing Series: Why Isn't Major Crimes a Better Show?

For a person who has stopped watching Major Crimes, I sure do watch a lot of Major Crimes.  I woke up this morning to a message about last night’s episode. 840 more words

Media Representation

Who Gets to be a Superhero? Representation and Comic Books

Women’s Center student staff member Prachi reflects on her lifelong hobby of reading comic books and how inclusive comic books as well as how inclusive their industry has been for women, particularly women of color.  1,445 more words

Pop Culture

If You Want to Be Me, Be Me: Identification and Representation, Part I

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article about how I wanted game developers to show more creativity when designing games. I wanted them to stop looking at “first person shooters” as a way to beat people over the head with predominantly “male” themes, and to stop looking at “match three games” as a way to beat people over the head with predominantly “female” themes. 1,629 more words

Video Games

Queer Representation in Media and How It Affects Queer Individuals: An Introduction

Queer representation in media is a hot topic in today’s world. Queer is a reclaimed term, used by members of the LGBTQ+ community, used to describe people who are not heterosexual, heteroromantic, or cisgender. 213 more words

Cuil Layout: On Fictional Fictions and Race

No one is “white” in the cuilverse, unless they die and/or are evil. People are referred to by their actual heritage if they’re pasty.

Non-POC Europeans (the closest identifier to “white” as currently understood that the cuilverse gets) are generally referred to as the ones that fucked up Earth so bad the goddes lost interest and abandoned the project. 290 more words


Interracial Relationships Without White People In Media

Co-created with the amazing s4karuna!

Note I: If you send me a couple for the list, please tell me their ethnicity in your comment/message and as much detail a you can! 90 more words