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Delete your Snapchat App Now !

At this point throw the whole Snapchat App away ! please and thank you.

According to Nypost.com the application we love so very much, snap chat reportedly created an ad yesterday asking its users to either slap Rihanna or punch Chris Brown. 530 more words

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[Representation] Chinese drama casted Black people to play charred bodies

Talk about black bodies in Chinese media… The Young Detective used these black actors to play dead charred bodies in the early 2000s. Original article from Hong Kong media (中文).

Africans In China

How Digital Media Effects Young Brains

Andrew Doan, MD, PhD relays important and powerful information on digital media, and how it can positively and negatively affect a young child’s brain.

Can you believe that the average child uses digital media for 7 hours and 38 minutes per day? 262 more words

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E-Currency: Ether vs Bitcoin

Cyber culture is huge and has many different aspects to it, especially now in the time that we are living in. One of the most complex and interesting parts of cyber culture are the new currencies that have been exploding recently. 241 more words

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Local media’s turn……

Since publishing my book I’ve learnt an awful lot about this strange new world. One being about the pecking order of when you can do what for whom……….Now I’ve done all the national stuff I can now do local stuff and they all seem to know this now as well. 664 more words

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Another media day….....

So yesterday I found myself trundling to BBC Radio York. I’d been asked by BBC Radio Scotland if I would do an interview with Kaye Adams, formerly of Loose Women fame, on her morning programme. 726 more words

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'Sacrifical Virgins' documentary doubly honoured

 Sacrificial Virgins a documentary film trilogy – which investigates widespread global concerns over the safety of  HPV vaccines,  Gardasil and Cervarix has won 2 awards for investigative journalism… 852 more words