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I'd wake up one morning and find nothing to rearrange...

As AFLW season 2 ticks towards the Grand Final, the sense of a wasted season tangibly in the air, it seemed only fitting that even in Grand Final week, AFLW had to fend off a mess at least partially of its own making. 2,025 more words

Affects of video games and TV on society

The two articles I chose were Television and Video Games. These articles show how video games and TV affect our society. I chose these articles because I think it is a very controversial topic. 544 more words

Media Revolution

Effects of technology on our eyes

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The amount of technology we have used over the years has increases, while our eyesight has decreased. According to Goodeyes more than a third of American adults spend more than half of their day of some type of social media. 358 more words

Media Revolution

How public relations is beating journalism in the race to control the media

“Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed: everything else is public relations.”

-George Orwell.

For anyone working in media, public relations, or journalism related fields, the beef between Journalists and PR is not new.

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